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Author has written 17 stories for Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, Lloyd Alexander, and Hobbit.

Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter! Try again, fail again. Fail better.

Samuel Becket.

I am a storyteller. All my stories are true, and every word a lie.

I am a great fan of Tolkien's books, so you will find me mostly in that section. The LotR-movies I am a bit ambivalent towards; they have some great scenes and the visuals are spectacular, but there are a lot of choices made that I do not agree with. These are mainly the changes made to a lot of the characters, the changes in Aragorn among those that irritated me most. Probably because I like him the most. I particulary missed Andúril, and the scene with Háma where Aragorn refuses to give up his sword - but as he did not have Andúril there in the movies, it would not have made sense. I spent the second half of the first movie scolding Aragorn for leaving his sword behind, and that sort of ruined it for me. After that they had lost me, and never really chaught me again. Sorry, all movie-fans, but swords are importaint. ;-)

Of Silmarillion characters, Húrin Thallion holds my main interest and I wish Tolkien had finished the story of him after his release from Morgoth. Alas, that is not the case. Of the different peoples of Middle-earth, it is the Eorlingas I idetify with most.

Among things about me that might be of interest here, is my profession; I am an oral stroy-teller and that will probably be reflected in my writing and in my reviews. I also ride, and have been for closer to twenty years now, and I got my first horse, a Trakener gelding, seven years ago come November. And I got a young mare about a year ago; a two year old of mixed breeds - her father a pure-bred Lusitano, her mother a mixture of three different breeds. They decided on breeding without consulting the humans...

I ride mainly dresage, and am especially interested in the conection between the classical dresage and mounted combat. I've joined a groop that reserches mounted combat buring the late Middle-ages, but have not been able to participate much. When I do, that may influence my writings.

I've studied History of Ideas, Literature, Drama Theatre, and -- most recent -- Theology.

English is not my first language and I am dyslextic, so I might have some misspellings and grammer-mistakes, but I try to get it right and am not offended but rather thankful if anyone points them out to me.

This Tolkien-quote I find helpful whenever I try to write in Tolkien's world; it helps me remeber to respect the work of the man that created the world and characters we love:

"I should resent perversion of the characters (and do resent it, so far as it appears in this sketch) even more than the spoiling of the plot and scenery." (The Letters of J.R.R Tolkien # 210)

Besides, I totaly agree with it.

I am, unfortunately, a bad reviewer in that I do not review as often as I think I should. When I do review, I try to leave the kind of review I want to receive; namely one that point out things that can be improved if I find that something in the story don't quite work for me. I don't go looking for faults, though, unless the author asks me, so what I comment on will usually be something that pulled me out of the story. That is: it made me remember that I am just reading a story and distracted me from the story itself. I can overlook quite a lot if the story is engaging enough. Please feel free to offer critique if you find anything of the sort in my own stories. I always listen, even if I do not always follow the advice. More often that not I find myself following the advice, though. Or I find another way of solving the problem.

Since it seems like some are confused: I do not post anonymous reviews. If you get one that looks like it is from me, then it is probably a troll who tries to impersonate me.

I find the rhythm and sound of words to be an important part of the way I write, and that sometimes bleed into what I look for when I read as well. I can obsess about rhythm even in my long story, so those times I don't take advice on rephrasing, it is usually because the suggestion messes up my rhythm. It is a flaw I have reconciled myself with.

That said: please let me know if there is any problems, or something strange happening to the format. I usually only use the preview-function to check the stories/chapters, and I have been made aware that it don't always show the same thing as the posted chapter.

For list of names for my story Where the Grass Grows Green, see the bottom of the profile.

I post on some other sites, but this is the most up to date site when it comes to posted stories. I use the same username on them all, and if you come across a Ragnelle, there is a chance that it is me. I don't know whether there are many others that use that name. But my fanfic are so far on these sites:

Mutlifandom sites:Archive of our own (OA3) - most up to date.deviantART - few of the fanfics are up there, but I have some drawings, among them bigger versions of the covers for Where the Grass Grows Green. I will also post sketches I might do for those stories there, but I am not very active. The link to my galleries is:

Tolkien sites:Naice a Nilme (only for stories that include Aragorn or Legolas) - up to date on my stories featuring Aragorn in some way. Have a complete appendix to Where the Grass Grows Green with timeline and character list. I've not included that here in case the site considers it "non-story content". Will be on all other sites when I get far enough along in the posting.Henneth Annûn - This forum no longer exists, and has been been moved to AO3.Teitho (contest site) -only the stories that have competed in that monthly contest are posted there, some of which are not yet posted here.

On this site, you can most often find me at the Writers Anonymous forum (apart from on this profile, when reviewing, etc). It is a general forum, and good for discussing writing.

Update 14/04/2017

No new chapter in sight as of yet, I am sorry to say, but I have finished my education and began a new job, so I hope to be able to finish the next chapter of WGGG as soon as I get settled in at the new place and in the new job. The chapter has been giving be trouble, however, though I have been able to write a bit on later chapters. Just wanted anyone interested to know that I have not disappeared off the face of the earth, even though I have not been able to update in far too long.

Update 13/08/2015

I have finished chapter 15th and sent it to beta, for those who might wonder when the next update will be. It will depend on her work-load, and whether I need to do any rewrites, when it will be posted, but it is written.

Update 24/01/2013

I am very happy that my submission for December's Teitho -- Last Words -- won first place. The story is called "The Scent of Safety" and I hope to post it -- and earlier Teitho-stories I have not had time to edit to my satisfaction -- here oat one point.

Update 17/09/2012

I have now revised and updated all the posted chapters of WGGG: On Bended Knee (except the prologue). The revision of the last chapter has some consequence for the further plot and character development, but the other changes were made to make the story-telling more efficient and the pace a little less crawling. I hope I have managed to improve.

Update 12/6/2012

I have posted the first chapter(s) of Where the Grass Grows Green II: On Bended Knee. The first chapter is but a short teaser/ note from the scribe, which is why I have posted both chapters at once. The note/prologue will, eventually, also be posted in the first book, as it introduces the whole series.

Update 26/5/2012

Book 1 of Where the Grass Grows Green is now complete, and the last chapter posted!

I will, as time allows, go through the first book an clean it up a bit (I have received some corrections I have not had time to fix yet), but my main focus is to get the next book written and posted.

Update 5/1/2012

Where the Grass Grows Green received third place in its category in the MEAFs! I am very happy about that: Thanks to The Lauderdale for nominating me.

Update 29/8/2011

I am planning to record of some of my stories. It is taking some time to get the quality I want, but I'll put the links to the podfics here when I get them posted. First story out is First Sorrow. I have made a trial-reccoding but I want to get some better equipment before the final recording. And Mirach has graciously granted me permission to make a podfic of her Crossroads of Light and Shadow, so I am working on that as well.

Update 22/7/2011

I don't know much about the bombing in Oslo, but I am safe myself. I was not in town when it happened. For those of you who might worry.

Update 25/3/2010

The first chapter in a new AU-story, Where the grass grows green, has been posted. I will try to post monthly. It is a WIP, but I do have the plot planed out and a few chapters written, though they need some polishing up before they can be posted. I hope to be able to keep my schedule this way.

Update 8/2/2010

First Sorrow won first place in the February writing challenge on Can We Talk/ run by Wendwriter. The challenge was "Before the Beginning"

Update 3/1/10

Memories of battle won first place in its category in the MEFAs! I am very happy for that, and I want to thank everyone that reviewed me, and especially Virtuella for nominating me. :D

List of characters for Where the Grass Grows Green:

The list will be updated when further characters of note is added.


I have only included lesser known canon characters here, or characters I have made significant changes to. Writing in italics are changes made due to my story.

Alphros son of Elphir – Imrahil’s grandson and heir.Bergil – the son of Beregond who befriended Pippin. His father helped save Faramir’s life. He escaped with Éomer king when Minas Tirith fell and serves as a scout for the Faithful in Fangorn Forest.Lindir – one of the Elves of Rivendell. He is but briefly mentioned, teasing Bilbo that it is simpossible for Elves to know the difference of the poetry of Hobbits and Men. Now a scout and part of the escort through Fangorn.The Master of Isengard – known as The Mouth of Sauron and the Lieutenant of Barad-dûr. He takes over Isengard and rules Rohan and Dunland from there. Sauron’s chief representative.Targon – quartermaster for Beregorn’s and Pippin’s company, mentioned once. The servant of the mayor of Calembel.

Original characters:

Northern Dúnedain:

Bádon – One of the company following Éomer.Echil – One the company following Éomer.Húrin – chief captain of the rangers in Fangorn. Part of the company following Éomer.Tauron – ranger and tracker. One of the escorts through Fangorn.

Haldor - one of the rangers that followed Halbarad. Captured at the Black Gate. (Book II)Taddal - one of the rangers that followed Halbarad. Captured at the Black Gate. (Book II)Belith - one of the rangers that followed Halbarad. Captured at the Black Gate. (Book II)Durion - one of the rangers that followed Halbarad. Captured at the Black Gate. (Book II)Badhor - one of the rangers that followed Halbarad. Captured at the Black Gate. (Book II)

Southern Dúnedain (Gondor):

Aduiar of Harondor – The Mayor of Calembel. A double agent for the Faithful, known only to Targon, Éomer and GlorfindelAdulas – Borondir’s wife, one of the Faithful in Calembel.Angur – son of the magistrate in Linhir.Asteth – widow that puts Bergil up for the night.Borondir – sentry in Calembel when Éomer arrives. One of the Faithful, husband of Adulas.Belen – apprentice to the blacksmith in Calembel.Bellang – the blacksmith in Calembel.Bragloth – one of the company following Éomer, formerly a Ranger of Ithilien.Échen - small stableboy in Minas Tirith.Gildis – Aduiar’s cook.Gwidor – sentry and enemy spy in Calembel.Golwen son of Gweth– clerk in Minas Tirith. The Faithful’s chief source of information in Minas Tirith.Hardang – Young man they meet on the road, and later in Minas Tirith.Herdis – woman in MT. One of the Faithful.Ingold – innkeeper in Calembel and their main contact there.Ingold – A stableboy in Minas Tirith.Lethril – Woman in MT, one of the Faithful. Got job as servant in the Citadel during the celebrations.Medli – The magistrate of LinhirRodhir - Older stableboy in Minas Tirith.Sedil – the servant-girl of Ingold in Calembel. Spied on the company for Gwidor.

Dúndir - Prisoner in the mine. One of Faron's men. (Book II)Halthar - Prisoner in the mine, former soldier of Gondor. Faron's right-hand man (Book II)Faron - Footsoldier from Dol Amroth, prisoner with Aragorn in the mine (Book II)Nith - Youth of Gondor. Prisoner in the mine (Book II)Thalion - Knight of Dol Amroth, prisoner with Aragorn in the mine (Book II)


Alric – One of the Riders in the company of ÉomerCearl – One of the Riders in the company of Éomer. Sent as errand rider back to FangornFastred – chief scout of the Riders, Éomer’s second in command on the journey. A lesser marshal. Uses the name Thorongil in Minas Tirith.Garr – One of the Riders in the company of ÉomerGrimm - One of the Riders in the company of Éomer

Hengest - Rider captured at the Black Gate, one of the prisoners in the mine (Book II)


Glirthor – scout in the escort through Fangorn. Refugee from Rivendell.


Lit - one of the Dwarven prisoners in the mine. Wife of the Dwarven leader of the Blue Mountains Dwarves. Healer. (Book II)


Ha’jini – Haradrim captain.

Rafa' - Old Haradim healer (Book II)

'Asah - Unnamed in the narrative: Haradrim healer who tends to Aragorn in MT (Book II).

Nagid - Haradrim captain (Book II)

Gorgol - Orc captain (Book II)

Apam - Easterling commander (Book II)

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