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About ourselves:

We are Christmas elves. That is to say, enslaved by Santa Claus. Both of us are living proof that not all pointy-eared elves that are good at archery, tall, and fast are those from Eragon and LOTR.

About Vicky Lu-

Aliases (bear in mind none of these are remotely like my real name): Aaka, Werewolf, Isabelle, Artemis, Mad Violist II, Lady of the Lake, Mad Archer, and Sis Mingo.

What I like to do/am good at: Running (x-country, long sprints), training dogs, math, archery (best in camp!), canoeing, sketching, pastel work, and playing viola.

Random things I like: Anything Agatha Christie, books by Ray Bradbury and Tamora Pierce, hiking, the woods, cedar trees, the Wind, classical music, animals, Autumn.

What I suck at (as written by Ermiene): Cooking (she can't cook without a disaster), sewing, watercolor painting, and anything to do with computers.

Random fact (as written by Ermiene): Whenever she ties her shoes, something falls on her/below her/hits her etc. She's lucky for her reflexes...

Vicky Lu beta reads and sometimes coauthors for JedimasterSheelal. She is most often put in charge of the battle scenes. Both the Where the Stars are Strange and Crimson Roses have some Vicky Lu writing in them. Vicky Lu admits to having never read LOTR before writing in Stars, or seeing more than a few YouTube clips of Keroro Gunso before contributing to Roses. Many people must now be thinking, "So that's why it seemed so odd in places..." She has helped choose titles for fics, such as Crimson Roses.

About Ermiene-

Aliases: Lady Elka, Sis Elka, Sasquatch, Tuki, Troll, Werewolf, and Brownie Fiend.

What I like to do/am good at: Cross country and long distance, riding, chemistry, archery, pen and ink, and playing viola.

Random things I like: Hiking, cold weather, sledding, reading, dogwood trees, feathers, jazz and classical, and mustelids.

What I suck at (as written by Vicky Lu): Being nice, sprinting, diving, and not being a tyrant.

Random fact (as written by Vicky Lu): Is a mind reader, but has a major brownie/anything chocolate obsession.

Ermiene betas as well, though not as much as Vicky Lu.

And best of all: The ever famous politician mantra: I didn't do it and I'll never do it again.

If you think copying "stuff" into your profile is ridiculous, don't copy this into yours.

So, Vicky Lu finally put up her first ever fanfiction. She'll admit she picked an easy topic, but that's X-mas Elf nature for you. We always take the easiest trail up the mountain.

-Vicky Lu and Ermiene

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