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Time to revamp. Ashamed of Merlin's Beard! but I'll leave it for those who actually liked. Apparently there were some who did. Starting to write for Wandmaker's Journey again. Hopefully I've got a more polished style now. No more retarded stuff in the profile.

Rant on Poor Characterization:

I'm sick of how badly people write three of the more interesting characters in Harry Potter: Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, and Ron Weasley. People seem to really hate all three of these characters, and let that bleed into their writing. I can understand that, but what I dislike is changing a fundamental aspect of the characters into something it isn't. Dumbledore is a genius. It doesn't matter if he is a manipulative old coot, a benign grandfatherly old man, or a barmy bat. This should never change. He is shown as one of the greatest wizards of all time, and it's ridiculous to have him repeating stupid errors in judgement over and over. I'm all for writing him as a manipulative a-hole, but if he keeps coming after Harry from one angle (e.g. the greater good) and starts acting like a general retard, it gets annoying. If he's a manipulator, make him a master manipulator, pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Don't write him as a manipulator who goes around obliviating everything he sees, force feeding people potions, and cursing anyone who disagrees with him.

Snape: Snape is never shown to be particularly retarded in the books, so why do people insist on writing him having the brains of a baboon, the magical prowess of an elm tree, and the common sense of a rock? In my opinion, a good Snape is written as a vicious, prejudiced, intelligent, and powerful wizard. An eleven year old Harry should not be blasting him down Diagon Alley (Oh wait... Did I do that? Well now, don't I feel dumb.) Nor should he be mind raping random students and cursing Harry wil-he nil-he.

Ron Weasley: This is probably the worst written character in all of Fanfiction. In the average Harry Potter Fanfiction, Ron is portrayed as some horrifying amalgamation of the following traits: greed, anger, jealousy, stupidity, laziness, poor personal hygiene, prejudice, and hatred. When compared to Ron Weasley in most stories, Hitler looks like Gandhi. In the books, Ron is a fairly steadfast friend. Yes, he "betrayed" Harry in Goblet of Fire, but that was what? Two months in seven years of friendship? Yes, he does it again in Deathly Hallows, but he was under the influence of a mind bending dark artifact and did come back, which was more important than the act of leaving. People somehow go from two blips in seven years of friendship to Ron only wanting to use Harry for his wealth and fame. Yes, he's not a magical genius, but he always seemed to me to be the average Joe of the Wizarding World.

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