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Well, well well ... huh ... Hi there !

(You will rapidly realize I tend to repeat words like that, I just love to do so and ain't even conscious about it.)

Not gonna say much, except I decided it was way beyond time I write something down in this bio profile. So I'm a girl living in Montréal, Québec, French being my first language. Sure doesn't stop me from reading loads of Supernatural fics, which kinda got me hooked ... coughs ... hurray for understatements ! I have written a couple drabbles myself, but won't post them anytime soon -I intend to one day, but only when I feel I have something worth being shared. I love to read (again for understatements!), always had, and love theater and actually study in literature and used to study in theater and wanna go back there ... Kinda very expressive, to, it shows when I review a story.

I do intend to post my favorites some time in the next decade ...

In the meantime, if you ever happen to read my profile and wanna edit a couple of French sentences in a fic, I'd be glad to help with a little translation, as best I can. Google's translations are worth it to roll around on the ground laughing, but otherwise ... yep, enough said, really. I don't know if there's a place to post things like that in the site, I haven't really explore its weirdo debts. Anyway, don't be shy.

See ya !