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Author has written 9 stories for Golden Sun, Okami, and Fire Emblem.

How long has it been since I was here? I return again. Completely unrelated to GS:DD. Completely. ...Okay, maybe a little. Whatever.

Name: Devyn, if you know me IRL. If you know me from the interwebz, I may be sagewolf or spiritwolf: far more likely sage.

Age: Twenty (And yes, I am the sort of person who spells out numbers.)

Location: In a forest. ...There is a house in this forest, I suppose, yes.

Occupation: Slacker freshman attempting to not fail communications and get good grades in everything else (although by the same quality standards as Hermione Granger).

Gender: Female ('Girl' isn't entirely accurate.)

Likes: Wolves, British cult comedy, most vegetables (except spinach and cabbage) maths (logic in numerical form. Beautiful!), almost all music (except things most people like, except I probably do like them but won't admit it because that is acting normal -bleah-), learning things, animation (esp. anime, Balto, and Disney's better films), video games, comics, books, the Irish language (it sounds so nice when you hear it!), TVTropes, my Mac (mainly because it knows all my passwords and can lock me out of all the places I visit on the Interweb), the color purple and things where an imagination is listed under 'system requirements'.

Dislikes: LEARNING the Irish language (why must you be so complicated?), people who can't use apostrophes, MS Word (stop retyping my stuff. Who's the human here?), most fruits (except tomatoes and cucumbers, and most berries), rain, the Irish summer (duration: anywhere between a day and a fortnight), TVTropes, revising things (why would you want to learn something twice? I could be learning something else!) and required classes in college that have horrible incompetent instructors.

What I should be doing right now, as I type this: Probably studying for the tests I have on Monday.

My Written Works:

Well, the ones that are here, I doubt you want to know about that werewolf 'novel' I wrote/illustrated when I was nine. Reviews are appreciated for any and all of these, especially those which tell me what I did wrong. Which is plenty. You may also notice that I'm basically giving you the entire plot. Suspense is not a key factor in my fics. Nor is summary a strength of mine.


Worry: The first to be betaed (thanks, Kender!). Based around Erk and Serra's A support. After Erk tells Serra that no-body would care if she disappeared, she decides to test the theory. He searches her out in the forest and reassures her that he-- along with Matthew, Hector and Oswin-- is her friend, and that none of them want her gone. Another friendship fic, this time between Erk and Serra.

Issun's Return: The fic that I'm proudest of; I really think I did a good job on it without succumbing to my tendency to ramble. If you've played Okami, go on, scroll down and check it out. Details Ishaku's final day of life and Issun's return (hence the title) to Ponc'tan to say goodbye to his grandpa and take the torch from him, with help from the Oina and a certain white-furred wolf. I think the genre was family... or friendship... maybe tragedy? Ack. I forget. I'm typing this up offline, so I can't check.

My Peerless Warrior: Okay, okay. I'm proud of this one too (if I ask people to give me reviews, I should really take their compliments, instead of overriding them all and just deciding I suck), but I'm thinking of reduxing it. Not to change the good parts (well, maybe to polish them... a little), but to trim away that which is superfluous. I really rambled on and on with this one. Simply put, after Ninian's death, the army is distraught, and when Lyn goes missing, the tactician plunges off in search of her. Lyn sets out to find her, and the entire group unites to cheer her up. In the end, it's their and Lyn's faith in the tactician that pulls her out of her low mood. Genres are friendship and hurt/comfort. (Again, I think.)

Coffee: Ah-huh. Okay. This is the one I am NOT proud of. It's a simple humor fic, but I don't think I have the technique for humor down. So I don't think it's particularly good. Oh well, here's the simple version: Ivan gets coffee into his system; his system promptly goes haywire. That's about all the plot there is. It's not like it has nothing going for it, but it's far from the best I've done, and it's far from the best humor fic on this site. Genre is humor (did you need to be told?)

Chapter Works:

Connections: Complete
Written in response to Xirysa's Senses challenge; my first romance fic. As such, there are five chapters, each with its own pairing and based around one of the five senses. I'll give you summaries of the five chapters here: each one has its own second genre (since they're so different). Chapter One: Sunlight-- Nino as seen through Jaffar's eyes. Second genre: angst. Chapter Two: Sweet Lady of Violets-- The relaxation that Louise brings to Pent. Second genre: spiritual. Chapter Three: The Secret Spice-- The effect that Lowen's remarkable cooking has on Rebecca. Second genre: general (i.e: sap) Chapter Four: Flautist-- The tactician's (Cass's) reminisces of Nils and his music. Second genre: spiritual... I can't figure out where else to put it. Chapter Five: Warmth-- Matthew thinking about Leila on the misty and frigid Isle of Valor. Second genre, obviously, Tragedy.

Siblings of Contigo: (On: chapter 6. CONTINUATION as part of 2010 NaNoWriMo, but some chapters will be rewritten or replaced or moved.)
A story about Ivan and Hama, and their lives from the time they were separated to the day they are reunited-- UPDATE '10: Will also include Hammet, and I'll get something about Karis in there at the end. Because it has to happen. Incomplete but I'm back on it. Essentially, this is a oneshot that I continued for some reason. That's why it's on hiatus. It also fared worse than Guilt when the casing came off my USB stick: the whole thing disappeared. I have to, as such, copy it off the site. But I keep forgetting... (Genre is family.)

Guilt: (On (indefinite) hiatus. I can't remember where the heck I was going with this anymore... left up for reference more than anything.)
The alternate reality of GS, where Isaac and Felix are switched... well, so are Felix's parents and Isaac's dad, so Isaac is the only one who winds up in Prox. Ugh... read the first chapter and you'll probably get it. I am continuing this too, but my USB stick lost the chapters I'd done, and I'm steeling myself to write all of this stuff all over again. Ohhhh... However, I shall steel myself and do it! I just realized there are a lot of people who want me to update this. But...I just... I'm not as into GS as I was. I think this is Orphaned...

Rekka no Ken: (On hiatus. Actually, sod that. Most likely cancelled at this point. I have neither the time nor the energy... but I'll leave it up.)
What is it about Fire Emblem that makes me ramble? This is an adaptation of FE7. I don't say 'novelization' because that might indicate to people that I will stick rigidly to the plot. Yeah right. I cut out Dorcas's chapter (but not Dorcas) just because I didn't want to write it, Heath is going to come in early just because I like him as a character (and for his giant flying lizard xD ), and, most importantly, I barely remember most of the plot. Artistic liberties taken. It is tactician-centred, but I consciously tried to break as many of the ingrained conceptions about the tactician as I could. (Other than the tactical brilliance-- the tactician has to be brilliant, or everyone would be dead.)


(I do intend to get around to this stuff, but what with...actually, I have no excuses, so I had better get going, hadn't I?)

1) My NaNo crap. This is going to be partly a gargoyle story that I'm building from scratch, but there will also be some GS stuff, including the continuation/reduxing of Siblings of Contigo. So. Yeah.

My god, did you really read all that? Well done you. If I knew who or where you were, I'd give you a small medal made of a bottle top. As it is, go make your own and write 'from sagewolf' on it or something. Fics are below here; go ahead and read. Have fun.

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