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o sweetness!!! i'm actually making my profile instead of obsesively reading fanfics!!!! yay for me!!!! lucky for u all i havnt found the caps button yet. (it keeps dissapearing) (im sorry for my bad spelling im like totally lost with out spell check which really sucks.)

Fave Books (duh)

1. Twilight!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! (found it hehehe)

2. Bloody Jack Adventures

3. Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen

lots more and i'm not sure if those r my faves (except for Twilight of course)

i just started writing my first fanfic and my authors notes are going to be longer then the story i bet. i wonder if i could make a story with me just babbling on about random stuff??? i guess thats wat this is for lol

Personal stuff that i probably shouldnt tell u cuz u could be an internet stalker but im going to be discreet and vague cuz im not supposed to talk to strangers

I live in New York (state not city) and im only in 8th grade. i go to a pretty nice school and am like a straight a student.(dont be haten) i lack motivation so i will need alot of encouragement to even finish one fanfic. ( ppl r so taking bets right now on how far i get arent they??? dont deny it) i love to make stupid comments and it can be easier being myself sometimes while writing this type of stuff b/c if i get hatemail i can just delete it. lol.

current reading book: nothin I NEED TO GO TO THE LIBRARY!!!

i now have a second fanfic called Leather Boots and its just a strange little thing my friends and i wrote wen we got mad at our English teacher. it involves our pimp vampire, VVP, who we bought on Ebay. how bad can it get. nvm...

I may not update stories very fast cuz im also working on my own (fantasy of course) and just so u all no i have some of leather boots already written and part of my own story already written but its taking forever for me to type them up cuz i hate typing things that are already written. it takes soooooooo long. Natures i just make up as i go along so feel free to add suggestions. not that ill probably end up using them but... jk maybe i will.

If anyone ever needs a beta u Know how to contact me ;D i no my profile is really bad but thats just cuz its really fast but believe me little errors usually tend to bug me. i wanna be an editor someday!!!

i think i'm done... for now.


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