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Name: HotThang84, der, I have a real name but I'm not gonna say it

Age: 13 and luvin' it

Gender: Female and luvin' it!

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 140 (I'm going to lose weight soon hopefully)

Status: Single and hatin' it .

Hair Color: Brown with a little red in it, I would dye it blonde but it would turn all the way orange...

Religion: Catholic but not baptized. Just because of family reasons, don't ask why.

Eye Color: Brown

Vision: Sucks, I wear glasses I want contacts tho or Laser Corrective Surgrey .

School Range: Middle School, 7th Grade

Prep, Emo or Skater: Borderline Emo and a soon to be skater

Gay, Bi or Straight: Straight

Ever Flunked/Got Held Back: No

Secret Shames: I eat too many Cool Ranch Doritos, I love chicken a little too much and I use lyrics from the internet

YouTube: Heck yeah! I have tons of videos xD (not uploaded, just ones i look up)

MySpace: Yes!

Turn-ons: Shopping, biking, rap, TV, computers, this website, designer clothing, comedy movies (those roc), P.D.A YouTube, MySpace and poetry

Turn-offs: Poor hygine, porn (that's for a--holes and pervs), peopling invading my personal life, my dad's annoying jokes and horror films

People I like: Sk8er boys, hot guys around my age, celebrities, Usher, Nelly, Eminem, the Wayans Brothers, Beavis and Butthead, Hank Hill, Homer Simpson, Frankie Muniz, Christopher Masterson (he's hot xD), Stuart Larkin (from Mad TV), Lorraine (also from Mad TV), Chef (from South Park), Kenny (from South Park) Dave Chapelle, Carlos Mencia, my crush (der), Prince, Stan Marsh and Cartman (both from South Park)

People I dislike: Perverts, dillholes (that's Butthead's way of saying something really bad), bitchy snobs at my school who say my stuff sucks, T.I., hippies, Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Nixon.

My homies are: Aubree, Krystan, and my TiVo LOL xD

I wish I had: my own computer, South Park on DVD, straight hair and a sexy face and body of mine...

TV shows I :

Malcolm in the Middle

The Simpsons

King of the Hill

South Park

Sanford and Son

Good Times

The Wayans Brothers

Jerry Springer

Mind of Mencia

Chapelle's Show (sometimes)

OK, enough about my personal stuff, here's about my FanFic work so far...

Here's all the FanFic updates:

Books officially done in...

South Park Category...

Gold Digger

Bebe Likes Stan

Cartman Changes

Liane Cartman and Randy Marsh: Love?

High School Life for South Park

A South Park Love Triangle

I am currently working on a King of the Hill FanFic entitled "Dale's Secret" and 1 or 2 more chapters are ahead, a South Park FanFic revolving around Cartman (kind of sad), A Young and The Restless FanFic and maybe a Simpsons one depending if I have time during the school year, damn homework . .

If you want more dirt on these stories SECRETLY, don't hesitate to send me an email or PM. I'm going to update after I work on a FanFic, which I hoping to work on this month. Keep in touch!



P.S. I just recently signed up for MySpace and send me a message there. My display name is Angel222.

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