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Welcome to the hidden gateway to my mad realm of twisted dream and contorted fancy

My name is Powersocke Prime.

I write The Elder Scrolls fanfiction, or as I like to call them: Fan-written Stories.

My tales usually contain quite a fair bit of antiquated vocabulary and archaism. This is probably due to the fact that about a thousand pages of H. P. Lovecraft as well as a few hundred pages of Edgar Allan Poe have majorly influenced my craft. This would also explain the tenebrous nature of the stories I write. But it is my favourite genre, horror. Whatever kind of horror it might be, all are welcome within my works and the works of others when I read them. Weird fiction, cosmic horror, violence and gore. I did all of those things and I read all of those things.

Aside from these two authors, I have most recently acquired a novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I'm sure this can only further my efforts.

When I'm looking for tales to read on this website, I deliberately pick those lacking any reviews. Not to be the first to write one, mind you. Rather, I firmly believe that any story that has been written and published deserves to be recognized and openly critiqued. How are authors to improve if nobody is telling them as to whether or not their tales are appreciable? And is it not the artist's wish to receive feedback in respect to their work? Hence, I choose to critique those that have yet to be critiqued and along the way I discover marvellous gems of striking caliginosity.

Anyway, I hope, dear visitor, you will take the time to plow through my work, reviewing it as you go along. I would be elated to receive more feedback in regards to my writings. So hesitate not and start writing!

I am also a member of the Fandom Wiki community, mostly active in the Elder Scrolls Fandom. I have started writing my fiction there, and so I am also always publishing my works there first. Find me under the name 'Powersocke Prime'.

I do also publish my work elsewhere yet. Most recently I fired up my old DeviantArt account to have another media outlet for my work. Albeit recognition from over there is next to nonexistent, I do upload my stories over there anyways. Find me under the name 'Graumacht'.

Still another place where you can stumble upon my tales would be The Sky Forge after this platform had been recommended to me by Curse who holds a high position on that website. Find me under the name 'Powersocke Prime'.

My stories are divided into two paths: The Purple Path and the Red Path (as of yet).

The Purple Path is made up of two story arch's; The Necromancer Cycle and The Yloren Cycle. The Necromancer Cycle is an assortment of stories telling of the events revolving around the titular necromancer, the true name of whom we don't know (yet). He is a vile individual, albeit led into darkness by a noble purpose.

The Yloren Cycle, on the other hand, tells of the events around the Necromancer Cycle that either precede his advent or iterate upon details that aren't explained in full during the Necromancer Cycle.

The Red Path is composed of the Tales of Darkness series. Albeit on here not declared as such. This series includes tales such as 'Shape Your Flesh' or 'The Red Hand'. And although these stories are in themselves completed storylines, they're connected to each other in a vague way through hints and references.

Likewise, both paths are intertwining through such hints and references throughout the tales, all of them playing out in the same universe at different points in time, leading up to grievous events of catastrophical proportion. But in due time.

As a closing remark, I do hope you will concern yourself with my writings. It would make my day.

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Shape Your Flesh - Episode III: The Three Seals of the Apocalypse reviews
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When they first came back from the stars, they found a lone girl walking naked and helpless through the wilderness. She was cast out for defying her village's religion. In a curious turn of fate, that which came from the heavens imparted its knowledge unto her.
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The Price of Discovery reviews
Swiper the Fox, sworn nemesis of Dora the Explorer, is fed up with her ruining his schemes. In response, he devised an intricate plan to steal a priceless artifact from Dora's mother. But when this artifact gets reclaimed, unforeseeable consequences ensue and grim events take place that Swiper had not accounted for.
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Part III of the Necromancer Cycle. These are three very small stories, divided into acts, telling of the different stages of cruelty that befall all who, to their misfortune, come into contact with the dreaded Necromancer whom these tales are about.
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In the Depths of Madness reviews
Part II of the Necromancer Cycle. Rhodulf Ironstaff, of the Ironstaff lineage, inherited the gift of magicka at an early age. When he resolved to join the College of Winterhold, he met with a kindred spirit. This person would thenceforth be Rhodulf's companion. But soon, it will turn out that there is something darker within his soul than the first impression might have suggested.
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Abada reviews
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