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UPDATE: Tumblr URL - kalyn19.tumblr.com -- Check for updates on my stories

Hi guys! I miss the fandom and all its creative writers! So sorry, but it looks like I will not be able to finish my works on here, so I may just edit the last chapters of these to give them a pseudo-proper ending.

Hello everyone! My name is Kalyn (duh) and I am from the Philippines! Proud to be Pinay, as they say. Although I am proud of my nationality, our language isn't one of my strong points. You could say it's my weakest. (hehe) I was raised in an English-speaking household, so there goes my first language. I've watched Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel all throughout my childhood. I went to private schools where English was strictly enforced.

So enough about why I'm better at English than Filipino. I bet you came here to look for some of my stories. Thank you so much for taking the time to read them! Seriously, literature is nothing if it is not shared. Anyway, they're at the furthest bottom of this page. So scroll away, unless you want to kill a few minutes and read my profile.

I got in to fanfiction way back on the summer of my second year at high school. I'm now a sophomore college student currently studying in UP Diliman in the BS Architecture program.

I have no idea on how I'm supposed to describe my love life right now.

I like chocolate. I am a total chocoholic.

I was raised by my ever-loving Great Grandfather and my maternal Grandparents. May their blessed souls rest in peace and harmony in Heaven with God.

I love my Mom and my Mom loves me. She is one of my best friends.

My siblings and I are very close, as well. I love them to bits.

My cousins are fun to be around with. Our daily dialog can sometimes be mistaken for a script from a comedy sitcom.

I only drink in the presence of my mother. And no, she doesn't restrict me. She encourages me to try it but I mostly refuse. I don't need alcohol.

So have fun guessing my approximate age.


My Art Studies teacher told me that chronological age is a bunch of rubbish. You are as old as you feel. Period.

Okay... now what?

On to my favorites? :D


- Thriller/Suspense (a MUST when I look for something to read)

- Romance (yes, I'm a girl. Get over it.)

- Humor/Comedy (preferably comes with the romance)

- Drama (when I'm in those moods)

A story with most or all of these qualities are the BEST books for me. If you have any in mind please tell me!


- Buchanan Series by Julie Garwood

- Scarecrow Series by Matthew Reilly (my boyfriend and I love his works)

- Digital Fortress by Dan Brown (made me want to be a cryptographer and study European languages at the same time)

- The Alchemyst Series by Michael Scott


- Fushigi Yuugi (Nuriko!)

- Gakuen Alice (it brought me here)

- Cardcaptor Sakura (Always and Forever)

- I used to love these alot... but now I have trouble remembering their titles. Haha.


- Avatar: The Last Airbender (it's what made me try my hand at writing fanfiction)

- I'm a cartoon loving chick, but I am at a loss of words or titles. Blame my (gasp) maturing environment and the 'new' television.


- iCarly (made me want to write again somehow)

- Glee (kind of a late gleek)

Just for the sake of it, and because I am procrastinating, I shall answer this fan-survey.

An iCarly Survey

What's Your Favorite Episode?

Probably iHave My Principals.

Have you put any of the episodes on your iPod?

Don't have an iPod, but I tried putting it on my phone once.

Who introduced you to the show?

The big flat shiny thing called the Bravia. It's our television set.

Did you watch the sneak preview of the first episode when it came on TV?

The promo? Yeah.

What do you predict for the characters in the future?

I seriously have no idea. But I love Dan Schneider. He made the shows I grew up watching. I trust him enough to take me on the roller coaster ride.

Who's your favorite character?

Carly Shay. My friends say I act like her sometimes. When I sing, they say we sort of have the same voice. They even went as far as saying I kind of look like her.

But anyway, I like her character a lot.

Who's your favorite girl?

Even though Carly's my favorite character, my favorite girl is Sam. She just makes you feel sorta proud you're a girl and you can do stuff like that.

Who's your favorite guy?

Spence in the first season, Freddie in the latter. I don't like Spencer's hair in the third season. It reminded me too much of my cousin. Haha.

What's your favorite lines from one of the episodes?

Hmm... let me think...

Freddie: Why are you so obsessed with fat priests?

Sam: I am not obsessed with fat priests. Just the fattest one. The chubby ones mean nothing to me.

What's your favorite Seddie moment (other than the kiss)?

Seddie (pretends not to know that term) In my favorite episode, when Sam needed to punch something and Freddie, knowing full well what he was getting in to, volunteered as her punching bag. Friendship (and hidden romance) bliss.

What's your favorite Spencer and Sam moment?

When they were doing windmills. Can't forget a scene like that.

What's your favorite moment between Carly and Sam?

In iPilot:

Sam: ...That's why you're my best friend!

Carly: Good to know. Now why are you mine?

Hilarious. Reminds me of how my best friends and I talk (most of) sometimes.

What's your favorite argument between any of the characters?

Probably whenever Sam and Freddie fought. Haha.

Which episode title is your favorite?

iHave My Principals. I love it, maybe because I like the plot and how, when spoken, it has different meanings.

Is this one of your favorite shows?

Yeah, sorta kinda maybe.

Seddie or Creddie?

Seddie. I'm all for the love/hate comedy relationship. I don't mind Creddie, it's okay. But i prefer Carly with Griffin. No. Joke.

Season 1 or Season 2?

Season 2. More character development.

Sam with Spencer or Jonah?

I'd rather pick Sam with Spencer in a comedic-brother/sister-or-father/daughter-friendship.

Were you more excited for iGo To Japan or iDate A Bad Boy?

iDate A Bad Boy! Like I said, I'm sort of like Carly, so bad boys make my saliva glands a bit overreactive.

Are you more excited for Season Two on DVD or iFight Shelby Marx?

Neither I guess. I'm not obsessive.

iTwins or iMust Have Locker 239?

iMust have Locker 239. It's funny.

Who do you want to see Freddie with: Sam or Carly?

Sam[antha] Puckett-soon-to-be-Benson

Sam or Carly?


Carly or Freddie?


Sam or Spencer?


Spencer or Freddie?


Jonah or Pete?

Who's Pete? =)) (remembers a Fairly Oddparents scene)

Tureen or Wendy?


Sam or Freddie?


Granddad or Mrs. Benson?

Mrs. Benson's appearances are too funny to go unaccounted for.

Griffin or Jake?


Griffin or Freddie?

This is HARD! Freddie!

Carly or Spencer?


Ms. Briggs or Mr. Howard?

Ms. Briggs is way more tolerable.

Nevel or Mandy?

Nevel. If it was up to me I would have shipped Mandy off to Pluto. But then again, no PLANET deserves that.

Nevel or Tureen?


Who's the better guest star: Emmett the eating kid or Chuck, the delivery man with no personality?

Chuck. The scene "Now he has a personality" cracked me up.

The girls on the show or the guys?

Both actually. But then again, I'm a girl.

How did you first hear of the movie events?

No idea actually. Haha. Just watched them as they go.

Are you excited for iFight Shelby Marx?

I sort of wasn't. Not in to fighting.

What do you think of the casting on the show?


Do any of your friends watch it?

Some, I guess.

Do you think it will run a long time?

Hopefully. One of the last of the good shows I watch.

What episode did you like Sam the best?

I was really proud of her in iKiss.

How about Freddie's?

The one when he gave his cruise to Missy Robinson because he didn't like seeing Sam upset. THat or he was guilty for not trusting her in the first place.

What about Carly's?

iGet Pranky? Haha.

And Spencer's?

iHeart Art?

Which character would you meet in person?

Carly. I like her character alot.

Which actress would you meet in person?

Jenette McCurdy

Which actor would you meet in person?

Jerry Trainor

List twelve of your favorite characters from your fandom, in no particular order.

1. Spencer

2. Carly

3. Sam

4. Freddie

5. Griffin

6. Gibby

7. Guppy

8. Mrs. Benson

9. Lewbert

10. Granddad

11. Wendy

12. Pam Puckett

1. Have you ever read a Six/Eleven fic? Do you want to?

Gibby/Wendy. Hmm. Interesting. Nope. But maybe if it exists.

2. Do you think Four is hot? How hot?

Freddie. Oh yes. He's very attractive to me now. But as I said, I have a boyfriend. And Freddie is squat to my man.

3. What would happen if Twelve got Eight pregnant?

Pam/Mrs.Benson. I would go nuts.

4.Can you recall any fics about Nine?

Lewbert. Honest to Gosh no. =))

5. Would Two and Six make a good couple?

Carly/Gibby. Cibby! They say maybe. But Seddie shippers usually ship it so they can square the quad.

6. Five/Nine or Five/Ten? Why?

Griffin with Lewbert/Granddad. Hmm. NEITHER. JUST BECAUSE.

7. What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve making out?

Guppy/Carly/Pam. Since he's innocent, he'll just greet 'Happy Birthday!'

8. Make up a summary for a Three/Ten fic.

Sam/Granddad. iHostile: Sam's POV. He almost took away my best friend. Almost closed that door on the friendship that unknowingly changed my life. But that was years ago... so why is my hostility still there?

9. Is there any such thing as One/Eight fluff?

Spencer/Mrs.Benson. I hope not. Their partnership in iChristmas was more than I can handle.

10. Suggest a title for a Seven/Twelve hurt/comfort fic.

Guppy/Pam. Refer to number 7. Guppy's POV. I have an irrational fear of walking into living rooms with closed lights. It shouldn't have bothered me. It wouldn't have, had I not seen that woman again.

11. Does anyone on your friends list read Three yet?

Sam. Of course! Friends from Fanfiction!

12. Does anyone on your friends list write or draw Eleven?

Wendy? No idea. Maybe as a minor character.

13. Would anyone on your friends list write Two/Four/Five?

Freddie/Carly/Griffin. I'm my friend. Can I write it? I want!

14. If you wrote a Song-fic about Eight, what song would you choose?

Mrs.Benson. I don't know what song. But it's gonna be her struggle as a loving and over-the-top mother.

15. If you wrote a One/Six/Twelve fic, what would the warning be?

Spencer/Gibby/Pam Their thoughts on a certain curly blonde. Warning: Language and themes may not be appropriate for children.

16. When was the last time you read a fic about Five?

A long time ago, I guess.

17. "(1) and (7) are in a happy relationship until (9) runs off with (7). (1), brokenhearted, has a hot one-night stand with (11) and a brief unhappy affair with (6), then follows the wise advice of (5) and finds true love with (2).

Spencer and Guppy are in a happy relationship (camping) until Lewbert runs off with Guppy (kidnap!). Spencer, brokenhearted, has a hot one-night-stand with Wendy (illegal) and a brief unhappy affair with Gibby (camping), then follows the wise advice of Grififn and finds his true love with Carly.

Gee, Spence, good luck with life.


hello to all the fanfiction-ers here!

thank you for having the time to read my profile

so, here's a little about myself

(profile under construction)

okay, so it's 37 asterisks and counting (as of 11/15/10) ... if you're wondering what this means, then please read Look.

please don't forget to read the A/N at the end, thanks!

bangs head on keyboard

If you're all probably wondering why the number of faves in your oneshots decreased and you know i faved it i'm terribly sorry... this is the stupidest thing i have ever done

bangs head on keyboard

I thunk REMOVED thunk THE thunk STORIES thunk ON thunk THE thunk LIST thunk THINKING thunk HEY HOW COME I ALERTED ONESHOTS? thunk WHEN thunk I thunk SCROLLED thunk UP thunk I thunk SAW thunk IT thunk WASN"T thunk ALERTS thunk BUT big thunk FAVES!

I'm kalyn19, and i bet you're wondering why the hell did i delete my stories...

mostly because...

they had flames... every one of them, so i deleted it and will post it again... someday...


I WILL MAKE ONE OF Gakuen Alice!

Season 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender takes alot of my time and it kind of takes out my confidence to update because people will compare it to season 3 and everything...

i'm proud to be a Filipina (yes, which means i'm from the Philippines)

and i won't reveal any more than that because people are slowly knowing my real identity (gasp!)

MeMoRaBlE MoMeNtS with Cannabis (me) Sativa, and Mary Jane.

Just memorable, if I typed everything down, I promise you’re head will pop of laughter.


After THE first time pressured quiz in botany. (yeah, you read right, and no, we’re not college, we’re in a school for the gifted… or special… :P in our first week)

Cannabis (me): Did you find difficulty in the test?

Sativa: (sarcastically) No, you think?

Both: (dumps notebook on floor)

Mary Jane: (enters scene with a notebook, scribbling something secretly)

Me: I CANNOT BELIEVE she asked the scientific names of the specimens!

Sativa: (lazes eyes) It was in the reviewer.

Me: (shrugs) That’s why I never knew…

Sativa: (completely gets the fact I don’t review)

Me: Hey… (pulls Sativa close to whisper) Do you know Cannabis sativa?

Sativa: (laughs hysterically) No duh! (she’s a smarty pants)

Me: (grins evilly) Let the games begin…

Sativa: (sees Mary Jane scribbling something in a corner) Hey, do you know Cannabis sativa?

Mary Jane: (looks up from notebook, covers it with hand.) Ha?

Sativa: (chuckles) you know…

Mary Jane: (eyes widen) Ah, ahh! (give you a cookie if you know)

Sativa and me: (laugh then sits down beside Mary Jane)

Me: Let’s see if anybody else knows about said scientific name…

Sativa: (grins evilly)

Mary Jane: (glances at me from notebook and smiles, a big, teeth showing, happy smile)

Me: (calls other classmate pass by) Hey, you want Cannabis sativa?

CLSSMTE#1: (shrugs) Sure.

Me, Sativa and Mary Jane: (look at each other and then pause for a while) (can’t take it, LAUGH OUR HEAD OFF!)

CLSSMTE#1: (gives us weird look and walks away)

Me, Sativa and Mary Jane: (still laughing our heads off)

EVERYBODY: (stops what their doing to look at us weirdly.)

Me, Sativa and Mary Jane: (still laughing our heads off)

Another guy passes by…

Sativa: another victim… Hey there! You want Cannabis Sativa?

CLSSMTE#2: (walks away, creep-ed out.)

Me and Sativa: (starts laughing our heads off)

Mary Jane: (starts scribbling back in her notebook)

So many have passed and been laughed with, or at.

Class president: (yeah she’s a GIRL) (leans back and rests on Sativa’s lap) Are you people crazy? Risasis sativa is RICE!

Me and Sativa: (looks at each other and blink, then laugh our head off)

Class president: (gives us confused and scared looks, her gang looks at us, then they did the same) Are you high on drugs? (then scoots farther away)

Me and Sativa: (still laughing our heads off.)

Sativa: (reaches out for Mary Jane, still laughing. She reached Mary Jane’s shoulder.)

Mary Jane: (Looks up and hides her notebook. She looks up at us with big black eyes and a grin that’s very wide) Ha? What happened?

Me: (holds stomach in laughter)

Sativa: (panting from laughter, grabs Mary Jane’s ear, making her lean forward, and whispers) Class president said we were talking about rice… (starts laughing)

Mary Jane: (leans back up) ha? (then starts laughing)

Me: (pants from laughter) we gotta stop that… (panting stops as I hear the bell, which oddly belongs to our botany teacher)

Sativa and Mary Jane stopped as well.

And that was how we met each other… (and a start of a silent agreement as to not get close to us because we sound like we’re high, which we are not.) Scary, huh?


Me: (winks) So, you up for it?

Sativa: I’m definitely going… (smiles evilly)

Mary I: (scribbles in her notebook, as she does ALL DAY)

Me: (tugs Mary Jane) Come on, join us!

Mary I: (looks up, hides her notebook) Ha?

Me: (slaps forehead. Have I mentioned she does that ALL the time?)

Sativa: (threatening) you better come with us or I’ll use your period as the ink of my ballpen!

Me: (stares then laughs hysterically)

Mary I: (smiles BIG then laughs as well)

Sativa: (proud of her accomplishment, laughs as well, but modestly.) What? I’ll really do it!

Elmo (guy) : (big eyes, blushing) THAT made me look…

Now you probably believe the others that we ARE high, which we are not.


Me and Sativa: Ain’t no loving my ma-a-an shu bop shu bop oooh

Ain’t no loving my ma-a-an shu bop shu bop oooh

Me: Ain’t no lo-ovin’

Mary Jane: (looking out in the distance, or on the floor, stalking some ant I guess…)

Me: Hey, Mary Jane, sing with us!

Mary Jane: (still out of this world)

Sativa: (slams Mary Jane’s shoulder) Hey! What’s wrong with you?

Mary Jane: (looks up, shocked) Ha?

Me: (shakes head with grin)

Mary Jane: (looks away, again)

Me: (pulls Sativa closer to whisper) I bet the next time we call her, she’ll respond with a “ha?”

Sativa: (grins then nods)

Me: Hey Mary Jane?!

Mary Jane: (looks up, shocked) Ha?

Me and Sativa: (look at each other, then laugh hysterically)

Mary Jane: (smiles big with a raised brow) Ha? Why?

Me and Sativa: (look at her then laugh while pointing)

Mary Jane: (smiles then just laugh along)

After a few moments of laughing hysterically and people looking at us like we were high, we finally tell her why

Mary Jane: Ha?

Me and Sativa: (laugh hysterically)

Me: From now on, that’s HA?INGITIS.

MJ: hey idiots, what’s happening? (he’s sort of sassy, no wait SASSY is the very definition)

Me, Sativa, and Mary Jane: (look up at him) Ha? (then start laughing)

More coming soon, okay?

The discovery of Fanfiction:

(just so you guys know, I already knew fanfiction even before I enrolled there… this is a shocking announcement)

Me: So, we are really going to your house later to do our project?

Mary jane: (looks up from notebook) ha?

Me: (sighs)

Mary jane: yeah… sure…

At their house:

Me: hey Mary Jane, I’m just going to check on something…

Mary Jane: (nods) Sure.

Me: (opens explorer and types in “www.fanfi” when history appears.) what the?

Mary jane: (eyes widen) ha? No that’s nothing…

Me: You go to fanfiction.net? (shocked)

Mary jane: (covers screen) No!

Me: (sees through cover and start reading) www.fanfiction.net/s/00912323…

Mary Jane: stop!

Me: (continues to scroll down and sees link to users… then sees my id number) shocking…noh? (screams) HOW THE HELL DID YOU KNOW I HAD A FANFICTION ACCOUNT?

Mary jane: (shrugs) yours was easy to find… it had “cannabis sativa mary jane” on it…

Me: (eyes suspicion on Mary Jane) You’re good… (notices not only my id number but many also) hey… wait a second… (eyes widen)

Mary jane: (gulp)

Me: (points finger accusingly and expressions like Sokka) YOU have a FF.net account?!

Mary jane: (wont admit)

After a few minutes of fighting for the keyboard and making her confess, she finally did.

Me: (jaw dropped with SHOCK! I mean come on, HER off all people to have an account… I didn’t know that! We were friends before I knew that… which means… destiny is playing with me!)

Mary jane: (pants) And now you know why I scribble in my notebook so often… that’s where I put my stories (still grinning)

Me: (eyes twitch) You do fic at school?

Mary jane: (shrug)

Me: Okay… that’s enough shock for one day… don’t tell me you also have (says different accounts on different websites)

Mary jane: (smiles like before I knew she had a ff.net account)

Me: (slaps forehead)

Mary Jane: (laughs)

Me: Okay… the only thing now is… what’s your penname?

Mary jane: (runs for the door)

Me: HEY! (runs after)

On the walk home she tells me hints… and all along her penname was SakuraGal-07… she changed it to CuteGurlyGal07 soon after… you should have seen her profile before… it was like “… I live in America and I belong to II- cristi ami” and stuff… (our real section is crisostomo)

And that’s how I knew one of my friend’s secrets that were parallel to mine… (shrug)


We were walking up the stairs… the high stairs…

Me: I HATE gravity!

Mary Jane: (eating) It’s past new year… and you still hate gravity?

Me: Don’t blame me, blame gravity!

Mary Jane and MJ (the guy/gay): (slap forehead)

MJ: So this is all gravity’s fault?

We finally reach the top… (Hallelujah)

Me: Yes! Gravity is always the cause!

MJ: Then is it gravity’s fault Sativa’s boobs are big?

Mary Jane and Me: (laughs but nods)

MJ: (shrug)

We reach the classroom…

Me: Then it’s gravity’s fault Mary Jane’s butt is big, too?

MJ and Me… and Mary Jane: (laugh and nod)

Mary Jane: (grins) Then it’s gravity’s fault why there’s nothing big of Cannabis?

Me: (pouts)

MJ: (laughs hysterically like the evil step sister… I mean brother he is…)

Mary Jane: (laughs mockingly and falls down on chair.)

Me: (pouts bigger)

Sativa: Hey guys! What’s up?

MJ and Mary Jane: (laughs mockingly pointing at me)

Me: Meanie… (childishly)

Sativa: Huh?

MJ: (shouts recent discovery to the world)

Sativa: (stares with big eyes and laugh like hell has taken over)

Everybody in the classroom: (stares at us)

Me: I hate gravity!

Hmph! I still hate gravity!


(my friend Sativa has these oh so corny jokes that will not make you laugh. You know what will? Read on…)

Sativa: Hey guys! (jumps excitedly) I have a cool joke!

Me: (looks up from the book “Drop Dead Gorgeous by Linda Howard) Hmm? (raises eyebrow)

Mary Jane: (looks up from writing in her notebook) Ha?

Me and Sativa: (lazes eyes)

Mary Jane: (grins ever so widely)

Sativa: You wanna hear it or not?

Me and Mary Jane: (shrugs)

Sativa: (clears throat) Okay, so:

There is a rabbit, and a very very fast turtle. They were both wearing sunglasses. Who would win in a race?

Me: (raises brow) What?

Mary Jane: The bunny!

Me: The turtle!

Sativa: Correct! The turtle! (laughs hysterically)

Me and Mary Jane: (raises eyebrow and looks at her like she has rabies) Uh… (starts to laugh cause Sativa’s laughter was so funny)

Random Instant Messages

kalyn 19: Zutara's gonna happen, isn't it?

Random.Gal 930: of course!

kalyn 19: what about Mai? (zutarian side brings out hammer threateningly)

Random.Gal 930: (brings out second hammer)

kalyn 19: okay... okay... she can... marry... Zhao?

(after long pause) kalyn 19: watcha doin?

Random.Gal 930: ZHAO?! ehem..."hello, father...err, i mean sweetheart." lol.

Random.Gal 930: he's old enough?!

(x)kalyn 19: lol! (falls off chair)

Random.Gal 930: i'm still reading rhythm of the rain.

kalyn 19: oh, that's nice... wait, you are?

(referring to x)Random.Gal 930: if i do that, my cousin's laptop will fall off my lap.

kalyn 19: hahaha...

and now please join us (Me, MJ, Sativa and Mary Jane) for our (us) national anhtem...

tone 12 days of christmas

on the first day of fanfic

my teachers gave to us

a failing grade in geometry

on the second day of fanfic

evil teachers gave to us

two hard quizzes

and a failing grade in geometry

on the third day of fanfic

demented teachers gave to us

three carolings

two hard quizzes

and a failing grade in geometry

on the fourth day of fanfic

crazy teachers gave to us

four port folios

three carolings

two hard quizzes

and a failing grade in geometry

on the fifth day of fanfic

rabid teachers gave to us

five spe-ci-mens

four port folios

three carolings

two hard quizzes

and a failing grade in geometry!

to be continued

and now this part is dedicated to all my favorites... in NO particular order... except for the ones marked ...


Avatar: The Last Airbender

- to me it's anime, and it has a nice story line, too!

Cardcaptor Sakura

- who doesn't love this?

Gakuen Alice

- can you blame me?

Fushigi Yuugi

- i've fallen in love with this anime when i was in the 6th grade

Paradise Kiss

- gotta love the fashion! and passion... not so much... but George is cute... hot even...

Tsubasa Chronicle

- this made me cry, it's really a wonderful story that will touch you... poke

that's all i could think of right now


miss independent

- Kelly Clarkson (she's a great gal!)


- Shaina Twain (can you not fall inlove with the songs she sang?)

man! i feel like a woman

- Shaina Twain (it's catchy, and fun)

that's what girls do

- No Secrets (it explains alot)

could it be

- Christina Romano (squee Disney (c) )


- Spice Girls ( i love it)


Avatar the Last Airbender



Ty lee

Toph (duh!)



And now for something comepletely different...

(\/) (")_(")
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If you are a huge Phantom of the Opera phangirl and proud of it, copy and paste this to your profile and add your name to the list; Akira'kitana,kalyn19

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anyway, i AM a zutarian, but since i am also known as the "Shipping Nomad" i still love other ships!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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