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Officially GRATEFUL to everybody here... today is my first month-versary at and 6 stories, 14 chapters, 32,750 words and 65 reviews later I am in absolutely HAPPY+.

I have a list of requests (-I feel so honored-) and as soon as I finish editing the stories I'm already working on, I'll get to those promptly. I really am excited with and the community here... you people ROCK.As a little preview, there's more Naruto fanfics coming up plus Nana, Bleach, Death Note, and crossovers with characters from new series. And maybe there'll be some T rating stuff coming up, but in the meantime it's XXX all the way!! (and tastefully done, banzai!!)

And I have GREAT NEWS!! As of yesterday I created a Wordpress website to host my anime reviews and freebies too! It's new and I'm still getting the hang of it but soon I'll be full of episode screenshots, music, wallpapers, avatars and more of series like Claymore, Darker than Black, DGray Man, Seirei no Moribito, Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto, Romeo x Juliet, Gintama and of course Death Note, Nana, Bleach and our beloved NARUTO_

Thanks for reading and stay tuned ;p

Fuel for the End by BukkakeNoJutsu reviews
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