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Author has written 4 stories for Big Wolf on Campus, and Misc. Movies.

I try to make my stories to relate to there normal image, as to what you see in in the show or movie and i like to change it around a little if i want (which i do). a little about me: well I love big wolf on campus its a good show, favorite character of course Merton (danny smith).

hey its claude!

b-day: january 6

favorite color: black,blue,green,red,purple,pink,orange

favorite TV show: big wolf on campus

favorite movies: titanic, my big fat greek wedding, teen wolf 1&2. accepted, dirty deeds, scary movie 1-4.

I am also friends with mertonlver1987 we have done many things involving big wolf on campus just after watching one episode of big wolf it got her hooked... of course why wouldn't it. so if it sounds as if we do the same story or continue off of eachother its fine just read it, we are great writers espically mertonlver over there!!hahaha, anyway read and review our stories.

big wolf on campus lovers:

You buy a pineapple, spray paint the top of it black, and name it Merton!You create a nickname for yourself in tribute to your favorite charactor. Ex: If you're a girl, and you love Merton, you change your name to Mertina or Merti. If you're female and you like Tommy, your nickname is Tommi or Tammy. If you're a guy and you love Stacey, you can keep the name Stacey (it's also a guy's name), or change it to something like Stanly. If you're male and your favorite charactor is Lori, your new nickname is Larry, etc. Same goes with all other characters.

You refer to your mom and dad as Sally and Bob.

You have taped everything Danny has been in, including Open Mike with Mike, all episodes of Big Wolf, and you own every movie Danny has appeared in, even if he's only shown in it for 5 minutes.(Same to any other actors in BWOC.)

You call your friends by various character names off the show.You give advice you get from TV.

You dye your hair (with ONLY Midnight Black from Loreal) and spike it.

You start writing screenplays about witches, vampires, robots, ect.

You say, "...but why quibble?" waaay too often.

You rent a hot tub for a party you throw and beg your little sister to act possessed.

You pay big guys to bully you around at school.

Your room look more and more like Merton's everyday.

You have a coffin backpack... the ACTUAL coffin backpack.

Your football jersey is #13.

You love to get "phantom tackled" (even if you just have to pretend).

You try to make it seem as though your darkest fears is heights, movie characters, being alone, drowning, etc.

You buy a voo doo doll and try to make someone dance in front of the class.

You tell you mom to take up news reporting.

You start a campaign for your dad to run as mayor -- whether he approves or not.

You search the world in hopes for a Tommy/Merton/Lori/Stacey look-a-like.

You write to one of the cast members everyday with letters that read "I love you!!" at least a hundred times.

You've read the reply Danny has given you at least a thousand times.

You buy a black dog and name it Sparky.

You fake allergies to cats and dogs, and pretend to be lactoseintolerant, just like Merton.

You change your middle initial to J. (Merton J. Dingle) or P. (Tommy P. Dawkins) without even knowing what it stands for.

You can't help that you're pale. You're just... allergic to the sun!

Your friends know every line Tommy/Merton has ever spoken -- without seeing the show once.

You devote a club on MSN just to Danny and about pee your pants when he actually joins!

You name your animals various character names.

You quote the show at least once a day.

Your nickname at school is either Tommy, Merton, Lori, Stacey, or anyone else from the show.

You stay glued to your Lay-Z-Boy to see how long you can sit there before your parents start yelling at you to "take a shower for pete's sake!"

You stay up countless nights trying to think up pages like this to add to your Big Wolf page.

You think you really are a werewolf, but you're not quite sure... except for that seasonal change in weight, crazy cravings for chicken (extra rare), and of course loads of shedding all over your friend's lair!!

You go to school naked with your head in a gym bag thinking only you are invisible, not your clothes... only you're not invisible!

You actually think that Brandon is a real werewolf, because that make-up just looks SO real!

You critisize other werewolves on shows/in comics because they look nothing like Tommy.

You get a perm, dye your hair red, grow it out, and volumize it so you look a little more like Stacey.

You cut your hair short and try to portray Lori's look.

You use the word "ergo" and have no clue what it means.

You join the cheerleading squad and quickly are made the head cheerleader.

You take up kickboxing, tae kwan do and judo.

You spend hours on the 'net looking up gothic things you think might spark Merton's interest.

The cast/crew members have restraining orders against you.

You use the term 'monsterology,' even though that's not a word.

You act posessed and try to push your friend down a well.

You are somewhat of a word fumbler around hot guys/girls.

You produce a play about Romeo and Juliette, with all of the blood and gore Shakespeare intended.

You suspect that:...your lunchlady is a witch...your librarian turns kids into books...your teacher is a witch...cablemen will suck you into 3rd-rate sitcoms...your male nurse practices voo doo...door-to-door salesmen are soulsuckers...your school holds a well with a ghost of an almost-murderer...the nerd in school is actually a demon...everyone on a motorcycle is a demon hunter...the dog next door is Cerberus...any Melissa you will ever meet might just be a Gorgon.

thanks to the person who wrote this thanks. I do not own this.

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