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Hi there! I'm Dalandaaan!

Hmm... what else do I say?

I am a dog mom to three, and a professional procrastinator who does art and animation for a living!

deviantart // tumblr

I like to play League of Legends on my free time (all the time *cough*) and drown myself in League of Legends lore when I'm not (also all the time *cough).

I also like to fangirl. Like, all day. ; U ;


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Kingdom Hearts: WINNER : Completed.


He didn't really feel like he was a stranger. It felt more like he was a friend. A really important friend to me... a friend that I lost.

Genre: Friendship, One-shot

Pairings: None.

But really...It all depends on the reader.

Although, personally, I just thought of it as friendship.

Notes: This story was formed after I finished 358/2 days (Which made me feel so... sad. D:) which happened to affect me greatly, and after I added to my train of thought, a segment in the intro of KH:3DS, where Lea(HE'S JUST AXEL WITHOUT THE TEAR MARKINGS D':) introduces himself. So this is the result.

I'm happy with how this came out. There's improvement in my writing style (even though I haven't done any proper writing. XD) which I'm pretty happy about.

ANYWAY, this story is supposed to have a nostalgic feeling to it. If you did like it, please do leave a review telling me you do. :D

League of Legends: Through The Eyes Of A Child : Completed


For the first time, Yasuo saw the genuine light in Riven's eyes. And he doubted he'll ever forget.

Genre: General One-shot

Pairings: implied Yasuo/Riven.

Notes: Hello guys! It's been a while(... again) since I posted in fanfiction!

I figured since I've been playing League of Legends for years that I should write something for it. And what better couple to write about than my favorite angsty broodin' babies Yasuo and Riven? (Both of which I never play in the Rift heh)

I originally wanted to write a long story concerning the lore of these two, but knowing me, I have a hard time committing to big ass projects I set for myself, so I instead pushed my inspiration for this one-shot. This story was inspired by drowning myself with Yasuo and Riven lores and infinite repeats of AURORA's album(As you can tell through the title)!

Can you tell? I absolutely CAN'T get enough of this pairing and their lores or AURORA's album.

And since I can't decide what genre to put this story in, I'll place this around General and Friendship. If I sorted it wrong, please tell me! And also, made the flower up heh O UO

The image for the cover I used is not mine. It's a lovely work I found through the wonderful internet.

I recommend listening to AURORA's "Through The Eyes of A Child" while reading this. I also recommend listening to AURORA's whole album, for that matter ((which in my head is like a whole playlist dedicated to both these champs ofc))

Rise of the Guardians: Frostbite : Completed


A small snowflake slowly fell on my nose.

Come on, smile for me.

... I smiled.

Genre: General, One-shot

Pairings: None.

... but uhm, it all depends on the reader.

Notes: Sooooo... This one-shot was more or less inspired by seeing the shift in Jack's reaction after he saw his memories. It made me wonder, or think, if he ever thought along the lines of 'I miss them, I wonder how they did? Did they have family, do I have nephews and nieces and and... did I get to cross paths with them?'

The part that really got me in this train of thought I imagined Jack to have was the 'did I get to cross paths with them', and voila, this fic was born.

I wanted this set two years after Jack's death, but... well, here comes the plothole

The plothole is... you see, Jack doesn't remember anything 'Jack' until he gets his teeth set, which occurred in Winter-Spring of 2012. And, well, as mentioned earlier, this story was supposed to be set a year or two after Jack's death. So... yeah.

As fixes, 'patches', I thought maybe I could suggest a few things (I've suggested some at the Author's Note in the story file, but I'll list them down here, too):

o Jack feels strongly enough for the given person to have him elicit such a reaction towards them

o He may be able to remember bits and pieces of said person.

o The said person is immortal(I dunno, it's a suggestion n u n"") and that this story happened post-ROTG

o ... I don't know, you do the patching up for me? O u O

... sooo that's about it

I hope you guys like my stories! Please leave a review if you thought so!

Constructive criticism is always welcome and appreciated!

- and, well, the classic! I thought I'd put it here so I don' have to put it in on every story I make.


I only own my OCs and the stories I make up for them in my mind.

All other characters, events, etc. go to their respective owners.

That's about it! Have a nice day!

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