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Hi, I'm funniebanana. (cool name, right?) I don't really know what I'm supposed to do here, so I'm just gonna tell you (whoever you are) some stuff about me. And rant a bit.

Favorite show- Avatar: The Last Airbender

Name(s)-Lala, Walrus (worst name EVER), Ren, Loraine, Lorenzo (Another HORRIBLE name), Bookworm, Baboushka (worse than Walrus) and some others that I can't remember.

Random inside jokes (spiritfannumber1 might get these)



"Wanna watch Kikyo die?" "YEAH!!"

"Why does it always rain on me???"





and Sesshomaru/Rin, if Rin was older or if it's just fatherly affection.

I'm a very canon shipper, in-case you haven't noticed.

Anyways, Sess/Kag drives me crazy!!!

I just don't get it!! There is absolutely nothing in the series that shows anything happening between Sesshomaru and Kagome, and people still write a thousand billion kajillion fanfics with that as the main pairing! It drives me crazy!!

I mean, it's like Sess and Kag (I'm tired of typing their full names) are walking down a street or something. They pass each other and stop to talk. In the show on TV it would be like this-

S- Get out of my way, foolish human, before I slay you.

K- I don't believe you!! No way! INUYASHA!! Help!!!

(Inu comes and grabs Kag and takes her away, or something. You've seen the show or read the books or something. You know what happens)

In a stupid, fluffy, Sess/Kag fic it would go something like this-

S- Let's ditch that stupid little Bin girl that keeps following me and that little frog man with the magic stick and my retarded half-brother and go to my castle and get married and have seventy kids that would be half-breeds because I've completely gotten over my utter hatred of humans and half-breeds.

K- OK! Golly, Sessy, you're so hot!!! Can we invite Naraku to the wedding?

(They run off into the forest and live happily ever after)

I DON'T THINK SO!!! Can anyone actually visualize that happening? I can't!!!!!!

I have nothing against Sesshomaru or Kagome (I love Kagome!!), but together it's like, ewww, vomit!!!

Also, Inu/Kik. UHHHHHHHHHHHH, don't even get me started!!!

I HATE KIKYO!!!! You can flame me all you want, but I will still forever hate Kikyo.

She's such a... AHHHHHHHHH!!!

If I believed in using extreme profanity to express myself, this page would be full of cuss words describing Kikyo.

So now you know. I DESPISE KIKYO. I AM SO GLAD NARAKU KILLED HER!!! She should just die and leave everyone alone to live their happy little lives.

OK, I'm calmed down now. Glad I got that out of my system!!! On to Avatar!!!!!!! My favorite show ever!!!

My ships are-

Kataang (duh!!)

Tokka (they are so cute together!!!)

Maiko (they work well together in my mind)

Ty Lee/ Every guy she meets (Ty Lee is so cool!!)

Iroh/Tea (of course!!)

I have the same views on Zutara that I have on Sess/Kag.

But I don't really like Zuko too much. He was such a jerk in the Season 2 finale!!! I mean, come on!! This really sweet girl is all like "Even though you tried to kill me and my best friend and my brother I'll forgive you and heal that ugly thing on your face."

And Zuko attacks her! What a jerk! Poor Katara!!!

Maybe he'll redeem himself in the end of Season 3.

I love Kataang! They are so awesome!!!! If Aang would be just a little bit taller, it would be like heaven.

And don't give me that "Zuko is taller than Katara so they'd make a better couple" thing.

Haru is taller than Katara too, so does that mean that he and Katara would make a better couple?

No!!! (Have you seen that rat on his face?)

Anyways, during the Invasion (310) when Aang actually kissed Katara I was like YESSSSSSS!!!!! It was great!!!

But what will happen next?

Anyways, now that I'm done, I hope you had fun reading this!!!

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