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Hello all I love anime and right now I am currently writing My Dark Angel and White cherry blossoms, oh and The City and The Country. I just to tell you out of randomness, I am super bad at spelling and am so very sorrry for any spelling mistakes.

Status on stories:

My dark angel: Okay sorry for the delay and all, But I am deleating this story and rewriting it. I have found many kinks and screw up in it and I'm just not happy about it. Please wait for the new story.

White Cherry Blossoms: I am writing the story...DON"T HATE ME please!!

The City and The Country: Oh I've had this Idea in my head for so long, and I'm just glad to get it ou. I will be updatig this story when ever I feel like I need to or want to or when I need a break from the other stories. But I promise that the next chappy you will like, Dei-kun meets Ino! What a meeting that will be! -Girlish giggle- you will soo like it!

Up coming stories:

I never forgot you: Ok this will be a new one for me...its not a Naruto fic!! Its a Spirited away one! I just watched it for the second time and I still loved it, though I really hate to say that I didn't like the way it ended. (Ok so I did, I just wanted Haku and Chihiro to be together...) But I'll say that this on is about something happening that chihiro gets to meet him once again. Will it be in the spirit world? Human world? in a dream? I will never tell! I'm thinking that it will be a one shot and if not about two or three chapters.

Sirens Spot light:

All the stories (and other things) in this spot light are reccomended So check them out

Translated Fanmanga site:

This I found while surffing the net for some Sasori pic's, I found a funny manga and read it. I found out that I liked it so I looked some more on the site and saw that it was dedicated to Naruto and Hinata!! I fell in love with the site and Just think that the person who drew the manga's is amazing. If you a big, little, fan about NaruxHina or just want a good laugh, I once again recomend it!!

Still more to come just can't think of anything yet"

Parings ( gotta love em)


Sakura x Itachi
Sakura x Garra
Sakura x Sauske
Naruto x Hinata
Hinata x Kiba
Temari x Shikamaru
Shikamaru x Ino
Ino x Kiba


rukia x renji
Inoue x Ichigo
Inoue x Ishida

Drawings for stories (please note that I drew all of these unless stated):

Itachi in 'My dark angel':
In this one i wanted to make him look a bit different, after all he is going under cover right? But don't worry he will change back after they retreive their 'Mission'

Kisame in 'My dark angel':
Same as Itachi's, But in this one I wanted to see what he looks like as a human and not as a fish-man. For me I think that I did a very good job on this, I just hope the rest of you like it as much as me. I think he'll stay this way for a while.

Sakura in 'We danced anyway':
I wish I could have colored this in because it would have been all the better, but I will try to get all of my drawings colored in soon enough, I just don't know when that will be.

To all of those people who have read Kisshi-chan's 'White cherry blossoms' I am telling you that I have adopted her story and am continuing it, I ask that you do not flame me.

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