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Author has written 6 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

My characters for the Riordanverse forum:

-Ash Watson

-Alex Garcia

-Amelia Greystone

-Andrew Tyler

-Perseus Stone

-Brian Smith

-Erik Stevenson

-Peter 'Pete' Hill

-Elijah Hill

-Elizabeth 'Beth' Ainsworth

Name: Ash Watson

Age: 16

Gender: demiboy (he/they)

Species: demigod

Godly Parent: Apollo

Skills: writing; drawing; gardening; first aid; martial arts; singing; archery

Powers/Abilities: healing powers; immune to sunburn; glows; can (sun)burn to the touch

Sexual Orientation: asexual

Items: a diary/sketchbook/notebook; wallet; phone (for emergencies); first aid kit; greek mythology encyclopaedia; a ring; a lockpicking set; a special rock

Weapons: a bow and arrows; a bow-staff

Appearance: they have bright blonde hair that is cut very short and scruffily because long hair feels hot and uncomfortable. They cut their own hair when they were on the run and continues to do it because they don't want to ask someone else to do it. Ash doesn't really care about their looks and doesn't understand why people are confused or shocked when they see their hair.

Their clothes are casual and comfortable. They wear short sleeves when they can and baggy, comfortable hoodies when it's too cold. Their clothes are often merchandise for a popular book they've read.

They have tanned skin from the time they spent in the sun. Their skin is littered with scars though, some bigger than others.

Their eyes a shining blue that often sparkle with mischief.

They have a fair amount of muscle and are well built. Their muscle is dense so they aren't huge but are very tall. They are fit and athletic.

Personality: Ash is very kind. They pride themselves in being selfless and accepting but often taking it to the extreme, foregoing their own needs altogether to meet the needs of others. They struggle with self-esteem and don't say anything if they're in pain or uncomfortable because they don't want to burden others.

They are a very loyal friend. They will go to extreme lengths to keep their friends happy. They can take time to warm to someone but they can be loyal to a fault.

They will always try to see situations from both sides and live with the philosophy that there is always room for grey area. "Science rarely deals in definites and neither do I. Just because you're right doesn't mean they're wrong."

They are very stubborn and find it very difficult to admit when they're wrong. If they set themselves a challenge, they will put their entire being into it before they give up. Sometimes they use this to their advantage and complete tasks that would usually be far too difficult.

These traits can make them seem tenacious at best or pig-headed and spiteful at worst.

They are very peaceful and find it very difficult to harm anything, even monsters. They never treat anyone as less than human. They would hold open the door for their worst enemy but they would also glare at them as they went past and say "you're welcome," passive-aggressively. "I would heal the wounds of the devil if he came to me for help."

Biography: they were born and raised in England when Apollo popped by to try the tea. His mother tried her best to raise them well and protect them from the mythological world but nearing their twelfth birthday, Apollo told her she needed to let them go. He had brought a satyr to bring Ash but their mother refused, insisting it would be better to keep them close.

It ended in disaster. The day before they turned twelve, a cyclops attacked their home and killed their mother. They were forced to run with what little they could carry with only a note from their mother that read, "Go to America." She hadn't been able to write more than that.

He bought a plane ticket and landed in Florida. After being on the run for weeks, they were finally found by a satyr who lead them to camp half-blood. It took a long time for them to come to believe that Greek gods existed and still can't fully deny science. (When Mr D tried to refute them, calling science ridiculous, they said in a deadpan voice, "the Greeks invented science")

Other: [let me know if theres anything i need to fix and i will definitely fix it. i cant wait to join RP]

Name: Alex Garcia

Deadname: Rose

Age: 16

Gender: gender fluid

Species: demigod

Godly Parent: Athena

Skills: can fight with most weapons but prefers daggers or knives; spelling; can speak just a few languages (including one that only involves whistling ‘cause why not) (also: French, Russian, Mexican, Greek, Latin, Egyptian, Norse, Norse code, ASL and dwarf (from LOTR)); skilled in making abstract art (can’t draw but does anyway)

Powers/Abilities: highly intelligent; understands new concepts quickly; skilled at making deductions and can usually discern the intentions of a person quite quickly; can play the flute; weaving; skilled at battle strategies (never lost a fair game of Risk in her life)

Sexual Orientation: demisexual

Items: notebook, abacus, torch, selection of reading books, wallet, sketchbook

Weapons: daggers, knives, throwing knives, extendable staff, knuckle-dusters

Appearance: they have short blonde, curly hair that falls around their cheeks; stormy-grey, calculating eyes and a pale complexion. They have a tight face which is often void of emotion. They usually stand in militaristic manner and hold themselves with confidence.

They have a little muscle but mainly focus on speed and endurance. Brute strength always falls to wisdom in their mind. And it always has.

Personality: Alex is extremely careful. They have had a difficult life and it shows. They are always cautious and make sure to figure out physical and mental weaknesses of everyone in the room, whether friend of foe. They don’t believe that everyone is their enemy by they’re ready for if they turn. They can come across as cold and unfeeling as they keep their emotions buried deep. If you have earned their respect and trust, though, you may see a glimpse of this. But that is rare and their trust is not easily earned.

Biography: Alex’s life was difficult. Their mother married their stepdad before they were even born. The two had always resented them, believing them to be the root of all their problems. The family often struggled with money and their mother worked two jobs just to be able to pay for them. Alex often went without food and their parents always ate first. When Alex turned six the abuse started. They had always been expected to complete all the jobs around the house but now, if they made one tiny mistake they would suffer for it. Every night they would go to bed sore. Sometimes they couldn’t get to sleep. They prayed to every god who’s name they knew to save them; God, Allah, Athena, Jupiter, Odin, Horus. No one ever came. Only when they started school did they have any respite. They had one friend at school. They adored this friend and added him into their prayers. Every night they’d beg that he’d be kept safe.

When they turned twelve, the monsters started. The first came at school. The teachers thought it was a school shooter and called the police. But they didn’t arrive in time. The monster killed Alex’s friend in front of them. Furious, they grabbed the closest weapon to them, a gold dagger hung on the wall of their history classroom, and plunged it into the stomach of the monster.

They decided soon after that they identified as gender fluid but there was no one they could tell.

The next attack happened at home. Alex had kept the dagger and managed to kill it but their parents decided that their presence was too dangerous. They kicked Alex out onto the street.

In some ways Alex was grateful. It was a chance to reinvent themselves. They dropped their deadname and took on the name Alex. But that was the only silver lining in an otherwise terrible situation. Almost everyday they’d be faced with monsters. And if they weren’t, they had to deal with other homeless people or gangs wanting to kick them of their turf.

This continued on for many years. They couldn’t see an end. But, eventually, they were found by a satyr and taken to camp half-blood. They learned that the gods were real.

They didn’t take well to this. They felt bitter and resentful. The gods that they’d prayed to every night had been around this whole time. They could have saved them. They could have saved their friend. But they didn’t. They just looked down and thought “nah, not worth it.” Well they were worth it and they knew that.

[im not sure how they meet/become aware of Henrik and join him.]

Other: rebel

Name: Amelia Greystone

Deadname: Alexander

Physical Age: 14

Actual age: ~1000

Gender: (trans)female

Species: mortal

Skills: can solve a rubix cube in under a minute and knows how to pick locks. Fairly skilled in locks and pressure points and knows the human body like the back of her hand.

Powers/abilities: Highly skilled at bows and arrows and tracking abilities.

Sexual attraction: heterosexual

Items: rubix cube; lock pick set; plain, black ring

Weapons: standard bow, arrows and silver hunting knife. She also has a tiny metal spear concealed as a hairpin in case of emergencies.

Appearance: Amelia has short, brown hair with pink tips. She keeps it combed and well looked after. Her skin is slightly tanned and covered in freckles. Her eyes are a soft brown with specks of darker shades in them. She has a rounded face and a pointed chin.

She has a lithe, athletic build. Her arms are visibly muscular though her clothes usually hang loosely around her body.

Personality: Amelia is unfailingly loyal to her sisters of the hunt. She is very kind and friendly but she trusts slowly. She is wary around new people and doesn’t like talking about her past. For all intents and purposes, her life began with the hunt.

Biography: she was born in 10th century as Alexander. She never felt like she fit and, whenever she could, she asked her friends to call her she/her. Whenever she and her friends played when they were young, she’d play a woman. Her parents were never happy about it and told her, when she voiced her wishes, that she should be happy to be a man. When she found the hunters, she begged them to let her join, despite being a man. She told Artemis everything and Artemis told her that she could join, as she wished. Artemis also told her that, if she wanted, she could have her body changed. Artemis said that what Amelia was feeling was natural and that Artemis had encountered many in similar circumstances before. A couple days after joining, Dionysus granted Anastasia her new body. She chose name and started her new life. She loved the hunt and loved being accepted.

Other: hunter

Name: Andrew Tyler

Age: 13

Gender: male

Species: demigod

Godly parent: Vulcan

Skills: knows sign language, can manoeuvre most places in a wheelchair and is strong enough to outrun most normal people in a racing wheelchair, can juggle, combat with a sword and shield, computer science, chemistry, plays guitar, self-taught ambidextrous

Powers/abilities: knows how any mechanical or electrical machines work just by touching them, incredibly resourceful, excellent at smithing and forging, resistance to high temperatures

Sexual attraction: bisexual

Items: homemade wheelchair; first aid and survival kits; homemade clock that tells him the time, day, weather and light level; a calculator; a set square, ruler and protractor; a book for rough designs and concepts and a set of pens and pencils.

Weapons: a custom sword (short sword with a hook, can be used in both hands), a shield and a hammer, a sword made of half imperial gold, half celestial bronze

Appearance: Andrew has a dark complexion with a shaved head and deep, black eyes. When he smiles, he gets dimples on his cheeks and his eyes radiate kindness. He is well-defined, if a bit underfed, and is very bulky on his top half.

His legs, however, are rather skinny. He is completely paralysed from the waist down and has no feeling in his legs whatsoever.

His clothes are usually smart and crisp but recently they’ve begun to look a bit dishevelled.

Personality: Andrew is very determined and hard working. He is very stubborn and tenacious and often refuses to give up on a project even if it becomes unreasonable to continue. He is very kind and extroverted and has a deep compassion for those around him.

Sometimes his stubbornness extends to friendships and he struggles to let go of friends, even if they’re hurting him.

Biography: When he was born, his mother was at a low point in her life. She was incredibly poor and could barely afford the rent. Andrew was born with a defect that meant he was paralysed below the waist. The doctors offered a surgery that could help him but his mother couldn’t afford it. Subsequently, his mother dedicated every available second to doing any work she could get to try and earn enough money to improve Andrew’s life. It was too late for the surgery but she hoped to get a wheelchair or other accommodations. However, something always happened and she could never raise enough money.

Andrew spent much of his early life at a charity playgroup which his mother sent him to for free. While there, it became apparent to him that something was wrong and in an attempt to try and keep up with and play with the other kids, he claimed the toy car and used paddles. As he grew up, he became more resourceful and more ingenious. By the age of ten he’d fashioned a remote control and pushable wheelchair out of a scrap wheelchair he found in a dumpster, a shopping trolley and various scavenged motors.

Then the monster attacks started. Andrew had always felt he was a burden on his mum and was holding her back but when the monsters started attacking he knew that was true. The damage caused by the monsters got his mum in trouble and nearly got her thrown out the flat. His mother told him his heritage and he made his decision.

He packed up all his belongings and current projects, along with a couple weeks worth of food and ran away.

Name: Perseus stone

Age: 27

Gender: male

Species: demigod

Godly parent: Ares (legacy of Athena)

Skills: can identify and follow tracks up to a day old, basic first aid (developed by performing it on himself numerous times), wood carving, skateboarding, cooking

Powers/abilities: very strong, outstanding endurance, good at making battle plans, can use almost any weapon with minimal training, can instantly turn all hostility in the room towards himself, extremely high pain tolerance

Sexual attraction: homosexual

Items: first aid kit, Swiss Army knife, ten feet of (near) unbreakable string, bag of ball bearings, a broken, jewel encrusted dagger handle

Weapons: a maul, double-edged battle axe, knuckle dusters

Appearance: Perseus is a huge man with large, powerful muscles and a towering frame, standing at 7ft tall. He trains all of his muscles (doesn’t skip leg day). He has chiselled features and chooses to clean shave his head. His clothes often cling tightly to his large frame.

His body is littered with scars. He has a huge white scar stretching from his right shoulder down to his left thigh and a smaller scar his left eye. Some of his scars, however, are self-inflicted though they are easily hidden among the plethora of other scars.

Personality: Perseus has a very gruff, aggressive and unfriendly persona to most people. He finds it easier than trying to find friends. But, to those who put in the time and effort, he becomes a real sweetheart.

His parentage and legacy often clash. He can choose to step back and make a plan but often prefers to charge in and is often over taken by the frenzy that comes with the battle.

These clashing sides of his personality can give the image of a dual-sided person.

This has lead to an identity crisis as he struggles to tell which side is his truest side. He always feels like he’s lying to everyone no matter what face he puts on and is constantly scared that people will discover this. This is the main reason he refrains from making friends. He believes if people dislike him then they won’t look too closely.

Biography: Perseus was born in Texas. He’d been dual-sided since birth, sometimes blindly attacking whatever’s nearby, sometimes meticulously planning a ‘heist’ for his parent’s treats. His parent had a stockpile of guns to protect him from monsters and anyone else who might bring him harm. When he turned 8, he received a message from Ares and he stole a pistol to sneak to school. That day, a man broke in to try and shoot everyone but Perseus stood him down and shot him first.

At 14, he was picked up by a satyr and taken to camp half-blood. He’d already had his fair share of monster attacks at this point but managed to take on most of them by himself.

At camp, he got to know his siblings and trained almost obsessively. His dual-nature also became more obvious to him during his time there. He could never find a happy medium between planning and raging. He also discovered his power to attract everyone’s hostility. He used it often as a distraction in capture the flag but he also used it to give arguing friends and siblings common ground, to give them a jump off point to make up.

When he turned 20, he moved to New Alexandria. He went to college and learned battle strategies but also trained every day in the arena. He tried to settle down, but very quickly found it wasn’t for him. When he heard about people getting caught up by the monsters gathering round the city, he took it upon himself to help solve this problem. He took to circling the city almost every day, fighting any monster too close to the border. Sometimes, if he caught one, he’d guide half-bloods into the city’s border.

Other: (voluntary) member of the New Alexandria border patrol

Name: Brian Smith

Age: 18

Gender: male

Species: mortal

Skills: varying computer skills, car engineering, photography, can speak European French, Mexican and Spanish, cooking and baking, wilderness survival, sewing

Powers/abilities: N/A

Sexual attraction: homosexual

Items: car keys, phone, diary, very good quality camera, wallet, gay male flag, a fork, a handful of snail shells (don’t ask), one inch of string and thirty buttons

Weapons: car keys? Technically?

Appearance: Brian is a short boy with his hair pulled back in a ponytail. He is slightly chubby, but not overly so, and often wears. Cargo trousers/shorts with a T-shirt and baggy hoodie. He is very short sighted and needs to wear his glasses all the time. He wears a posh watch on his left wrist that he never takes off.

His smile is often wide and welcoming and his teeth, though slightly crooked, shine white.

Personality: Brian is a very cheerful guy. He is kind and loves life and greets everyone with a smile. He hasn’t had much difficulty and, as such, has a very optimistic view on life. He is confident and happy in himself and doesn’t let other people get him down.

Biography: He was born to a decently well-off family. He was loved by all three of his parents and he loved them back. Desire his mum and dad getting divorced, there was no tension or resentment and his mum’s new wife was very kind. When Brian’s younger brother came, that was the best day of his life. He played often with his brother and life was a joy. He did well in school and his parents always helped tutor him in anything he was struggling with. He never felt pressured to follow a path that wasn’t his and always did what made him happy. He passed College with excellent grades and, as a celebration for finishing high school, he decided to go on a gap year. His parents bought him a camper van and, after saying goodbye and promising to stay in contact, he set off to see the continent.

Other: nothing really. He’s just an ordinary dude who likes life. He can’t see through the mist or anything, he’s just Brian.

Name: Erik Stevenson

Age: 63

Gender: agender

Species: demigod

Godly parent: Hœnir (high-nir)

Skills: horse riding, cattle herding, weaving, sewing, wood-working, mead making, can speak ASL

Powers/abilities: can produce a field of silence around them, can inspire those around them with the desire to create/perform art of any kind

Sexual attraction: asexual

Items: magic whistle to summon their herding dogs, thirty feet of rope and a harness, ice picks

Weapons: bonesteel spear and cattle prod

Appearance: Erik is tall and handsome with a chiselled face and well-built physique. They have very long legs that allow them to run incredibly quickly. They have long but well-kept brown hair and their skin is constantly tanned. They display minimal scarring compared to other half-bloods, especially considering their age.

Personality: they would say that they were cautious and meticulous when it came to decision-making. But, in truth, they are cowardly and highly indecisive. They struggle to commit to any decision and many of their choices were either made by someone else or they took too long to choose. They have a deep and inherent fear of making the wrong choice and can spend hours catastrophising without ever coming to a decision.

Biography: They first found out that they were a half-blood at 10 when their mother told them. They didn’t understand what it meant for them at first but they realised quickly how dangerous it was. They ran away, hoping they’d be able to outrun the monsters. They managed to survive for a number of years on the run, until they were 18, when they met another demigod, a child of Thor. They stuck with this demigod wherever she went, seeking the safety of companionship. She managed to keep them safe for another couple of years, during which time they got a spear and got to see a bit of the Nine Worlds, before she was killed. When faced with the option of staying and helping her or using her distraction to run to safety, they ran. They crossed over to the world tree where they found a herd of giant aphids. They realised that the honeydew they secreted was not only delicious, but could also be used to make a special mead. They decided that they wanted a safer life than they had on Midgard and set up a ranch within the branch’s of the world tree. They made all their tools, clothes and their house all by hand and they would regularly move the aphids to different branches. This was, and remains to this day, the biggest -and one of the only- decisions they have made by themselves.

Name: Peter ‘Pete’ Hill

Age: 32

Gender: male

Species: magician

Godly patron: Bes

Skills: sewing, juggling, fashion, first aid, looking after children, singing, drawing


path of Bes: power of Boo, Hieroglyphic spells/divine words, Banishment spells

Sexual attraction: homosexual

Items: keys to a magical limo, first aid kit, wallet, magician’s bag

Weapons: wand, ugly suit

Appearance: Pete has long, scraggly hair that’s knitted and sticking up in some places. It’s greasy and stringy and a sickly brown. He has a large beard, much the same as his hair. Bits of food is stuck in it, enough to make a sandwich, bread and all. He has a large birthmark with hairs sprouting from it on his right cheek and his ears are mangled and malformed and his nose is crooked like it’s been broken several times. His eyes are bloodshot and he has a wart in the corner of one of them, partially obscuring his vision. His teeth are crooked, yellow, decaying teeth.

Pete’s clothes barely contained his protruding stomach. His chest, arms and legs were all covered in a thick coating of hair.

He is very short, standing at just four foot

His clothes are ragged and dirty, resembling those you might find on a homeless man.

Personality: Pete is very kind-hearted. He is always smiling and is friendly to those he meets.

Despite his looks, he has a deep passion for fashion and will always advise people on what they should wear if they ask. Though not many people ask, which leaves him designing his own clothes and outfits in private but never wearing them.

He is fiercely protective of his friends as well as all innocents. Anyone who intentionally harms people who weren’t even involved in their battles, he sees them as truly and deeply evil. His first priority is always to protect and look after those under his care.

He loves children. He loves to look after them and making them laugh. They always seem to look past his looks like most others can’t. He is always the one to volunteer to look after the children at the 21st Nome.

Biography: Pete was raised in the First Nome. He learned about Bes and immediately knew that was the god he wanted to follow. For his entire life, he dedicated himself to Bes’ path and ideals. When he was old enough, he was situated at the Twenty-First Nome. He immediately took the place as primary babysitter. He was gifted his limo by Bes, being one of his most dedicated followers.

Name: Elijah Hill

Age: 16

Gender: chosen not to have a label. Any pronouns

Species: magician

Godly patron: Thoth

Skills: sleight of hand, shuffling cards, card games, speed reading, hyperthymesia (perfect memory with incredible detail), science (wide, general knowledge), maths

Powers/abilities: divine words, shabti making, amulet making, heiroglyphic spells

Sexual attraction: no label, takes what comes

Items: magicians items, a bag that can connects to the Duat (like Carter's locker except this is physical to make it easier to access)

Weapons: wand, deck of magic cards with hieroglyphs written on them

Appearance: Elijah has scruffy caramel hair which sticks up in places like a mad scientist’s. He has thin, angular features with a chocolate brown complexion.

She is reasonably tall with a gangly frame. They are covered in a few scars and burns he got from her various experiments.

Their clothes are mainly designed for comfort, not really caring about his appearance. She wears a t-shirt and jogging pants almost exclusively with a hoodie for when it gets cold. Their clothes are all messy and ripped in a few places.

Personality: Elijah, despite their very methodical approach to life, also tends to be quite chaotic and disorganised. He is often called eccentric by those feeling kind. To the rest, she’s just weird. They are not well-versed in social norms and cues and often interrupts people in the middle of their sentences. His mind works very quickly and when they’ve had a thought she will often just say it before it leaves, even if it means stopping mid-sentence or interrupting a silence out of nowhere.

Like their patron, he understands the importance of Set and chaos, as long as it’s not allowed to thrive. Chaos without order is dangerous but order without chaos is strangling.

Biography: Elijah was raised in a household where order and discipline were prized above all else. She found it strangling. They found their every move watched carefully and criticised. When he chose to go unlabelled, her parents were furious. Whenever they could, he got away from her family. They had a group of friends who encouraged him to cause chaos. It was freeing for a time. But eventually, she came to realise that the chaos was too much. The complete lack of rules and boundaries got them into trouble, and not just with the authorities. When he started following the path of Thoth, she found their own happy medium between chaos and order. His experiences gave her a new outlook on Ma’at and Isfet. This was part of the reason they chose to follow the path of Thoth in the first place, knowing his understanding and acceptance of chaos when it was kept in check by order.

Name: Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Ainsworth

Age: 28

Gender: female

Species: demigod

Godly parent: Sancus (god of loyalty, honesty and oaths)

Skills: shorthand note writing, public speaking, cooking, wood-working, fluent in Latin, fighting with a trident, climbing

Powers/abilities: she has the uncanny ability to immediately know whether someone is lying or telling the truth. She can also determine where people’s loyalties lie and can bind people to their oaths. It’s not binding like an oath upon the River Styx, but whenever they’re about to break their oath, they are forced to hesitate and relive the moment at which they made their oath and remember why they made it.

Sexual attraction: gay

Items: she keeps a notebook, where she keeps track of anything important that happens, as well as a pen. She has a bag of denarii and a picture of her and her friends in her wallet.

Weapons: she used to fight with a javelin when she was in the Legion but that now lies in the camp’s armoury, untouched.

Appearance: she has long, dark, wavy hair that flows down to the small of her back. She usually has it flowing freely but sometimes puts it in a ponytail. When she spars, she collects it into a bun to keep it out of the way.

Her chocolate skin is mostly blemish-less. She has fewer scars than other half-bloods and is described as beautiful, graceful and elegant by those around her.

She typically wears jeans and a t-shirt, comfortable and informal. Her favourite t-Shirt, that she wears most of the time, is black with a cartoon of a boar’s head slap-bang in the centre.

Personality: Beth is very blunt and forward. She does not lie, not even little white lies or lies of omission. She will tell you exactly why she’s thinking unless she has a good reason not to. She comes across as blunt and callous which can often lead to her making a bad first impression and being unliked. She also has a habit of telling people if they’re lying and telling them the truth which people find annoying. She has a few friends who are not only used to her brutal honesty but count on it. She is kind in her actions, if not her words. If she gives a complement, you can be sure it’s true and honest and as a result, they are treasured all the more by her friends.

Biography: she was raised by her single mother for a few years before they met her stepdad. She knew immediately that she didn’t like him. He lied with almost every breath and, though she didn’t understand what she was feeling at the time, his loyalties lay only with himself. Still, no matter how much she tried to warn her mother and sabotage their relationship, they got married. During the wedding, while she listened to him make his vow, she thought to herself ‘you had better’. She couldn’t describe the weird feeling that passed over her, but she would soon find out.

When her first went to beat her, she was six years old. He raised his hand as she flinched back but he hesitated. He blinked and lowered his hand. He growled and turned away. It didn’t go so smoothly the second time, but the hesitation was still there. And she learned to take advantage of it. She learned what to say in those few seconds she had that would at least lessen the severity. When she turned twelve, her mother spoke to her in private, a rare Privilege that her stepfather never allowed usually. She explained that Beth was a half-blood and explained that she would soon have to travel to Camp Jupiter. Beth was sad that she would be leaving her mum, but she was relieved she’d never see her stepfather again.

She set off the immediately after saying her goodbye.

When she arrived at Camp Jupiter, she joined the fifth cohort. She made friends and went on the occasional quest but during this time her powers really came into their own. She recognised immediately whenever someone was going to betray her in the war games. She knew when people were lying and always called them out on it. While this didn’t gain her popularity, it allowed her to avoid many unfavourable situations and develop a reputation. When she retired from the legion with her friends, she decided to run for senator. Whenever she’d visited for quests, she’d known how useful her skill could be.

When she was voted in for her first term, she made sure to make an impression. She knew immediately to watch out for Octavian and continued to point out any lie that came along. When Octavian tried to recruit her and bribe her not to call out certain lies and cast doubt on certain truths, she turned him down and told him his new cologne smelled like yak’s urine. He did not like this but she was so popular for her honesty that he couldn’t remove her.

Other: she is a senator

I came up with a good writing prompt for a PJO fanfic but I don't really think that I'd be able to write it so please can someone write a story based on it and tell me so I can read it please. The writing prompt is this:

title: "The Not Dead"

description: "We survived, but not really. We came back, but not really. We made it with just a few scars but a whole lot more. No one sees our pain, but it's still there. We are the Not Dead."

its a story about the Seven and how the war affected each of them mentally.

you might be able to notice that it is based of the famous poem, The Not Dead. Please dm me if you choose to write this and, if you don't mind, mention me in a sort of disclaimer.

God is always there in your heart and loves you no matter what,

and if you stand up for Her, he will stand up for you

My Faith= Jesus

When u carry a Bible, the devil gets a headache

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When he sees you reading it, he faints

When he sees you living it, he flees

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My Faith= Jesus

Jesus had no servants, yet they called him master...

He had no degree, yet they called him teacher...

He had no medicine, yet they called him healer...

He had no army, yet kings feared him...

He won no military battles, yet he conquered the world...

He committed no crime, yet they crucified him...

He was hurried in a tomb, yet he still lives today...

Feel honored to serve such a leader who loves us...

If you believe in God and Jesus Christ is his son...

Then copy and paste this into your profile

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I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord, Savior, and Redeemer, and could not live without him in my life. If you do too, and aren't afraid to admit it, copy and paste this into your profile, and add your name to the list. Kakashis-First-Kiss, jedigal125, iloveJacobandJasper, Vampirewithasecret, Lacey-The-Invisible-Ninja, James018, AdorableElephant, MelRose520, I am an Anonymous Person, Mango21, mae2551, DarkHorseBlueSky, Savarra, biddle29, Wraven, Knowing Grace, UnderHisWings, NinjaofFire7, Gravtron1, GriffTalon, HopeGiver07,Ddfortunico, Bdarwin85

P.S. please note that not all christians are against LGBTQ. I for one am all for it. I do not come under this bracket personally but that doesn't mean it's wrong. I think any kind of discrimination is wrong but you are entitled to your opinion as long as you don't harm anyone. You may not agree with them but they should be allowed to make their own decisions. thanks for reading.

STERYOTYPES: If you're a christian and tired of all the horrible things people associate with you because of it, copy and paste this onto your profile and add one to the list.

I am a Christian; That doesn't mean we can't be friends because you're not.

I am a Christian; I was taught to love my enemies, not pound the bible over their head.

I am a Christian; I have sufferings, too. Yes, they are as bad as yours.

I am a Christian; I get walked all over all the time because I want to help others with their pain

I am a Christian; I really don't try to shove Jesus down your throat, I just like listening to Christian music.

I am a Christian: I don't appreciate you bashing my God in front of me

I am a Christian; I will stand up for my beleifs

I am a Christian: I don't care if you got pregnant, I still love you

I am a Christian: I don't want you to burn because I found out your significant other was a boy, too.

I am a Christian: I cry when I see all the horrible things others do

I am a Christian: I am not perfect

I am a Christian: I made this choice myself

I am a Christian; I will not waver in the face of suffering

I am a Christian; go ahead and pull the trigger.

I am a Christian: I am not afraid of death

I am a Christian; I still have my bad days

I am a Christian: I beleive that My God is GREAT and GOOD.

I am a Christian: Because he gave us free chioce, and I was tired of sin

I am a Christian: Don't be too high and mighty to talk to me. Chances are I'll be your friend.

I am a Christian: I'm not going to condemn you for your sins. We're ALL sinners.

copied from Galaxina-the-Seedrian

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Owning an antique store wasn't exactly a lifelong dream Phil had since childhood. It was more of a solution to his chronic hoarding problem. One he begrudgingly would have to make work. A task that also would be considerably easier if he didn't keep getting interrupted by the three brothers who owned an ice cream shop across the road.
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Alone reviews
What if Camp Half-Blood never existed? What if there was no safe place at all for demigods? How would they survive? What would they do? Find out as you follow the seven in their journey to discover who they really are and what on Earth is going on. Canon ships mostly but it may vary. UP FOR ADOPTION
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Dear Mrs Césaire
Dear Mrs Césaire, I have recently had an enlightening experience regarding the heroes that I feel need to be shared with the wider populace, alongside my thoughts. I have my blog that I could post this article on but your reach is vital for spreading this message to as many people as possible. This is the article I would like you to post:
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