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Author has written 31 stories for Futurama, Final Fantasy VIII, Sailor Moon, Garfield, Merlin, Matrix, Harry Potter, Batman Beyond, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Doctor Who, Resident Evil, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica/魔法少女まどか★マギカ.

Most fan fiction I write are one-shots which come to me quickly, and looking back I don't really like some of my old stories as much as when I first wrote them. The Futurama movies really killed most of my love for most fan fiction of it, excepting some stories posted at Futurama Madhouse and The Simpsons & Futurama Fanworks Central. I am a member of both places, but I spend much more time at the latter since there are some great people there.

I am a Christian and Canadian guy. Quite the combination, eh?

Despite the dark fanfics I wrote (It Keeps Getting Easier, Failure, Salvaging Destiny & The Burning Of Camelot, all of which do not treat Morgana well to say the least), I actually ship Merlin and Morgana and think that his decision in The Nightmare Begins was the absolute wrong one despite Gaius and the Dragon's misgivings, and led to everything else that later happened. In my opinion, they could have been great friends or possibly a couple (secretly, of course), but there's no chance of it happening now. The show does have to keep to the basic legend, after all. I don't like Merlin or Morgana in Series 3 very much, because they've both changed so much since Series 1/2 that they're hardly recognizable anymore.

All of my stories, especially those for Merlin, tend to have big twists that would not happen in canon. Fan fiction can be fun!

I will not write any stories or scenes that explicitly have sex in them. A few of my stories might have implied or 'after the fact' scenes, but nothing too bad that warrants anything above a T. I removed one of my stories because I really didn't like where I went with it, plus I kept adding to it to make it even more and more explicit to the point where it was becoming nothing more than a lemon.

I hate porn with a passion and will not read nor write it. Without getting into much, I've wasted and ruined many years of my life because of it, and fell into the trap of writing it without even realizing it at first.

Notes about my Merlin fan fictions (may contain spoilers):

It Keeps Getting Easier & Failure - Both of these are set early Series 3, before The Crystal Cave (which does not happen in these stories), and each story starts the same but has Merlin falling into varying degrees of darkness by the actions he takes against Morgana (and in Failure, Uther).

Slaves No Longer - Time-travel fic, set after the series and directly after Arthur's fall. Being a Merlin/Morgana shipper, I just had to write something that would lead to him correcting (what I feel to be) his greatest mistake, and also since my other two stories were Dark!Fics with twisted, unhappy endings. Read Challengers by brickroad16 for a great interpretation of what could have happened if Merlin had been more open with Morgana in Series 2, you will not be disappointed.

Completing The Circle - This story takes some of Series 3 into account (up to The Crystal Cave) and starts an unspecified number of years in the future just before Uther's death, and most likely will not incorporate the events of any future episodes. The third chapter takes place during The Tears Of Uther Pendragon, not long after Morgause leaves Merlin to die. I think that I was intending at first to do a Girl!Merlin fic that subverted the common cliches (still becomes Arthur's servant which wouldn't make much sense, falls in love with him (poor Gwen), etc...), and somehow ended up with this.

Salvaging Destiny - Another Dark!Fic, if Morgana just decided to off both Uther and Arthur with no chance of either of them being saved. In the actual show itself, something like this would be very easy to do. I seem to put Merlin through an awful lot of horrible situations and choices, and this fic isn't any different. Unlike the two above fics, Merlin doesn't exactly like his new life at the end and probably never would, considering everything that was lost.

The Burning Of Camelot - Yet another story where almost everyone dies, and Morgana does the killing again. This came from the idea I had about if Merlin had not completely healed Morgana during The Crystal Cave, but the actual story ended up much different that I originally imagined. Merlin does not fix anything here or even get the chance to, unlike most of my other stories.

Two Lives, Two Destinies - I was getting tired of writing Dark!Fics, hence this, but it's still quite different if only for the fact that Merlin is paired up with Morgause. The original running title for this story was going to be Touch Of An Older Woman, but I decided to make the pairing a secret and changed it to the current one. I noticed that having a pairing being secret doesn't actually work very well, so I edited the story slightly and made it clear from the get-go that it is Morgause with Merlin at the beginning, instead of the pseudo-twist I had before. Of course, Merlin is still faced with hard and impossible choices, that always seems to happen.

Fan fiction status:

Futurama - I'm not sure if I'll ever write anything for this again, even though I still enjoy the show very much and sometimes read stories written for it. I don't really like any of what I've written anymore, but I'll still keep them uploaded anyway.

Final Fantasy VIII & Sailor Moon - These were just experimental one-shots that (to me) failed miserably, and I will probably write nothing else for either of them. I don't think Ultimecia is anybody but Ultimecia, and this story I wrote was pretty much a jab to all the Rinoa = Ultimecia ones I've seen (though, some of those are good).

Garfield - See above, though I still like this one.

Merlin - I might write more in the future, I'm unsure (I love this show). Don't expect any big chaptered fics since I don't really have the patience or drive to do them. Though I thought about it after reading reviews, I'm not going to do a sequel / second chapter to Slaves No Longer since aside from a few ideas (mostly a Where Are They Now Epilogue) I really don't know how to proceed with it without completely ruining what I think is a good ending.

The Matrix - Wrote this mostly for fun, it's a bit weird. It's sad that the Matrix fandom in general is dead, however.

Harry Potter - I wrote Being Harry Potter as a continuation of another Harry Potter fic, because I just felt like I had to explore it a bit further. As for writing any other stories, probably not.

DCAU - Beyond the Beyond is pretty much a crack-fic literally written at 1-2 AM in the morning, which I decided to upload here. I always felt sorry for poor Tim Drake, and the aftermath of what everyone must have gone through.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Ahsoka's Folly is a short Dark!Ahsoka Time Travel one-shot, in which she utterly fails and doesn't make a difference. I don't really know why I wrote this, but it's probably because I'm sad over her (presumed) ultimate fate at being cut down by Anakin or some nameless Clonetrooper.

Doctor Who - Rebirth is the crackpot "Who is River Song?" story I've been itching to write, and finally did. More than likely 100% wrong (and has since proven to be wrong), but I'm still a fan of River either being or being related to this person. Donna's Story is a quick and sad little oneshot, as well as Cursed. No More Spoilers was written late at night and is another River-centric story, but not quite like the others. Rivers Song... well, it's based on an idea I had about there being two Rivers, of course. And Self Insertion... well, all I can say is that I'm a bit insane. I wanted to write a Deconstruction!Fic after seeing so many Self-Insert / Sue fics, and most gender-bending stuff irks me with its absurdity, like watching a train wreck... and this was the result.

Resident Evil - Letting Go is just a short, simple, cheesy Leon/Ashley story. I fully support this pairing and am a bit sad that there's not many stories featuring it. I mean, I do like Ada but her lifestyle and way of thinking is just too radically different from Leon's, and I don't think there's any realistic way they could work.

My fan fiction peeves:

Self-Insert Mary Sues / Gary Stus. One Futurama fanfic which I will not name here has almost driven me insane because it's just that bad!

Time-travel fics in which the lead character is so stupidly-powerful that the story is just boring to read. No real conflict or danger = boring.

Alley fights and variations thereof. Try reading what is essentially the same scene in multiple fanfics where the female lead is saved by the male lead (usually a Stu), without wanting to break something.

Stories in which the author's notes are longer than the actual chapter / story.

Many more than this, which I've also been guilty of doing in the past! I have horrible Megas XLR fan fiction that will never see the light of day for just these reasons.

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