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King William Shreave, 55

King William is a controlling man who doesn’t care for the idea of making any meaningful changes in the country. He makes small changes to appease the people, but doesn’t want the status quo to change, because it benefits him. He pretends to be a fatherly figure who only wants the best for his people for the cameras, but the reality couldn’t be farther from that. He’s very conservative, too.

Queen Melissa Shreave, 28

King William’s ex mistress, who he married after Evelyn divorced him. Mother of Princess Melody. She attempts to be a good queen, but she isn’t popular with the public like Evelyn was, and is generally seen as being an imposter who has no right to hold the title of queen.

Evelyn Langworthy, 45

After divorcing King William eleven years ago in a completely unprecedented move, she moved to a small house on the outskirts of the capital. She lives there to this day. She cares deeply for her children, and still spends time with them when they have time, even now that they’re all adults. Elijah is very fond of her, and won’t hear a word against her.

Prince Elijah Shreave, 25

Elijah is not Prince Charming, pretty far from it, actually. To the public, he’s known as the slightly wild, long-haired crown prince, and most people assume he’ll eventually settle down, just like his father did. After all, William didn’t settle down until he was nearly thirty. Until he does, the occasional scandal is practically expected. On the inside, he hates being royalty, and is regularly tempted to abdicate and leave the country. He’s still grieving for his ex-girlfriend, but nobody outside of a very select few people know that.

He has brown hair, nearly down to his shoulders, and grey-blue eyes. He looks quite a bit like his mother.

Princess Jenevieve Shreave, 21

Jenn, as most of her friends and family call her, is currently studying politics, preparing to take a role within the Illean government. She’s expected to finish her studies and take her position in less than a year. She’s not quite the princess her father expected her to be. She isn’t fashionable, or willing to do something small and keep her mouth shut, or a pawn to be married off. She stays out of the news mostly.

Prince Charles Shreave, 18

Charles has recently finished his high school education, and will be going away for college in the fall. He is angry about the fact that his father consistently favors Eli, and craves a portion of the spotlight Eli has long held. He and Eli don’t get along due to that.

Princess Melody Shreave, 7

The only child of William and his second wife, Melody is doted on by her older siblings. No matter how they feel about their stepmother, it’s hard to hate someone as adorable as Melody.

The Selected

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