Dark Dragon of Amaterasu
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Hey, everyone. Notice anything different? Yes, folks. I gutted the profile to lower the overall clutter on your screens. Don't worry: I cut/pasted the old profile into a Word Document on my Flash Drive, so I still have the ideas saved. However, I figured if I'm gonna get back into this, I have to clear out my profile of the clutter to make it easier to look at. I'll reserve the profile for possible scheduling and info about myself from this point forward. Thank you.

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Death Note Fanfic: A Death Note arc that takes place 10 Years after the "C-Kira" case. After the public backlash of Near's method of dealing with C-Kira, the Japanese Police Force struggle between maintaining trust with the public and shutting out their main weapon against crime. Meanwhile, things begin to turn fishy in the Kanto region of Japan as, one by one, criminals begin to drop like flies due to various causes. No one thinks anything of it...except for the one man whom no one has faith in anymore.

First Chapter: TBA

Progress Update: I got plenty of ideas on how this fic should go (As well as permission to use an idea that someone else used, whom I will be crediting in the fic itself), but I need to work out the body of the fic. I have a beginning and an ending in mind, but the middle remains foggy. We'll see what comes of it.

Update: Now that my schedule has cleared a bit, I can get to work on this fic in earnest! Expect another update within the month!

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