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Author has written 3 stories for Bleach, and Fate/stay night.

oh man... where do I start...

I've been around this site for awhile, playing around with an idea here and there, but never really had the inspiration to start a fic until just recently, so bear with me, I'm kinda new.

I'm 22 years old, in the military, and I aspire to eventually be a programmer of robotics software.

Passionate about gaming, every type of music (with the exception of most modern Pop music, that shit makes ears bleed), and of course writing. I'm not really an outgoing kind of person, but I'm easy to get along with, I guess.

Favorite FF Authors:

James D. Fawkes - This is the man who inspired me to write fanfiction. To this day, I have only read maybe one or two stories that equaled his. If you haven't, go to his profile and start reading his works.

EroSlackerMicha - Got me hooked on Naruto FF. His story, "Konoha Exiles," was the first and only Naruto exile fic that I liked. It's 69 chapters were daunting, but worth the time to read.

gohangeorge - Although his fics are a little rough around the edges at times, I really enjoyed reading his fics. His OCs can be a little blatantly ripped off of other characters at times, but regardless, his series is still a great read.

Shire Folk - I agree with many of his ramblings in his epic series, The Annals of Darkness, and he introduced me to the awesomeness that is Riku/Yuffie.

Split Infinitive - The best Legend of Zelda author on this site, bar none. I can read his work over and over and over again and never get tired of it.

Esteel - Sapphire Hearts is up there with the best fics I've ever read. Keep it coming, or I'll have to shiv ya.

Stories in progress...

The Legend of Cale: Rebirth

Fate: Frostfall

Stories being thought about...

A series of So/Kai oneshots for Kingdom Hearts.

A Megaman Battle Network fic. Don't hold your breath though.

A warning to everyone who reads my fics. I do get distracted easily. I will complete chapters to the best of my ability, but only when I have the inspiration to finish them. I'm not going to force a chapter and make it look like shit, my writing already isn't the best. If I stop updating a story, it is not abandoned. I more than likely have just lost my inspiration in it and will resume writing it once I pick it back up.

Here is my forum link for discussions of Frostfall!


I have an announcement! In addition to working on Fate/Death Night, I am proud to announce that my good friend Esteel and I have decided to put our heads together and create a collaborative work based in the Sword Art Online universe!

Our goal is simple: to use our combined love of writing as an art form to bring entertainment to all who read our work. If you would like to check it out, follow the link below, and any reviews are welcomed, be they good or bad!

Link to profile:

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Requiem of Fate reviews
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