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Hi! My name is Z. you've probably seen me around Youtube or deviantART. So yes, this is ItsTwilightAgain from there.

So, i recently came out with a story. and i really hope i can commit to it! i have deleted my last 2 stories cause they sucked. -My Youtube Account

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Six years after the birth of their daughter, Edward and Bella are met with a shocking surprise on their doorstep. Very shocking. It's there because of Bella, but it has a link to Edward's past…as a human…COMPLETE
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AU. Bella is a single mother. Edward's wife just died, leaving him as a single father. What happens when the meet? Will they hit it off? Will they be able to forgive and forget all their pain and suffering? Will Bella and Edward find true love? All-human.
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Twilight by mutemath reviews
a role-reversal, Edward is human, Bella is a vampire. And no, it isn't Twilight with Edwards name in place of Bellas. It's different. Edward starts school hardly enthusiastic, but meeting Bella changed that. Problem is, well the problem is Bella.
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The Last Night by mskayla reviews
All Human. Renee is a druggie that beats Bella. Her dad turns his head because he's in love with Renee. It started when she was 14. For 3 yrs she thinks she worthless cutting herself. Can the Cullens change her outlook on life?
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Scrubs by MyLivingAdonis reviews
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Edward keeps his muchanticipated promise & turns Bella. But what if Bella had a power so unique that it could change the predicted happilyeverafter? what about the treaty? & Charlie? Victoria? & most importantly Edward & Bella's wedding?
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Disturbia! i'm basically redoing this story by Pwallabeway reviews
re-writing everything. i twill be much much better. i don't like it right now.
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There's a new girl in Forks. She's said to have a bad reputation. But the Cullen's are acting strange and Bella doesn't know why. The catch? Read to find out. Set after Twilight, before New Moon.
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