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Our Mission:
We aim to make bad writers good and good writers better. We aim to make you smarter.

A Brief History: Scoreboard is a joint account that we, Marauder and the Q and Queen Jane Approximately, created when we discovered we no longer had to be content to sit back and weep when we saw all of the less-than-reputable writing infiltrating the Outsiders fandom on a daily basis -- nor did we want to. But we saw some semblance of hope where others saw disgust -- as you can see just by reading our mission statement, we are here to help, not to discourage. Scoreboard was created as a means of offering constructive critiques, solid advice, and useful information. We have recently branched into the Four Brothers fandom as well as The Outsiders, and we love, enjoy, and appreciate both equally.

Do not be afraid to receive a review or a message from us, but do not take it lightly. Think of it as the first step to better writing and overcoming your downfalls.

A few things that you should know about us:

- We are not above delivering harsh-sounding reviews, but there will always be advice. If we sound harsh, we may be, or it may just be your perception. Either way, our harshness, when it is necessary, is balanced by our constructive criticism.
- We do not flame. In a way, this goes hand-in-hand with the above statements. A harsh-sounding critique and a flame are not one and the same. If we were to flame you, we would not be helping you -- we would only be discouraging you from ever writing again, which is not our goal in the least. Please do not mistake a constructive review for a flame, but in the event that you do, we would be more than happy to specify the differences for you.
- We expect that you have posted your writing with full knowledge of the consequences, both positive and negative.
- We welcome anyone who either wishes to improve or offer advice.

Scoreboard now has a LiveJournal community! Please stop by. We hope not to disappoint you. The link is the homepage.

Thanks to Queen Jane, our Vietnam War expert, we now have the beginnings of an extensive Vietnam War archive. She'll continue to post information on the subject. Stay tuned.

Examples of good writers can be found on the favorites list at the bottom of this profile. They prove that there is actually good writing on this site, and with their wonderful contributions, will continue to be.

Do these two wonderful fandoms some justice, people! We need more good writers so we can make this list longer! 'Cause we're not out to stop bad writers in their tracks and discourage them from writing -- although, if we must, we must -- we're here to find and/or cultivate good writers. Won't you, please, help?

We would also like to take a moment to stress that a "good writer" is someone who shows both an aptitude for the craft and a willingness to improve. If you are somebody who demonstrates those qualities, as well as the ability to accept advice and constructive criticism without assuming you are above it, we commend you. If not, just remember that there is always room for improvement, and we are here to assist you as best we can.

Have a special day!
- Marauder and Queen Jane