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Okay, I'm back. Over the summer I'll probably be writing more because I might only have a job to deal with. And my mom is moving out so more quiet time to plot, I mean plan, for the fanfics.

The two that will be getting updated the most will probably be Kingdom Hearts and Ouran because I've neglected them for two long.

Hopefully DinoCrisis will make a comeback though and then we can all give a big huzzah!


09-09-09: Want to message me about one of your favorite fan fics? Ask questions about the characters, about the current plot, or even requests for character cameos. For more information check out the updates for each fic to see which ones I'm taking questions for and how to reach me.

09-08-09: I'm on an Ouran binge so expect quite a few updates on the fanfic. Next week I'm thinking about going on a Kingdom Hearts/Heart High one so just wait and see.

Updating Days are as follows(These fan fics will only be updated on their specific days):

Sunday: Silent Hill II

Monday: Ouran High School Host Club

Tuesday: Heart High

Wednesday: Aaron Fare: Ace Attorney(Phoenix Wright)

Thursday: Devil May Cry: Sin City Stories

Friday: Kingdom Hearts III: Purest Hearts

Saturday: Magically Delicious(Final Fantasy VII/Kingdom Hearts)

Slowly but surely I'm getting more written down.
So don't think that I'm going to abandon anything again(poor Dino Crisis I'm still trying to find my muse again)

-I can up with stuff on my own, if it contradicts something in Final Mix or FM+ it's not my fault. I just haven't played that game yet
-About the above I usually do a lot of research on stuff anyways so there shouldn't be that many mistakes.
-Sorry if some things are poorly written because like some people I'm not perfect.
-Practicallty all characters in fan fics do not belong to me so yeah. Those that do leave them alone.
-If you want to message me do it. I won't bite off your head. But if you start talking crap then I will ignore you after adding every curse word in all the languages I know to your name :3
-If I started a fan fic before the release of a movie or game then I won't go back and change the story line for it. My idea was already put out before anything to do with the game

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