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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter.

So… I thought I might actually write a little about myself for anyone interested of knowing. I’m a girl, from Sweden, in an extremely small “town”. The kind of thing where everyone knows everyone so if you don’t know what you’re doing; just ask someone else as they’re bound to know. It sucks really. I have a weird sense of humour, a weird sense of thinking, a weird sense of actually liking something. My mother – dear woman as she is – keeps telling me how proud she is that I’m myself and that I don’t fall for group-pressure. I’m not sure if I agree with her or not, but hey, I read and write Harry Potter Slash so I must stand out from the crowd in some level, right?

Speaking of which, how did this lovely little Iivanainen find her precious little road to HP Fandom then? Well, in March -07 I had a two-week internship. It took an hour by bus to get there so I borrowed Half-Blood Prince in English to give myself a challenge. I had already read Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince in Swedish a few years prior to that.

And, suffice to say, I fell magically in love this amazing universe created by Rowling. After my internship was over, I had a week free from school. I used this week to read the entire series several times over. But I swear, Harry Potter is a drug. When you’ve had a taste of it, you only want more and more. So, I found myself to a Swedish version of HP-lexicon, not quite but there were some similarities. I started working on the site as an editor of some small canon-errors and a translator from English to Swedish.

In the forum there, I found Fan Fictions. What a great way of reading more of this universe not just dealing with the facts, I thought. I read them all there. But it wasn’t enough, I wanted more. So from there I found myself to FanFiction.Se - the site is now down since long ago. And there, amazingly people, I found a story where Draco Malfoy was deeply in love with Harry Potter. It wasn’t finished though, but I loved it so much so I wrote my own ending.

Then I looked up even more of the kind of stories they called Slash. I didn’t find a lot of them there though. So while I continued reading through all the stories on the site, I wrote two stories on the side – one Swedish (Harry/Ginny) and one English (Draco/Ginny). On one of the last stories I read there, I found a link to I was surprised by the notion that I could search for more Slash-stories. So far, only Harry/Draco was the Slash-pairing I knew of. So I read all the Harry/Draco stories there.

It was first when I read The Marks We Bear by Marysia I realised more could be found on other sites. It wasn’t long before I found my way to,,, SilverSnitch. Despite that, only Harry/Draco was the pairing I knew of. Strange, huh?

Then I read my first Dark!Harry story, and ohmyvoldemort what a story. So I cooked up my own Dark!Harry story, where the Dark Lord was Harry’s father. The story was called The Dark Son Arises and posted under the name Ferm_. Then I found my very first Harry/Voldemort story, called Abandon and its sequel Reclaim by Batsutousai. And Family Trait was born. I admit, I abandoned The Dark Son Arises.

After two months, I think, of planning and plotting about Family Trait – and reading Deathly Hallows, of course – I finally started writing. I posted the first chapter in late August -07. Eventually I was astonished by the amount of feedback I got on it, and started posting on other sites such as SilverSnitch, ForeverFandom, HpFandom, and

I always had a big imagination so soon the plot-bunnies kept coming. I have, as off now, over fifteen stories started. Not everyone posted though as most of them are things I just write on when I’m out of ideas on other stories.

Then one might ask, what does Harry Potter mean to me, and what did it give me? I have Harry Potter to thank for making me realise just who I am. I used to think I was an ordinary straight, open-minded Swedish teen who “accepted” homosexuality but didn’t want anything to do with it, least of all know what “happened in the bedroom”. Things have changed since I started reading Half-Blood Prince in English to kill time on long bus rides. Now I’m anything but ordinary, very much gay, ridiculously open-minded Swedish teen who would want nothing more than watch what happens when the curtains are drawn. Big difference a mere year can make, huh?

Suffice to say, I have much to thank Harry Potter for. And the things I appreciate the most, is how my views have evolved through reading anything I find readable – which is to say a lot. How my English has improved greatly through reading and writing the language every day for a year. For all the friends I’ve made through such a simple thing as a common interest in a boy with a too large piece of the world resting on his shoulders. And, of course, for much laughter, tears and simple teenage temper tantrums when the characters don’t do what I want them to. Simply put, Harry Potter means a lot to me and probably always will.

Ask me any 3 questions and I'll answer them truthfully. Put this in your profile and see what people ask. (Really, please ask! I want to know about what you know I know about what you want to know about me.) betcha can't say that 3x fast, 'cause I can't ;)

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