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Author has written 5 stories for Tales of Symphonia, Pokémon, Strawberry Panic!, and Final Fantasy XI.

Somehow, I convinced myself that I could write. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but regardless, I hope you find the stories on this page enjoyable.

My FictionPress.com profile can be found here: http://www.fictionpress.com/u/693879/

Occupation: College Student

Current Obsession: Yuru Yuri

Update Frequency: Hiatus

What's Been Up: I'm on a bit of a creative slump regarding FanFiction at the moment. Hopefully re-watching some of my favorite anime will spark some much needed inspiration.

New Planned Stories: Nothing new planned at the moment. I'd like to buckle down and work on just one or maybe two stories at maximum for the time being on either FanFiction or FictionPress. I'm finding myself getting overwhelmed by all of the ideas flooding my head. If I get too carried away, I probably won't get a chance to update what I'm already working on.

A Note Regarding Reviews: I took some time to read a forum on FanFiction.net called "Peace and War". In the forum, people have been talking about review whores. You know, authors that either want or demand reviews for their stories.

While I do stress the importance of reviewing works for the benefit of the author, I think I may have gotten a little carried away about it. Just because someone won't review a story, even if the button is at the bottom of the screen and it doesn't take but one click to leave something, it doesn't mean that as an author, he should threaten to abandon a story. That in itself shows incompetence as an author. What's important is that the author works harder, and proves that even though the reviews may be small or there are none at all, at least he has the competence to finish the story.

There are some amazing stories out there that I have seen, and it is a shame that they have been canceled just because authors demand reviews. So regardless of whether or not I receive them, I'll work my hardest to make sure that I finish what I've started. However, I still appreciate reviews, and I'll keep my courtesy of reviewing others stories that I may end up reading in return.

General Information: For starters, before I say anything more, I'd just like to point out that I don't believe for a second that I'm better at writing than anyone else here. I'm leagues away from that. No matter how good someone thinks they are, there are always an endless number of ways to further improve that skill.

If I've read your story, chances are one-hundred percent likely I'll take the time to review it. Also, I don't need to be pestered about checking and or reviewing a story you've written from private messages or in reviews on my own stories. If I liked it, it's most likely been placed on my favorites and alerts. I'll know when you've updated.

However, I won't add a story to my favorites or favorite an author just for the heck of it. I only do that sort of thing if I've found the story to be well written, very humorous, or just plain enjoyable. The story doesn't have to be the slightest bit original or hold an impressive plot.

Just make to take care of the basics; have the story well-written to the best of your ability. Or at least make it comprehensible if the bad grammar is supposed to be a part of the humor. Nothing makes a reader's eyes bleed more than capitalized and bold text for the whole chapter. Sheesh.

About Myself: I'm very quiet and keep to myself, but to others, I seem a bit apathetic and indifferent from what I've been told. I take forever to do a single task because I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and can't focus on more than one thing at a time. I'm a major neat freak, and I've always had a thing for keeping everything around me organized constantly.

I have a tendency to space out often without really meaning to, as I'm usually thinking about something far more interesting than what's actually going on in my life. I just get bored with a lot of things in general and really can't find the motivation to care about much anymore. Nowadays, most of my excitement comes from writing, drawing, making fun of my family, and studying Japanese.

I've always had a bit of a problem with being painfully shy around others too, and I'd like to overcome that and learn to communicate with people more. I really do try to get myself out there with people but, it just seems difficult for me. I'm guessing that if I actually tried a bit harder, it might improve my attitude about a lot of things in life, but it doesn't seem like that'll happen anytime soon.

I'm a bit of a homebody and prefer to work indoors. My passion is writing and drawing, and like everyone else here I'm sure, I would like to become a published author and illustrator someday. People have told me from a young age, that I'm an amazing writer, but I've never believed that, and I know that there is much room for major improvement. My drawing sucks, and the best I can draw are stick figures right now, so I hope I can improve on that too.

Hobbies: I love writing and reading! That should have been obvious from the start, duh.

I also enjoy playing video games, mostly main stream RPGs, because I really enjoy a good story. I used to be into multiple types of games, but since I'm getting older, all I really seem to care for are RPGs now. I like watching any particular anime of any genre, as long as the story and characters are funny and interesting to me.

What I like To Write About: Anything in particular, really. Pretty much whatever tickles my brain at the time, aside from really explicit themes.

I say "really explicit" because while I'm a bit squeamish on the idea, I believe being biased about a specific type of writing and not at least making an attempt in the category places unnecessary limits on myself. It really hinders what I'm capable of writing and if there's anything I don't want, it's to be weak in any specific format of writing, regardless of the subject. I do however, have some limits as to what I will write, as I'd rather not be known mostly as "that" type of author.

My preferred category of writing would have to be action though. I love writing fight scenes. It's just like, when I picture the characters doing something in a game or anime, they should do more to differentiate themselves from the other characters in the story with a unique fighting style. All characters should have something to contribute to the battles.

I really hate it when as a viewer or player, there are like eight party members in a game, but only four of them participate in the fight while the others eat popcorn or something. What the heck are they doing?

It's the same deal with anime too, the main character does most of the fighting, and everyone else sits to the side like pigeons on a power line watching. It's an annoying convention, so I try to include every character contributing to an epic fight in my stories. It makes it seem more realistic to me. I guess I'm just picky like that.

I'm also a sucker for tearjerkers and mushy scenes too. I never really seem to show much emotion while watching them, but I fancy them nonetheless.

Genres I like: I really don't mind what it is that I'm reading. Like I said, as long as there is a good story behind it, I don't mind.

Yuri, Harem, Seinen, Magical Girl, Yaoi, Shoujo-ai, Shounen-ai, Mecha, Horror, Gore, whatever it is, I'll read them all. I've got a very open mind about a lot of things. None of that explicit hardcore stuff though, I'm honestly not a fan of that at all. I prefer only the subtle stuff like fluff, limes, light hintings, implications and so on.

The genre I like reading the most though is probably a tie between Shounen and Shoujo though. I just can't ever seem to get tired of hearing about spiritual pressure or power levels increasing. Then for the finishing touch at that unbelievable moment, the creators just toss in a "That's impossible!" line. Talk about classic.

Shoujo tends to go a little crazy on the relationships, but it always seems to have really good artwork to it. And even though the genre is like, "I've seen this before. Girl meets guy. Girl doesn't like guy. Guy woos girl. Girl swoons and jumps into guy's arms. The end.", somehow, the formula never fails to entertain.

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