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Poll: After I finish Control, what story should start next? Summary's are further down. Scroll down until you find the stories that I plan to write later on Vote Now!
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Author has written 13 stories for Naruto, Death Note, and Vampire Knight.

Merry Christmas! Or in my terms, Smutmas, as nothing puts me in the Holiday spirit like Smut! Yay! Anyway, I am curently holding a littl open request thing for the holidays for you guys! Ask me to write anything for you and I totally will! Because I love you!

About FAY!

Name: Faydora Ann Johnson

Age: I'll leave that to your imaginations...hehe

Race: For some reason, people think I'm black. I'm not. I might be Mexican. And I might be White. Either one.

Favorite Color: Midnight Blue(Yes I'm very picky about my favorite color!)

Favorite Books: The Twilight Saga; The Blood Ties Saga; The Uglies Trilogy; The Host; The Undead and Unwed Series; Uninvited; The Vampires Diaries Series; Werewolf Rising; Night World; Boy Meets Boy; and others I might add later...

Favorite songs: anything by Evanescense; anything by T-pain or anything that features T-pain; I Bet by Flo Rida; Cyclone by Baby Bash; anything by Pink; anything by Utada Hikaru; It wasn't me by Shaggy; and many others i might add later...

Favorite shows: Death Note; Naruto; Family Guy; Junjou Romantica(EVERYONE WATCH THIS SHOW!!); American Dad; Robot Chicken; Vampire Knight; George Lopez Show(WATCH THIS ONE TOO!); King Of Queens; Two and a Half Men; Moonlight; House; Ghost Whisperer; and others that i might add later...

Hobbies: Writing; Reading; Watching stupid stuff on Youtube(serisously); Singing; Booty Dancing With My best Friends...

My Favorite Characters: Shiki from Vampire Knight; Roy from FMA; Itachi from Naruto; Josef from Moonlight; Wilson from House; Spencer from King of Queens; (My mom says I pick the weirdest characters to like...I rarely pick a main character to love...I CAN'T HELP IT!!)

Here are the couples that I take requests for:

From Naruto:
Itachi and Naruto
Sasuke and Naruto
Sasuke and Sai(Only for oneshots)

From Death Note:
Light and L
Kira and L(Only for Dark Fics)
Mello and Near
Mello and Matt

From Kingdom Hearts:
Sora and Riku
Axel and Roxas

From Vampire Knight:
Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryuu

D Gray Man:
Allen Walker and Yuu Kanda.

Harry Potter:
Severus Snape and Harry Potter!
Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter

Current News: Obama won! Yes! I am excited because he won! Our new president-if the bill comes around-will legalize Gay Marriage! I'm not gay. But I'm certainly not straight. Those kind of people don't exist...lol. just kidding. But I am bi. And if I want to marry a girl, I'm gunna marry a girl! Yay Obama!

Oh yeah, btw, I have a special myspace reserved for just you guys. You can chat with me and everything. Just add me as a friend but make sure to tell me you know me from fanfiction or i might not accept you. :)! Otay! Please come and befriend me on myspace. it's .

Poll Results: You guys should already know by now by the results but Naruto is going to have twins. One Boy and One girl. The girl is going to be the youngest and the boy the eldest of the twins. The girl is going to be named Aerith and the boy might be named Shunske...depends on if i find another name more attractive...hehe.

Rewriting Impulse!! That's right. I am officially going to make Impulse better. I have been mulling over it for a while and I gave in. I have succesfully completed the first chapter which is the first three chapters combined so it might make the story shorter in chapters but longer in words. I'm adding stuff that doesnt need to be there for any other reason but to entertain me. I'm weird like that.

IT'S OFFICIAL!! Impulse is a saga. The First installment is Impulse(Duh) The next one is Control(once again Duh) the thrid one is Unstable and the last one is Destroyed. The title of the last one is courtesy of Brittany, a girl in my class. I decided that it would be really cool to have a saga. I've already started on Unstable...but it wont be posted until I finish Control. Who knows how long that will be...(Nervous Laugh) That said...

I'm rewriting Control!! I know i really should be focusing on my other stories...but when I went back and reread it...i realized that some things just didnt make sense. So...I'm going to rewrite Impulse and then rewrite Control with the last chapters attached on the end. This said...You might have to go back and reread the whole thing because I've already started on it...and I messed with a few things. So...whenever it arrives...just skim over it and get the idea of what's happening. Leave a few reveiws if you dont mind tho...I live on reveiws.

A request for my dear readers!! I would really love a picture for Silver Lining. Like, if you can find a picture that suits the story then I will serisouly love you forever! I have two computers and I'm about to get another laptop(I've got a windows 95 and a 98...yeah...serisouly.) And since I'm not allowed to put pics of ItaNaru on the big computer(Windows XP: the family compy) I want to put them all on my other computers.

On one computer I have one pic that looks like it suits Hidden Life Secret Love. It's really dark looking...hehe. So if you ever find a pic that would look like something that would go along with my stories, then please by all mean PM the link.

If you want to draw me one i would be eternally grateful! When I'm gone for those three weeks out of summer for all of my trips, i want something to look at to remind me to keep tihnking of great ideas! Please and Thank you my dear readers!

OMG!! NoNameNeeded drew me a picture!! I was so excited i almost got my wheat thins just to choke on them! hehe. Here is the link to the awesome picture!!

For The Trouble With Braces...another person drew me a picture...

So... I'm back! Yay me! After half a year of not being able to update I fixed the problem in the computer and can now update! I've got so many fics...that I can't post...hehe. I didnt write anything for Silver Lining or Control and I just started with other ideas in my head for the time being. But I promise I am working on Blood Ties right now. After a few more updates for that, I'll get back to work on Silver Lining and definately save you from that evil cliffy. Sorry bout that... The Games We Play is currently being stupid in my head and I can't write it! Also...I've put a few stories on Hiatus. Once again, Sorry!

Story Status:

The Games We Play: This story will have ten chapters. Below are the chapter names and the current progess that has been made on them.

Chapter 1: Let The Games Begin- 100 percent Complete
Chapter 2: Twisted Thoughts and Ideas -100 percent Complete
Chapter 3: Mello, Matt, and Mafia- 0 percent Complete
Chapter 4: Scavenger Hunt for my Heart- 0 percent Complete
Chapter 5: Eating Contest -0 percent Complete
Chapter 6: Truth of Dare! And... -0 percent Complete
Chapter 7: Murder in the Dark -100 percent Complete
Chapter 8: Break Through on the Kira Case-0 percentComplete
Chapter 9: Go Fish! In Prison? -0 percent Complete
Chapter 10: Forget Me Not My Love -0 percent Complete

The Chapter Titles are misleading. You might get it...but I'm not so stupid as to give everything away.

Control- About three more Chapters to go. Somewhere around in there...depending on how long I make the Chapters...

Silver Lining- NO! I am not stopping this story. Stop asking! My fics are like children. I wouldnt just give them up randomly. Well...maybe i would, but thats not the case here! I've hit a road block...and uh...i dont know what to do with it...but I've written a few scenes for the next chapter so be patient while i struggle over the annoying block in my head.

Blood Ties- is FAR from over. There will be a total of 27 chapters if i write it correctly and if i include Mpreg. I am currently editing chapter 7 and chapter 8 wil most likely follow a few days after. 9 and 10 are halfway done because they seemed like they would be fun to write but the rest are still waiting to be writen. Be on the lookout!

Favorite Quotes:

Me: (picks up a shell on the ground at the beach)
Paige: "No! Don't touch that. It's dirty!"
Me: (Drops shell.) "Okay..." (It's an inside joke we all say in my little group of friends.)

Me: "One day, yaoi will rule the world. And I will be there with a video camera."

Me: "Holy crap!"
Janye: "What?"
Me: "What if Naruto wore this skirt?" (holds up mini skirt)
Jayne: (Walks away)

"Can you please go away and die!?"-Roxas from Thirty Dates

"Please go away and get run over by a lawn mower!"- Me after i got really mad at my friend Erika

"When life gives you lemons...make yaoi fanfiction!!"-my yaoi crazed friend who moved away, Anne

"My heart is in my hand...yuck."-anon

Me: "Splinters..."
Poisonetta: "NO!!"

Future things I plan on writing:


It's better to have loved and lost: As a mission, Naruto brings Sasuke home. Luckily, Sasuke has finished with orochimaru and comes home willingly even though he still has a grudge against Itachi. On their trip home, Sasuke confesses his love for Naruto only to be rejected because Naruto is in love with someone else. (ItaNaru)

That which doesnt kill me: Right before Sasuke leaves the village, Naruto dissapears from Konoha making Sasuke want to stay in Konoha. Two years later, Naruto return with Itachi, but only to say goodbye. (ItaNaru)

Secret Kisses: (Title subject to change) AU. It's freshman year for Naruto and Sasuke both and they are both attending the most prestigious college in Japan. While Sasuke tries to please his father by entering the Economics field, Naruto decides to go against his parents wishes and enter into the Liturature department. Even though the two boys find interest in different studies, they still remain best friends. Even their dorm roomate Sai-the most perverted person either one has ever met-can't tear their friendship apart. But College life takes a drastic turn when Naruto starts falling for his Liturature teacher-Sasuke's brother-Itachi. It wouldn't be so bad if Sasuke hadn't told Naruto he was in love with him before he and Itachi got together! (ItaNaru with onesided SasuNaru)

(Vampire Knight)

Keeper of Secrets: We all know that Kaname has been keeping Zero's secret away from everybody for a while. We also know that Kaname has a slightly sadistic side to him that lies safely tucked under his cool demeanor. There is only one person who makes that sadistic side come out and Kaname decides that he will be willing to forgive Zero for putting him into such a frazzled state if Zero is willing to pay...(KanamexZero)

(Death Note)

Every End Marks A New Start: L finds evidence against Light supporting the fact that Light Yagami is Kira. Somehow, he doesn't want to accept the fact he right about Light all along. Still, he convinces himself to push aside his personal feelings for the sake of justice. After breaking the news to the task force, much to everyone's displeasure, he goes to find Light. But before he can tell Light the news, Light tells L something that changes everything. (LxLight; Mpreg)

Running In Circles: L was always one step ahead of Light Yagami-the younger boy always struggling to cover his tracks behind himself. Finally fate turns towards Light. And on that night when L was supposed to die, Light asks Rem to keep the detective alive...killing everyone else on the task force. (Dark Fic. Oneshot...maybe...)(LightxL)

Snow White Queen: (Song Fic) Based up Snow White Queen by Evanescence; (KiraxLight) Thought to only reside in the mind of Light Yagami, Kira has obtained a new power-he is able to escape the confines of Light's mind for a few moments at a time. Slowly, he becomes stronger and finally he is able to exist on his own-without a hosts body. Light knows he is weak without Kira empowering him and he knows Kira will kill him. But Kira surprises him by keeping him alive, claiming he is in need of a worthy pet. (Probably the darkest thing I will ever write...)

Blindess: Mello's actions have always been extreme. Due to his flaring rage, he slams Near's head into a window and breaks the glass. When Near is diagnosed with temporary blindness due to the glass shards in his eyes, Mello is forced to take care of him. How can Mello survive a month of helping Near around the house without even being able to insult the kid! (MxN, Yaoi)


Throw Away The Key: (Title Subject to change...) The Gate opened up and took him to a far away place from his home in Central. It took him to a different universe for three years. Unexpectedly, the Gate reopens and rips him back into the world he orginanally came from. In the three years that Edward had been gone, Colonel Mustang constructed a way to open the Gate for one time only. Without any way to get back to the other world, Edward is devestated, begging the Colonel to open the Gate again. Why is Edward so desperate to get back? And why won't he tell anyone? (RoyxEd Eventually)

(Kingdom Hearts)

Existence: During their final battle with Xemnas, Riku gives his life for Sora's. Xemnas gives Sora a choice, either die along with his best friend or save his friend for a price. Sora agrees to save Riku and Sora is forced to be Xemnas's slave...Rape...Yaoi of some sort...it's not done but there is one chapter...

(Harry Potter)

Accidental: During Potions Class one day, Harry messes up once again. Snape orders him to throw out the ruined potion and make a new one but Harry ends up dumping it on himself! After getting detention that night, Draco decides to make Harry's punishment a little more fun. Too bad neither one knew the consequences of "having a little fun" after spilling Fertility Potion all over yourself. (Mpreg, MxM)

Please take the time to message me about anything you want me to write for you. I enjoy taking requests...even if it takes me a while to write it, I always end up doing it eventually. hehe.

Poisonetta(my bestest friend) wrote me a birthday fic(August 11th) It was late, obviously, but she thought AkuRoku day was more important than my birthday. Hehe. Just kidding. She did forget and when we were writing a rape fic between Xemnas and Sora(We know it's wrong) she looked up and said, "Oh yeah, I was going to write you a RikuSora fic for your birthday, wasnt I?" And I was like, "Oh yeah...I forgot...WRITE IT!!"

So here it is! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4498080/1/Confessions

Please my dear fans. Read it. It's super cute. And she has like...no fans at all. So go be her fan please.

BTW!! I am currently beta-ing for a wonderful authoress who goes by the penname of xXFamouslyInfamousXx. Please go check out her stories because that would mean alot to both her and me because i am her friend. So drop a reveiw for her! The story I am beta-ing is called For You I Will and it is great! I love the story and I love beta-ing for it. Please go say Hi to her!! It would mean alot to her!!

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Naruto Online Chat reviews
A chat with team seven on I.M. Flames are welcome on this one. I seriously don't know why i even wrote this one.
Naruto - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 731 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 2 - Published: 7/24/2007 - Complete