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Writing Status

Updated: 1/19/2008

I'm alive! It's been over four months since my last update. Real life intruded badly on my writing time. I am revving back up and should have another chapter out... a month, maybe?

Additionally, I have a lot of catching up to do with reading my favorite stories as well as responding to the new reviews. :)

A Different Voice

posted 6/8/2007

Chapter 1: Panic! A New Team and an Old Voice!
posted 6/13/2007

Chapter 2: Ambush! The Journey to Wave Country!
posted 6/20/2007

Chapter 3: Explode! Battle on the Bridge of Dreams!
posted 6/27/2007

Interlude 1: The Stranger
posted 6/27/2007

Chapter 4: Pressure! The Chuunin Exams Begin!
posted 7/13/2007

Chapter 5: Black Magic? Failure in the Forest of Death!
posted 7/23/2007

Chapter 6: Shock! Rebirth of the Dragon Slave!
posted 8/31/2007

Chapter 7: Crash! Collision with Sand and Sound!
plot 85 percent, writing 0 percent

Chapter 8: (title undetermined)
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Chapter 9: (title undetermined)
plot 25 percent, writing 0 percent

Interlude 2: (title undetermined)
plot 100 percent, writing 0 percent

Chapter 10: (title undetermined)
plot 25 percent, writing 0 percent

Chapter 11: (title undetermined)
plot 25 percent, writing 0 percent

Chapter 12: (title undetermined)
plot 10 percent, writing 0 percent

Chapter 13: (title undetermined)
plot 10 percent, writing 0 percent

Chapter 14: (title undetermined)
plot 20 percent, writing 0 percent

Chapter 15: (title unrevealed)
plot 60 percent, writing 0 percent

plot 100 percent, writing 0 percent


Future Stories

The Date (working title) – Sasuke has returned to Konoha and agrees to go on a date with Sakura. But Naruto is not about to let things go smoothly. Gathering his trusty companions – Lee and Ino – he sets out to destroy Sakura’s romantic evening. Oneshot. Humor/Parody. Pairings: anti-Sasuke/Sakura.

A Step Back – Kakashi never slacked off on his training and develops his Mangekyou Sharingan earlier than in the original story. When Uchiha Itachi comes to Konoha in search of Naruto, Kakashi’s untested Sharingan barely protects him from Itachi’s Tsukuyomi. Kakashi catches up with the Akatsuki pair just as they find Naruto at an inn. Magekyou Sharingan meets Magekyou Sharingan for the first time and the jutsu are reflected, causing space to warp around Naruto and Kakashi. The two Leaf ninja find themselves 40 years in the past. Kakashi must master his Sharingan to return them to their proper time before Naruto causes too many problems. And a certain young blonde kunoichi takes an instant liking to Naruto. General/Humor. Pairings: Naruto/Tsunade? (O_o).


Pi’s irrational countdown of top 5 villains: (where did this come from?)

5) The Kyuubi from Naruto (fair enough)
4) Queen Kayou from My Name is Zushio (that’s only here because you like Zushio, isn’t it?)
3) Dakki from Houshin Engi (wait… but… the manga…)
2) Shippo from Inuyasha (he’s not a villain!)
1) The Big Cheese from Samurai Pizza Cats (and why are they all foxes?!)


The Dark Future of Naruto Fanfiction
(you know it's going to happen so brace yourself now)

1) When Madara is revealed to be the most handsome Uchiha ever seen, a gazillion Madara/Sakura fanfics will suddenly appear.

a) if Madara is also revealed to be Obito then several gazillion Madara/Kakashi fanfics will be posted.

2) When Sasuke returns to Team Seven...

a) and he hugs Sakura, a gazillion more Sasuke/Sakura fanfics will be written.

b) and he smiles at Naruto, a gazillion new Sasuke/Naruto fanfics will be created.

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Broken Promises by NeoQueenSerenity1985 reviews
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What if there had been a reason Naruto was unsuitable for bearing the burden of the Kyuubi's prison? What changes would be wrought upon the life of another newborn child chosen in his stead, one with her own, very different personality and abilities?
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A Different Voice reviews
What if Sakura's inner voice wasn't what she thought it was? Is Konoha ready for the rebirth of the beautiful genius sorceress? [AU, Slayers xover]
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Childhood Remembrances reviews
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