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Hi ya all! I'm Anime-Pixie255! I write in the Yugioh and Naruto fandoms and I'm an aspiring writer and hope to have my own novel series some day! I'm open to ideas and suggestion and will gladly help if another author is low on ideas! If you need anything just ask! My grammar and spelling is crap... so try and bear with me! AND I've got the most wonderful yami ever! Meet D.L!

D.L: Drooling over a manga comic

sweetdrops never mind...

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Yavie Aelinel, IwuvMyKenshyPoo, Heidiplease, iNsOmNiAc BiLlIe JoE lOvEr, Black Panther Warrior, kailover 2006, Iluvbeyblade, Dark Kaiser, Jupiter 13, Anime-Pixie255.

Fanfictions in progress

Naruto and Hinata: bridging the gap (Posted)

My idea of what would happen if Hinata went with Naruto in the 3 yr time skip! Fluff

Yu-gi-oh: road trip hell (Coming soon)

When you take the Yu-gi-oh gang and shove them on a road trip what chaos will happen? Multi-chap.

Heart's Torn (Posted)

A story of an epic quest to reunite 4 souls with darkness's and lovers. But what will they have to give up to get there?

Fave quotes

T-shirt: bite me

Tristan: the sun will be up soon (conversation has nothing to do with it)

Kaiba: screw the rules I have money!

T-shirt: Live your dreams

The journey of the unicorn (movie): By believing one see's

Dan Green (voice of Yami and Yugi): (In demonic voice) Get out of my way or I will eat your soul!

me: home is where the heart is and my heart lie's with you (X3)

Dan Green: I love you... in the voice of yami (LOL I love that one!!)

Gaara: I live to kill everyone else... (Or something like that...)

(Out Of A Fanfiction) Bakura: Ryo when I said my favorite food was cinnamon I was talking about you...

Adam (Myth busters): (pulls hunk of circuits out of washing machine) that can't be that necessary I don't recognize it!

Hall of fame!

That’s right I've now got a hall of fame so if anyone sends me a good idea or request that person and their request will be put here! Yay! So send em in!

Why is no one talking to me? ... (Sigh) don't you want to be in my hall of fame?

1. yes! we have our first entry into the all of fame! her name is 'Midnite Lightning Storm' amd she's the winner of my 'The Perfect Gift" storys sequal competition! she writes for a wide variety of stories and does a bang up job! All her stories are rated either K, K+ or T, no M or lemons (yay for the under 16's!) she does write for YUGIOH like me and I recomend you read some of her stories! good luck to you Midnite Lightning Storm!

To-Do List

In no particular order, just to tell you what I'm planning!

1. Finish 'Naruto and Hinata: Bridging the Gap'

2. post 'Yugioh: Road Trip Hell'

3. Finish 'Hearts Torn'

4. Although I won't be doing a sequel to 'Little Angel' I will be doing another fic involving angels, vampires, werewolves the works! But judging by the number of things I have to do and how slowly I update it will be a while...

5. Start new elevator story (Need original ideas...)

6. write sequal to 'The Perfect gift'

Weird words I like!

This section doesn't really have a purpose... It's just for fun!

Randomonium: random chaos

Pandemonium: chaos

For the love of Diana: the word 'Diana replaces the more common 'god', she's a moon goddess and my fave to!


well hi I'm new so pleas don't kill me for late up dates and yes I'm a victim of grammar degeneration so deal ok? (P.S grammar degeneration not real disease)


I guess I haven’t commented in a while, well... hi, if anyone has ideas or requests on what they would like in any of my stories that I'm still writing feel free to send me a message! Ok! Oh and today I finally introduced my Yami!! (Naruto and Hinata: bridging the gap chapter 7) her name is Dark Lagoon and we are one!... um... well I guess that's it... bye...


Ok ppl just a message to say sorry I had to delete my elevator freezover story because of certain circumstances, but there will be sequel... a dramatically toned down sequel... oh and if anyone is wondering I haven't had an email for the last few months so that might cause some problems but I will be getting it back soon so keep reviewing and I hope you can forgive me for this inconvenience... bye bye!


Hi ppl I'm baaaaack! (Snigger) ok so the good news is I've finally got an email! Ha ha so keep the lovely reviews coming! And the bad news is I'm having writers block with my story 'bridging the gap' so please send me some ideas more good news I just had my birthday!! Yay!! it was on the 24th of the 10th and boy it was a good one I got a scanner AND a graphics tablet! my friend SV green is sooooo jealous! And guess what I'm on a sugar hi weeeeeee!

D.L: oh god you're going to tie me to the fan again... elp...

(Snigger) I've had WAY to much pocky ... and sugar lots and lots of sugar! aaaanyways look my friend SV green is having trouble with reviews so if you could please help him out he's a GREAT comedy writer and (un-like me) his grammar is practically perfect yay!! (Runs around room) ehem... sorry about that now let me think do I have any more messages... (Thinks reeeeealy hard)... (Steam comes out of ear's then collapses)

D.L: um... yea I'd better fix that... see you later...oh god she's woken up and she's pointing a fluffy bunny suite at me... all yami's run for your freaking lives!!

(In sing song voice) Oh D.L come here yami (evil smirk)


Hi ppl's! Sorry I haven't been talking to you in a wile but I've just got no inspiration... I'm working on it though! I've got a few things to tell you this time

1. STOP ASKING FOR A SEQUAL TO 'LITTLE ANGEL'! Ehem cause your not going to get one! but there's a catch so see my To-Do List for more info.

2. Thank you for all you lovely reviews!! I feel so loved!!

3. I need help with my inspiration so you please send in some ideas or requests or at least tell me what get's you inspired?

4. I'm sooooooooooooooo sorry I haven't been updating on my stories! Please forgive meeeee! (T_T) (Sobs)

5. I'm so sorry but the sequel to the elevator story I deleted has been canceled (see To-Do List)

Well that's all see you all next time! Oh and D.L says hi!


Hi!! Ok... so there’s not much for me to say... oh! Yea! Now I remember! I need your help... sweetdrop ya... um... look I've run into a brick wall with my Naruto and Hinata story so could you maybe send me some ideas or suggestions? The one's I chose will be put in my hall of fame with who suggested them. Well see ya!

D.L: not so fast!

Oh no...

D.L: Don't you have to tell them something regarding your writing style?

Oh riiiight yea to explain why I'm so slow at updating, my writing style is kinda a type as you type thing... so ya bye...

D.L: and send lots of perverted ideas!

D.L!! They will not! cus I don't right toughs types of stories!

D.L: spoil sport


Ok hi ppls! Lot’s to say this time, first off I’ve figured out a good writing tip to share with you. If you tend to rush threw a story and have lots of time skips then don't worry write it quickly with the time skips at first wile you have the ideas then fill in the time skips later.

D.L: and last time we didn't really explain our writing style properly so we'll do it again, we tend to just write as it comes to us and we don't really plan things so we don't actually know the ending to a story until we write it...

Next up is apologizing again for being so slow at updating, and could someone please send me some ideas for the Naruto and Hinata story? I’ve gone dry.

D.L: Next thing on the list is to tell you that we're now holding a service to help writers who are having trouble and need ideas for a story, all you have to do is PM us tell where the story’s at and what you need help with and we'll send you some ideas to help.

And last but not least were going to Thailand for the holidays!! we'll be leaving on Monday (Which is tomorrow) so I won't be able to post, BUT i am bringing some books and I’ve printed off what I’ve written of all my unfinished stories so far so I will be able to at least write something and when I get back I’ll type it all up and then post it :) so I hope you all have a good holidays and that I can help you if you need my ideas service... hey hang on a minuet why are you behaving for once!?

D.L: (Smirks) well... use your head were going on a vacation to Thailand and I have my ways of getting complete control over you and the soul room, what do you think I'm going to try and do?

Oh hell no... (Pails)

D.L: (sniggers)

Eep...I am NOT writing one of your vampire one shots! (Runs from room, D.L follows)


I'm baaaaaaaaaack! Hello my lovelies! I’ve just finished my story 'The Perfect Gift' so I’m simply ecstatic! my holiday was fantastic!

D.L: It was like 4 weeks ago...

yea well I was to lazy to post so I'm do'n it now, anyway that's just another thing off my to-do list so enjoy the show and keep on reviewing, oh and that last chapter I was talking about it has a comp at the end so you might wanna read it! TTFN

D.L: oh gawd where on earth did you pick that up... (she means TTFN)

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