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Author has written 5 stories for Twilight, and Maximum Ride.

Name: Allie

Age: Teen. Grade 8

Location: Canada. or as i like to call it, Canadia. i think it sounds way better.

Loves: many things like...

Reading: which is a new love because i didn't like reading until i read Twilight and now I'm into lots of other books like Harry Potter, Maximum Ride, A Great and Terrible Beauty and Alex Rider series.

Music: you name it i probably listen to it. Mcfly is my FAVORITE BAMD EVER!!! (see below)
i only like a little bit of hard-core rap and the same goes for country, but other wise, everything in between. i really love the Who right now, it was before my time, but i really appreciate their increadible music contributions. Music helps me get through all life's complications and it inspires me.

Friends: Mitch (x.Blade.OfGrass-) ReRe (Fang-xx) and Binka (BinkaStrait). Obviously those are just their nicknames but they help me everyday and got me into Twilight. ahh. you guys rock! i'll never forget you lovely ladies and i miss you every day we're apart

Writing: obviously( -- Mcfly song :P) i love it. i have been writing forever but mostly just poems. once i started Bella's Power i was so inspired to go further. im really proud of myself for not giving up (yet) and with my new Brother just born and moving, life hasnt been a walk in the park, but hopefully i'll make new friends that will accept me; nerdiness and all.

Carlisle Cullen: Although i love all the Cullen/Hales, i have reserved an incredibly special place in my heart for Carlisle. He is amazing!! i love his character! (cough besides Mitch has dibs on Edward cough). seriously, i have like i shrine of him. lmao, is there ever a time when obsession goes to far? Not to me! (I think he should be played by the ULTRA SEXY Alex Pettyfer from Stormbreaker)

Will Turner: o.m.f.g. thats all i really need to say. Orlando Bloom is one HOTT pirate. although Jack Sparrow has really started to grow on me, there is no comparing to Will. haha Binka and i @ the theater (the boys beside us got WAY more than they paid for:P) if anyone has seen At World's End you will know that Kierra Knightly MUST DIE!!!!! i wish i could steal his boot...

McFly- i have one word that will solemnly CHANGE YOUR LIFE: McFly. They are No. 1 in the UK and i owe my life to Mitch for finding them. you hardly EVER find a band with four equally sexy members but we have one, and to top it all off, they are incredibly talented!! remember the movie Just My Luck (with Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine)? the band in that is THEM!!!! yay but hands off Danny HES MINE and Dougie is Mitch's. (haha sorry again for the dream interuption. lol)
Every song.
Every word.
I love it.
Harry is really beautiful and Tom is Adorable. they're all hilarious. look them up on YouTube. Danny's voice litterally gives me goose bumps and they are all soo sweet. my life's goal is to meet them and go to a concert once i move to London when i gradute (yaya Mitch and Rere). Motion in the Ocean is increadible; I wish I could bubble wrap my heart incase i fall and break apart. AHHHHH sooo good. i could write down all my fave lyrics but there's this thing called a limit...

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BD: Immortal Souls by Nostalgicmiss reviews
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Regret by x-Cubx.x reviews
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Bella's Power reviews
Edward keeps his muchanticipated promise & turns Bella. But what if Bella had a power so unique that it could change the predicted happilyeverafter? what about the treaty? & Charlie? Victoria? & most importantly Edward & Bella's wedding?
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