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To Those Who read This,

All you need to know is that I like anime (mostly Digimon and Naruto)!

Well there are the few couple I would support until I'm dead and buried.


Tai and Sora (Taiora)- They just go together, ever since the Earthquake of MetalGreymon episode. I was like nine years old and I could tell they were going to be together.

Takuya and Zoe/Izumi (Takumi)- They are a cute couple, even when they fought with each other in the beginning.


Naruto and Sakura (NaruSaku)- Naruto does almost everything to protect her, and I enjoy it when she calls him a knucklehead. You just know they'll end up together.

I like and support other couples but these are my main three.

I also forgot to mention I LOVE NCIS. The show is just the pinicle of AWSOME! I even incorporate the Gibbs slap into my everyday life. My friends can do stupid things sometimes.

News from me- I'm now starting work on a new story (shock of shocks). I plan on a sequel to "The Courage to Face the Darkness". It will probably be terrible because I have low self esteem. But enough about me. Hope I'm able to upload it soon.

More News- I am still among the living and have managed to write up and post Chapter 4 of my sequel. It's called "Hope in All That is Darkness". It's good to be back and it's better when my work is read.

I am also planning on writing up a crossover story with my two favorite shows: Digimon and NCIS. I doubt i'll start it for a while though. People... You'll have to be patient.

That's all for now.

Enjoy or Hate what I come up with,


P.S.- You can e-mail questions to me. I just might not send replies right away (My computer is really slow).

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Hope in All That is Darkness reviews
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