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Hmmm... a little something about me huh? Okay, well, I am from Boston, Massachusetts and am an AVID Red Sox fan. You could say I'm a bit obsessed. Winning the world series in 2004 after and 86 year drought was in effect AWESOME!! Unfortunately I wasn't home at the time to see it. I was living in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Talk about a bummer! Thankfully they went and won it all over again in 2007!! And now they go from worst to first 2013!! They knew it was what Boston needed after the marathon bombings! Like Big Papi said at the beginning of the season... this is our "bleeping" city! Way to take it back Red Sox!! _

I started getting interested in Anime back in 1997. When my friend Brian (who has practically EVERY anime series known to man on tape) started lending me some of his vast collection. One of these happened to be Ranma 1/2. At first I was like... a guy who turns into a girl?? What the?? I wasn't sure this would be my cup of tea. Well he lent me the first two episodes, and of course there was the cliffhanger with Kuno and Ranma-chan in the pool... needless to say I was already hooked and made him go home at lunch (we worked together) and get the next tape so I could find out what happened. I've been a fan ever since.

I've read so many great Ranma fics. Some of my favorites are:

Thy Inward Love: by Richard Lawson (he writes so well, and he's a BIG influence on my own writing.)

Ill Met By Starlite: This is another great one, it's a darkfic but so well written.

The Shadow Chronicles: by Mark MacKinnon.

Chasing the Wind and Ranma goes to War: (there is a hilarious scene where Akane sends Ranma a care package of her carefully baked cookies that get used by the boys as reinforcement for their foxhole which is being heavily shelled by mortar blasts...heh, not even bombs can shatter Akane's cooking) by Jamie Wilde

Hearts of Ice: by Krista Perry

The (Sur)Real World: A hilarious comedy done as a rip on MTV's Real World where they throw 7 anime characters in a house and tape their lives... The characters are as follows... Ranma (Ranma 1/2), Ataru (Urusei Yatsura), Nuku Nuku (Nuku Nuku All Purpose Cat Girl), Washu (tenshi), Urd (OMG), Kyosuke (Orange Road) and Mamaru (Sailor Moon), I recommend it highly especially the chapter where Washu leaves her experiments in the fridge!

Other Animes that interest me are:

Final Fantasy VII: Although I've never played the game, I took one look at Cloud Strife in Advent Children and was hooked. Aside from Ranma he is the most fascinating Anime character I've ever come across. I'm toying with the idea of writing a one-shot focusing on him and Aerith (I prefer this pairing to him and Tifa), but so far I haven't had the nerve. I'm afraid I will screw it up somehow. Still, he continues to fascinate me, with all his silent mystery, so perhaps someday... :)

Death Note: I absolutely LOVE the battle of wits between L and Light. The writing is top notch and the characters are amazing. I'm fascinated by L in all his quirky glory. I just can't get enough of him. Hmmm...I would love to explore just what his past might hold. I mean that is no ordinary orphanage! :)

Fruits Basket: I have to thank my friend Jenny who got me to sit down and check out this Anime. Kyo... wow! Man he reminds me of someone... who could it be... very awkward in the way he expresses his feelings toward Tohru, gets all huffy if confronted with those feelings, still does sweet things when he wants to, into martial arts and VERY competitive I might add always wanting to make things a challenge...Uh... Kyo... Ranma called, he wants his identity back!! haha!! Just kidding! I think that's why I like his character so much. He is alot like Ranma and it's very endearing. With his curse it would be sooooooo much fun to write a crossover fic...especially with the way cats are attracted to Kyo. Ranma would just FREAK right out! And of course with Haru getting lost all the time... maybe he'd find Ryoga?? Oh the possibilities!! ;)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: I also have to thank my boyfriend Rob for insisting that I check out the marathon that Nickelodeon was running. He's a fan and he made me one too. What a great and original storyline, with amazing characters and lots of action. I love the fight sequences and the wonderful human element (no pun intended) that lays underneath.

Fairy Tail: My newest obsession thanks to my wonderful friend and proofreader Angela! She inadvertently got me into this series and I LOVE it! Natsu is my favorite, but I sincerely love all the other characters as well. It just gets better and better with each story arc and just when you think it can't get any better it proves you wrong yet again! I love the camaraderie of the guild, the way the fight for each other, and how they never give up. It's a great inspiration and credo to live by.

Other things I like doing in my spare time aside from writing are: Reading (I love Stephen King) I'm somewhat of a bookworm, watching horror movies (I'm a HUGE horror fan - Halloween is my favorite holiday...heehee), listening to music, mostly 80's stuff, and taking in a Red Sox game at Fenway. I also write a bit of poetry but I can only really write good poems when I'm sad or depressed. I can't write happy ones to save my life!

Anyway, I don't know how interesting all of this really is. To all the fans of my fics I just want to say Thanks for all the support, it's with your encouragement that I continue to write, in hopes that I can help take you away for awhile and lose you in a story.

Sayonara for now...

PS: I am happy to announce that I've actually received my first fanart from one of my readers for my story "Into the Light". I want to thank Kaywi personally for her cool drawing. I am both flattered and humbled. I'm so glad that I could offer her some inspiration. If you want to check out the pic go here.

You look better in MY shirt

My thanks and appreciation also goes out to Claraoutvelt for her Spanish translation of my fic "Into the Light". I am thrilled that she thought it good enough to be translated. And I hope all the Spanish readers out there enjoy it! Here is the link and thanks again Clara! :)

Into the Light (En La Luz): Spanish

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