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I'm marauder05 and (quite obviously) love Harry Potter! In fact, me and my fellow Harry Potter buddies call ourselves the HPOD club(Harry Potter Obsession Disorder). hmmmm . . . I write about my OCs, (Ella and Sophie) and Fred and George. I just love OCs!! Oh, and I write humor fics. haven't tried my hand at any other genres, but we'll see . . . we'll see . . . oh and yes, I am very aware that my profile is really really really long, so feel free to skip over it and read my fics. The profile isn't that important anyway and just talks about my stories and stuff, which you will know all about . . . if you read them!! so go ahead and READ! :D


Green Ink- this was my first ever attempt at writing anything by myself, that wasn't a poem, or in school. Hope you like it!! Anyways . . . Ella gets sent to the hospital wing by none other than Fred and George (Ella and Sophie's best friends) and (naturally) Sophie is furious, until she gets the letter that is . . . she runs into trouble on her way to deliver the message. trouble like a broken jar of spiders . . .

An Accomplice No More- the twins and the other twins (AKA Ella & Sophie and Fred & George) are back at Hogwarts after Easter Holiday and up to their usual mischief. When Fred tells Sophie that she is just an accomplice to the master-minded Weasley twins, it strikes a nerve. And she will do anything to prove him wrong . . . along with Ella's help (of course!)

Ruffles and Bows- Ella and Sophie are stuck dress shopping, which is bad enough as it is. Even, worse, they have to go with their grandmother who insists upon them becoming "proper ladies" (fat chance!) and treating them as if they were still itty bitty. Sophie is desperate to get out of this afternoon excursion, and calls upon the two who are sure to help her . . .

Undeniably Eight-Legged- look! another story!! yeah, I know I should be working on New York, but hey, when an idea hits you in the face you've just got to take it! anyways . . . this is a true one-shot. no chapters or anything, I promise! oh and it has a new character in it so be ready. no wait, there's two new ones. yay! it was really hard to write a summary for it, so go read the one I have with the story. R & R please!!

New York City Here We Come!- this is my newest fic and yes, it's the one I was working on earlier. I decided to post it chapter by chapter instead of how I normally do it. (it's not a one-shot this time, promise!) Anways, I've got the first chapter up. Enjoy!! Oh, and it's about the trip Ella and Sophie take with Fred and George to New York City. A new character, Elliot Spleckonsmotch, is featured in this fic along with her 2 brothers!! Now you can enjoy. (and I just love reviews!) !NOTICE! This fic is under construction & will be taken down until I rewrite it. It is disappointing me.

Dear Diary . . .- this is a fic is basically Sophie's diary. It's a record of their fourth year at Hogwarts, so it's during OOTP. I'm not sure how to post it, each entry as a new chapter perhaps? Any help with this will be greatly appreciated! !NOTICE! Dear Diary . . . is currently on hiatus (sp?) but will be back as soon as inspiration strikes!

One Last Dance- I was listening to a song by Taylor Swift and suddenly realized what a perfect Sophie/Fred songfic it would make. I'm hoping to write an epilogue adendum for Fred's death and I needed to satisfy my inner cannon side. Read it and you'll know what I mean!


Ella & Sophie- these are the two characters I made up with my best friend pinkkumbrellla while sneaking around my house pretending it was Hogwarts. We took our adventures and wrote a fic about them (Follow the Butterflies)! Ella and Sophie are twins. They also happen to be best friends with Fred and George and total pranksters (it's almost like the marauders all over again!). They're in Ginny's year (several people have asked for this info) and happen to have a bit of a crush on some of her brothers (read & you'll find out which ones!). They're in Ravenclaw . . . and . . . er . . . that's pretty much it.

Fred & George- they are my absolute favorite non-OC characters of all time!! I just love everything about them. they do everything I wish I could. I'm just not that gutsy (sigh). They also find a way to make light of the grimmest sitiuations. (Do you feel saintlike?)

Sirius- he totally rocks. End of story.

Hagrid- has got to be the most loyal character in the whole HP fandom. he's always there, no matter what. He has a heart of gold and can be particualary stubborn, especially when it comes to dangerous creatures. Grawp ring a bell?

Andromeda Tonks- she is so brave. she gave up everything for a love that was forbidden. She is just so amazing. for a totally awesome Andy fic read "A Keen Observer"

Luna- Luna is . . . luna. she is so unique and doesn't give a care about what "everyone" thinks. I just love that about her. She stays true to what she believes, no matter how crazy it may seem. And she'd do most anything for the friends she finally has.

Everything that doesn't fall into any other topic!!

For anybody who is wondering I write multi-chaptered one-shots. However, impossible this may seem, I have done it. so ha! All of my stories are about Ella & Sophie so each story is kind of a continuation on the last. Either that or they are totally random things that just popped into my head. Which of course, is quite often, seeing as I'm an incredibly random person.

And I'm sure I've said this before but everyone (well almost everyone anyways) enjoys getting input on their hard work (AKA fanfics), whether it's good or bad. So make the world happier for a few people and try to review all the stories you read, I know I do. Spread the joy (and the reviews) people! Thanks so much: )

Oh and I was bored and decided to fill this crazy Q&A out. Fill free to skip over this if you like. It's not really that improtant.

Q and A

Where do I live? In some random country, in an incredibly random state, in a random city, in a completely random neighborhood, in a random house. There. That should give you a clue.

How old am I? I like to think I’m 6. However, many people would disagree with that statement.

What are your interests? Harry Potter. Dance. Harry Potter. Theatre. Harry Potter. Writing. Harry Potter. MUSICALS! Harry Potter. Twilight. And more Harry Potter.

What is your favorite book/series? Harry Potter!! Have you been reading this at all? Twilight is also amazing. Oh and the Uglies series, that’s good too. Maximum Ride is amazing as well.

What is your favorite movie? I love Pirates of the Caribbean. Just the first one though. I also really liked Enchanted. (It’s so much fun when you can point to places in the movie and say “OMM! I’ve been there!”) I am now in love with Sweeney Todd. The movie, not the man. (comedy + musical + horror = AWESOME!) I have a love-hate relationship with the Harry Potter movies. Especially OOTP. They totally messed up Gred and Forges big moment! (Stupid Harry. He just had to faint, didn't he??)

What is a pet peeve that you have? Pet peeve . . . . hmmm . . . I’ll have to think about that one. But I just realized why Peeves is called Peeves! Lol. I feel really stupid now. Wait! I just got one! When people don’t use quotation marks. That drives me nuts. coughEricacough

What fan fics have you written? Not enough, but I've been in a crippling writer's block for months now. The ones I have written are all about Ella and Sophie, the characters I made up. Ok, fine, kind of made up. Me and my friend pinkkumbrellla made them up together, when we were extremely bored. Anyways. They’re twins, and just happen to like Fred and George . . . and be their best friends. Yeah, very cheesy, I know. But I just couldn’t resist! Go and read my stories, I’ve heard they’re very good. (oh and I write multi-chaptered one-shots, a wonderful little thing I invented . . . right now . . . this very second . . .)

What do you plan on writing? Plan? I don’t plan! I just write whatever happens to pop into my head. That’s why my stories are so incredibly random. That’s also why I haven’t written anything worth posting in such a long time. Nothing good has popped yet.

What do you do in your spare time? Spare time? I have no spare time! no wait, of course I do, why would I be writing fanfiction if I didn’t? duh! Yeah. I write. Or listen to music. Or read. That’s pretty much it.

What are your dreams and aspirations? Aspirations is such a big word! Ummm . . . it would be quite lovely to be an actress. And star in a musical . . . adapted from the book Belinka! . . . that’s going to be written by my friend pinkkumbrella . . . that ABlackSheep is going to write a review of . . . and it’s going to be amazingly amazing! Wu!

Who do you ship? Fred/Sophie & Ella/George. I do not accept Fred and George being shipped with anyone else. Ever. I also love Neville/Luna (no matter what JK Rowling says, they’re destined to be together), Hermione/Ron, Harry/Ginny, Tonks/Lupin, Ted/Andromeda (ah, forbidden love!), Lily/James (of course!) and . . . ummm . . . yeah. that’s it. And I don’t ship Snape with anyone because he’s an evil git. Unless it’s with Umbridge, that would be hilarious!

Who are your favorite characters? Fred and George! Fred and George! Fred and George! I love the entire Weasley family actually, well , except Percy. No one likes Percy. Oh and Hermione too. Luna, can’t forget Luna! I swear, she’s like a totally exaggerated version of myself. No. Seriously! (Sirius!) I love Sirius too! and Lupin. Oh and can’t forget Hagrid!! For Twilight I love Alice-- she reminds me a bit of Luna . . . just not as crazy. Jasper is awesome, especially in the movie. I loved Jacob in the books & Seth Clearwater is the coolest werewolf you'll EVER meet!! I liked Bella in the first book, but then Edward made her all wimpy.

Least favorites? Snape. I don’t care what anyone says. He’s still an evil git. (didn’t one of the twins say that?) I don’t like Umbridge one bit. Or Malfoy. He’s so not cool. And, as odd as it seems, I hate Harry. He’s all cute and everything in the first books, but once he hits 5th year he’s just way too angsty and annoying. Yeah. You heard me. I don’t like Harry! Edward Cullen is a creeper as well.

This is my amazingly amazing disclaimer people!! Ok, so I don't Harry Potter, but I totally wish I did. However, I do happen to own Ella and Sophie and all of my plots. No wait, never mind. I partially own Ella and Sophie because I made them up with pinkkumbrella. Or maybe I own Sophie and she owns Ella? I dunno. Anyways, I'm not JK Rowling so I don't own any regconizable characters, (AKA Gred & Forge). Oh and Anna is ABlackSheep's. I think that's pretty thorough, so yeah, I'm done now.

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