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Author has written 8 stories for Newsies, American Gods, Harry Potter, Twilight, and Heroes.

The Basics

Name: Claire

Aliases: Trignifty, Trig, Triggy

Birthday: April 6

Location: You shall never know

The Girl

So, what to say about me? As noted above, my name is Claire, and NO ONE is ever allowed to call me Claire Bear (except my Dad that is). I’m 15 years old and a Sophomore in high school, and no, do not ask me what school it is, for you shall never know. I play soccer and am on the Varsity basketball team, so athletics take up a large amount of my time, along with playing oboe in the school band. If I could I would participate in drama and choir, but unfortunately basketball dominates what I can and cannot do. But, despite this I’m able to create time for writing, my secret hobby. I have been Roleplaying since I was thirteen and writing fanfiction and my own fiction for as long as I can remember.

Newsies, my first love, is what most of my stories on this account so far are dedicated to. My first fic on here was the classic time travel story, with a sappy ending, though I did make it a little bit sad and out of the ordinary and managed to save it from being doomed to the Mary Sue lovers. After that I decided to write better pieces of work that did not involve cheesy time travel and wrote two more stories in the Newsies fandom, my favorite of which is Amazing Grace, the tale of a blind girl growing up in New York City.

Currently I am working on a story titled A Thing Called a Star, a Stardust fic, based in Stormhold about 1000 years after the tale of Tristan and Yvaine. It is the story of Kara, a young star raised as a human who embarks on an epic journey to save all of Stormhold from King Addanc, a wicked sorcerer who has been collecting stars for the past hundred years to remain alive. With her is her childhood friend David, and they are eventually joined by the strong willed and mysterious Madeline, who’s mother was taken captive by King Addanc when she was very young. Needless to say it will be a great undertaking, but one that I am incredibly excited about, and I am sure that you shall all enjoy it as well.

The Stories

The First Year;; Harry Potter//Mystery/Friendship// Incomplete

A Thing Called a Star;; Stardust // Adventure/Fantasy // On hiatus

So That’s What They Call a Family;; Newsies // Humor/Romance // On hiatus

Amazing Grace;; Newsies // General // Complete

Past the Barrier;; Newsies // General // Complete

The Fandoms

Harry Potter

Hermione/Ron: Hey, it is canon, and they are pretty cute together I must say

Hermione/Draco: I LOVE this pairing. Seriously, it’s great, they make for amusing fics that always make you go awwww at the end, which I love.

Hermione/Harry: Sorry, nope.

Harry/Ginny: They’re cute, lovable, and canon, which are all great, and though it is not a fandom that I will typically write, they are some of my favorite to read.

James/Lily: The classic fairy tale couple, you have to love them

Snape/Anybody: Sorry, but no

The Weasley Twins/Hermione: I love this pairing, especially the cute fluffy one shots, for one thing they are so funny together because Fred and George have no regard for any rules whatsoever and Hermione is little Miss Rulebook, tee hee, they make me laugh.

High School Musical

Ryan/Gabriella: As much as I hate to say it, I love this pairing and it’s a shame that they never really got together, but whatever.

Troy/Gabriella: Frankly, I don’t like them very much, it’s too much of a cliché I guess, the hot basketball star and the little honors student, but that may just be me.

Troy/Sharpay: I prefer Gabriella but hey, whatever floats your boat

Chad/Taylor: I don’t pay much attention to them, but they’re cute enough

Chad/Gabriella: This is a pairing that really makes me go awwwww, I have no idea why, it just does haha

Lord of the Rings

Arwen/Aragorn: It’s one of those pairings that you have to love, honestly, how couldn’t you love the elven princess and the king to be?

Eowyn/Aragorn: I love this pairing but only in short fics or one shots, I have no idea why, maybe I just don’t have the patience

Eowyn/Faramir: This is a pairing that just makes me go “awwww” every time I read it, especially if it is well written.

Legolas/Anyone: Sorry, but unless it is an extraordinarily amazing fic then I’m not going to waste my time on it, usually they’re just written by crazed fan girls anyway.

Eomer/Anyone: Yes! Eomer is great, and when put into a well-written romance fic he’s even greater, so yes, Eomer = amazingness

Any story about the elves: I know that this isn’t a paring, but I love the stories of the Elder People, they are so elegant in the way they live in their forest homes, just one of the reasons why I have come to love the universe that Tolkien has created so much.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Frankly, I don’t like romance fics in this fandom, any other sort of story is fine. I believe that C.S. Lewis created Narnia as a place for adventure and a place of legend, not for sappy romance stories, and I intend to respect that.


Peter/Claire: OMGOMGOMGOMG, this pairing makes me squeal like a fan girl EVERY SINGLE TIME (as long as it's well written XD) But seriously? Heroes is retarded for making Peter Claire's uncle, they'd be a fantastic pairing, like whoah.

Sylar/Anyone: NOOOOOOO! Crazy psychopathic killer? I don't think so!

Mohinder/Anyone: Okay, Eden might work, but other than that? No. I like Mohinder well enough, he's cute and lovable but whenever someone writes a Mohinder romance fic it usually has me pulling my hair out from annoyance.

Peter/Elle: This is one of the only other Heroes fandoms that I actually like. I love Elle and when it's written well, Peter/Elle can be epic

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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A large fire was blazing in the hearth and her father was talking with a strange man. When she entered the room, he stopped talking and looked up at her, standing up, he gave her a nod of gretting. "Ah, Miss Brillare, do sit down, we have much to discuss"
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First, despite the title this is NOT a religious fic, the hymn just went super well with the story so I borrowed the title. Ok, with that out of the way the summary: She lived in New York, and she was blind, but it hadn't always been that way...
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