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Author has written 2 stories for Transformers/Beast Wars.

Hello I um don't really know what to put here but um the Pic I have as my avi is a commission from a friend the characters are Humanized/Holo forms of (from right to left) Sunstreaker, Bluestreak, and Sideswipe. Um right now I'm in the TF fade have been since the 2007 movie but I have been getting to the TF roots of G1.

Fav couples... too many to put right now soooo yea. They will be in my Intertwined and sparkling stories.

I literally have about 30 TF fics its just that they don't want to be written just yet. About 16 of them are in a series which I have dubbed Intertwined.

If you are looking at this then that means you like my first ever fanfic that I have been able to write so thank you I will try to keep updates as regular as I can. And I know it is absolutly horrible I berate myself for even thinking it but it wouldn't go away it just got stronger.

I know what its like (this is the title. LOL)

I know what its like

You want to be heard

To be seen more often than not

You travel through life

A shadow that is there

But never actually seen

I know what its like

When no one sees past what you show

Because your afraid that if you show

The fear and pain that’s deep inside

You look at everyone around you

They will know and talk about you

I know what its like

To make sure none of them know

The pain inside that grows

And you want to scream and cry

And not get brushed off

I know what its like

To go through the world

It passes you by

And no one sees you

And you continue to cry

The rain keeps on coming

I know what its like

You can’t seem to shake the feelings inside

Because you’re scared of getting hurt

You feel like you need to run and hide

The pain that grows and you cry inside

I know what its like

The face you show shows a false smile

You laugh and joke like nothing is wrong

You tell yourself that no one cares

Because inside you

You feel like you are dying

I know what its like

To be a soul that keeps hurting

Tired of being mocked

Of being hurt and made fun of

Tired of hearing you aren’t good enough

I know what its like

To hear you won’t amount to anything

You mask keeps slipping

And you hope someone sees

I know what its like

To have a tear that falls

A cry that slips free

A scream that is never heard

I know what it feels like

To have your heart so torn

To be so bruised that you cannot keep going

To feel the rocks that hit you

And feel like your garbage

I know what it feels like

To have your mother disown you

To have her yell and scream and pull your hair

And to have her ignore your cries

I know what it feels like

to be abused

To have whispers of threats

And smelling the sweat

Things a girl should never know

Until they are finally grown up

I know what it feels like

To have a close one taken

Your heart torn in two

And you keep shaking

And keep yelling for her to return

I know what its like

To be the one who is an outcast

To be shoved aside and not exist

And told that your evil and should just go

I know what its like

to have the whole world against you

To have nothing all the time

And feel worthless all the time

I know what its like

To turn your family away

To stop the pain from continuing

You shove them out of your life

I know what its like

To live day by day

And feel like your nothing inside

That the loneliness you feel

Is part of your life now

I know what its like

to be completely alone

To not have anyone by your side

And you feel like no one can hear your cries

I know what its like

To have your little one say

She loves you so much

And her hugs and kisses pick you up

I know what its like

To live for your child

She makes everything worthwhile

With her laughter and freedom

And her carefree ways

Makes you wish that this sadness wasn’t there

Because how can you be sad

When you have a great girl like her

I know what its like

To live a life that’s half shadow

And half mask

To be split in two

So no one knows about the pain

A mother who laughs and giggles all day

Keeps her smile on for all to see

That she’s not in pain and not crying inside

I know what its like

To hide behind the shadow of doubt

And keep the pain inside from showing

And to stop the crying from falling

I know what its like

To be half a person for the world

But alone

A shadow, a ghost,

Silent and crying

I know what its like

To be half a shadow

And show nothing but a mask

Just to keep from being hurt

I know what its like

To feel like your not wanted

And nothing works anymore

And you want to keep from screaming

And become a shadow once again

As you put the mask back on

I told you all before

I know what its like……….

To be nothing of nothing

No one worth anything

A shadow the world walks on

A ghost no one can hear

A mask no one can see past

I know what its like

As the mask slips on in place

Hiding the tears that are suppressed

And the pain that is inside

Fades behind the mask………..


This Poem was written by, and OWNED by, the author Puldoh. She writes TMNT fics... mostly about Mikey (I love him he will one day be my husband). Here is the link to her Profile page I suggest ALL TMNT fans visit her page and read her fics they are AWESOME I wish I could write as well as she could. Also I received permission by her to have her poem on here, I am in NO way shape or form the creator of this piece of literature and I am NOT saying I am this is a disclaimer, and I am warning ALL if you take this poem and try to use it as your own not only will she be after you but so will I, AND. I. WILL. FIND. YOU. Have a wonderful day!!

If you are absolutely obsessed with Transformers, copy this into your profile.


l=l l=l
\l H l/


l\ .M. /l

A couple fics I am working on write now:

Rape - on Hiatus the bunny went on Vacation
Intertwined Series - Need to get onto paper
Younglings(working title) - Being written
Into The Wilds - Need to get onto paper
Kitty Bee TF:A - Being written
Pixie Invasion (Collab with a friend) - Being written

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

My Life reviews
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Transformers/Beast Wars - Rated: M - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 491 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 11 - Published: 8/23/2009 - Ratchet