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Hi everybody

(Updates on my work at the end of this profile!)

In addition to this I also have an account on fictionpress.com. There I go by the same username as I do here. Won't-wear-a-Halo. Check it out if you want to. There is also a Quizilla account (love-still-hurts) and harrypotterfanfiction (DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend).

I'm glad with the reviews I got to my one shot but I will most likely not make it any longer, sorry! But I really like it how it is and I'm afraid more chapters could ruin what it is at this point...

Besides the HPstories I don't have many other fanfiction stories. Just one Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm not planning on making any others at this point, but knowing me it might change at some point.
Now I mostly try to concentrate on some of my original stories but I can't seem to let fanfiction go...I even write more for this site right now then for fictionpress.com!

Long story short: I love writing and these are a few stories which I'm hoping you'll all like enough to read & review!

My work:

Active Stories:

Tomorrow is another day (HP - Post Hogwarts/new generation) (Slowly Active)

Follow the lives of Angela and Cassy as their world is turned upside down now that Cassy turns out to be magical. And to make the changes even greater, Angela runs into her ex, Cassy's father. Now she just has to figure out how to tell him about his daughter. And introduce them to one another. And more importantly, to keep breathing.

Being rewritten:

You couldn't care less (HP- Marauders time)(being rewritten)

Tatum Winthrop is a girl with a complicated life that little know of. Those that did left her behind long ago. At school she is loner with only one friend, Severus Snape. But things change when she fights with one certain Black, earning herself the friendship of the other Blacks. Bella and Narcissa guide her and protect her from then on. Until destiny strikes and Tatum is left behind once more. With only one person who can safe her. Sirius Black? Will he? Or will he let her drown like others had done before him.

On hiatus until further notice:

Nothing left to say (HP- Draco Malfoy) (Hiatus for now)

Samantha Aquilo has a good life, in which she is content. But that, of course, never lasts. After she moves to the other side of the world she has to rethink all that she was taught. And she sees the world in a complete new light. Will she be able to fit in? Will she be able to make a living for herself? And will her new classmates make it better or only worse? After all she's not very good at first impressions...or second...or third.
Then the war is starts and her life goes through many heartaches and pains before she can try and find her way.

Everything has got a price tag! (HP Harry's time) (hiatus for now)

"I'm not going to lie here and say that I'll miss you when I'm gone" Those were the last words Alicia Beckinsdale said to her classmates. At the age of 11 she was done with primary school and ready to face seven years at Hogwarts. And unlike in primary school she was determined to be popular in Hogwarts.
But she will find soon enough that even popularity has got it's price!


Look at me (HP- Marauders time) (complete)

Rosabella Caprice had the life many envied yet very few truly know. Her mother was a pureblood witch, married to a pureblood wizard. They lived in Italy for the first ten years of Rosabella's life, but after her father has died, her mother choose to remarry. Another pureblood wizard yet this one living in England. The promise to marry the pureblood son of a befriended family was made soon after her arrival and everything seemed set. Yet the life of a pureblood woman is never as it seems.

Life will never be the same again (HP- one shot)(complete)

Gone from the world he left a wife and two children. How will she move on with her life?

Like the ocean...(PotC)(complete)

This story is about Megan, a young girl that has lived most of her live on her fathers ship. He was owner of merchant ship and quite wealthy. Megan therefore never had anything to complain about. But as her father dies during a trip back home, her mother is forced to sell it and live back on the land. Megan sees her life end right then and there. After that her mother finds her a man and she agrees to a wedding . Aiden Ackerly is after all a handsome kind man, nothing bad about that.

When he tries to make her happy by taking her back to the ocean, nothing goes as planned and Megan is left to fend for herself on a pirate boat with a menacing pirate that knows no mercy.


28 April 2014: Updated again! Tomorrow is another day chapter 31 can be read now.

06 Januari 2014: I updated!!!!! Tomorrow is Another day chapter 30 is now up! Sorry for the wait! I hope you will enjoy it!

P.S. Who would like to beta my stories? I've got a few that I want to edit and make better.

ALSO: a HUGE thanks to all the people who added my story to their favourites list or follow my story and/or review. I appreciate all of you so much!

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Look at me
Rosabella Caprice was had a life many envy yet very few truly know.After her father had died, her mother choose to remarry. She is forced into a new way of life where nothing is as it seems.
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