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Hello everybodyyyy=D

This is my profile, for those of you that didn't get that, and my name is May-Linn, weirdly enough...

I'm Norwegian, just moved away from a booooring place called Svalbard (practically at the north-pole) and I'm currently working as a housekeeper/chambermaid of all things... Dunno how the H I ended up as something like that, but at least it's only temporary...

oh and now i got the date i'm quitting!! 4th of August! Mark that day guys, i'm a free girl!!

Well... uhm... what to write...

Yay, got it; ANIME!!!

Series I LOVE:



Death Note

Flame of Recca (did anyone other than me notice some simulairities between Recca and Shuichi from Gravitation?)

Yu Yu Hakusho (you know what? me and my friend watched the whole serie (112 eps) before we figured out that YYH meant The poltergeist report. Aha, so THAT'S why the opening said Yu Yu Hakusho - The poltergeist report...XD)

Samurai Deeper Kyo


Shaman King (The ending sucked though)

Hikaru no Go

Mirage of Blaze

And too many Yaoi OVAs to mention...

I DO like more series, but I just don't remember them right now...

Manga I read:

Gravitation (they released the first seven books, then they decided that it wasn't popular enough, so they stopped it!!! THAT'S A CRIME, I'M SURE OF IT!!!)

Yu-Gi-OH! (well, they came a bit further with this one. stopped after the 10th book...)

Vampire Game (Yet another series they stopped. WHY doesn't Norwegian people read manga???)

One Piece

Blade of the Immortal (in Norwegian it's translated to "Den udødelige Blade" meaning "The immortal Blade" (Blade as in a name) Weird, because the main character, the immortal one, is named Manji...XD)

Dragon Ball

Inu Yasha


Samurai Deeper Kyo (on "break". meaning they won't release any books for a year...)

Hellsing (this one is on break too...)

Kare First Love (Guess what? on break... Mangismo - the company that's releasing most of the manga in Norway - almost went bankrupt, that's why so many series have been stopped or paused :'( not fair...)

Gakuen Heaven (it's only one book and it's totally different from the anime, but I like it =) )

Love Hina (dunno why I'm still reading it, don't really like it, but I have to take whatever I can get I guess...)

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (finished)

The Demon Ororon (finished) (The Norwegian name is "The Devil Ororon". Don't really get the point of that "translation"...)

Demon Diary (finished)

Princess Ai (finished) (The ending made me CRYYY!!!)

Chrono Crusade

Shaman King

Naruto (I'm hoping the Manga is better than the anime, the anime got kinda boring after a while)

And a lot of Yaoi books...

At the moment my best friend Eirin (endlessly ) is trying to writhe a PoT fic called Something Shakespearish, and I'm trying to beta her. I'd say we're diong a rather good job, hehehe, I like it at least...


And that's all folks..

At least for now...

Love May-Linn =)

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