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Hey everybody!

My name is Morgan and I am in high school. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I'm pretty tall, which some of my friends would probably say is an understatement. I live in the great Okie State. I'm happily single... And thats all you need to know about that.

I'm just a hometown country gal with a lot of heart and a love to write. I'm really not that shy, anymore anyways, and I love to talk. I am a complete horse nut and love the horses I own to peices. I'm quite easy to get a long with, but I guess I will leave that for you to decide. I love to barrel race and I some times jump my horse bareback, leaves your legs pretty sore let me tell ya!

My horse is American Quarter Horse. I won my first saddle a little over a year ago. During the summer I love to swim my horse in our pond. It's alot of fun, you just have to watch for snakes! I really enjoy riding and spending time with my horse. I feel like a horsewhisperer-lol. In a way my horse is like one of my best friends.

I now own a four year old mare named "GOODGOLLY MISS MOLLY" but she most generally goes by Molly. She is a blast and I love her to peices! She is about 15.1 hands tall and absolutely gorgeous. She is a bay...of course. She has a beautiful white blaze and dark black markings up all four legs.

My extended family is huge and we do alot of family things with one another. We go camping and spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays with one another. We are hardly ever apart. In my household I have one little brother and two wonderful parents who are easy to talk to about all my problems. My Dad is unique because he likes to cook way more than my Mom does and he is always coming up with some new recipe to try. Even my little brother likes to cook - imagine that. My Mom loves to barrel race as well and we spend a lot of time with one another. Actually I think both of my parents never left their first child hood. They are ornery as all get out and they love to playfully tease me.

I have two really close friends. I seem to be the peace maker. Alot of times my friends even ask me for advice or how they should tell a friend that the friend is hurting them. Yeah...I feel like the female version of Dr. Phil. Did I mention that my really close friend is SparrowGirl2012. Yeah me and her have just about done everything together, from having a cold at the same time to liking the same guy. She knows my every secret - of course, except for what she is getting for Christmas - and she is rather used to letting me take out my anger on her. I love her like a sis. She always listens when I complain and cry. If you can put up with all that you've got to be a saint. Sparrow, you know what I mean.

My other friend is my Mom and as strange as that may sound, she is awesome and I love her to peices. We talk all the time and we ride horses together. We love almost the same things and get along well all the time. She has to be a saint too, let me tell you. She has put up with me through thick and thin. Big shout out to my lovely Mother. Luv you!

I really enjoy all the feedback I get when I write stories for you guys! It makes me all fuzzy. Of course you are all realizing that I love country music! Country-till-I-die, and probably still then! I like Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift, Brooks and Dunn, George Strait, Kelly Pickler, Jo Dee Masina, Jason Michael Carrol, Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Kenny Cheseny, Rascal Flatts, Sugarland, Leann Rimes, Lonestar, Jason Aldean, and so, so many more! But there are a few others other than country that I like. I like some rock and contemporary Christian.

Did I mention that I am thick in the FFA world. For those of you who don't know, FFA is the National FFA Organization. It is about the coolest thing ever! This upcoming school year I have been elected the reporter so I know it's definately going to be hectic, but well worth my time. I give speeches and show beef cattle and thats just the brunt of the stuff you can do through FFA. I am also a horse judger and this April at state I recieved second in the placing division and as a team we recieved seventh. Next year we are definately going to do better though! You meet so many peaople through FFA and I wouldn't trade all the busyness for anything, it is well worth it.

I'm also completely crazy about dancing. I love to swing dance and trust me when you get a whole bunch of FFA kids together... Lets just say what started out to be a fun conversation in the pavillion at FFA Alumni camp turns out to be a dance off. Whom can go faster and still stay in tempo with the fast songs... Don't ask me how that is but we always have alot of fun.

I also like to read, alot, several choice authors I like too. I read mostly horse books and a few romance books here and there. I must tell you though I like to watch good, sappy romance movies too. "Chick Flicks". And I love horse movies. I think I'm just a sap for horses. I love the TV show Reba, Crossing Jordan, Medium, and sadly, the channel 6 News. I also really like quotes. So below I'm am going to list off my favorite quotes, sayings verses and some short poems I have written.

Last and most important of all I am a Christian. So I guess you could say I am taken. Taken by Christ. I love the Bible and I like exploring God's word for us. That is not to say that because I am a Christian that I am perfect. We all sin and have a hard time having faith in Christ and have a hard time believing that His way for us is better than the way that we already have planned for ourselves. Lets face it, we're humans with attitudes. But we are so loved by God that He forgives us of our sins and loves us no matter what we do.

Sometimes I tell God "I am willing for you to change me and lead me down the right paths. Please help me with my unwillingness." I am a Christian but I - just like everyone else- have trouble telling God that He can have the drivers seat and that I will just sit there in the passangers seat and watch Him drive my life. I think it is the fear of the unknown. But I stay in prayer that God will help me to allow Him to take the wheel.

Prayer- time you spend with God.

I find it easier to spend time in prayer -with less distraction- when I talk to Him as a friend and actually that is how God wants us to come to Him. I tell Him about my day and ask questions. I pray for loved ones and the leaders of the world and everything else that is on my mind.

Bible- God's love letter to me

I recently read a book written by Alan Jackson's wife, Denise Jackson, where she described the Bible as God's love letter to her. I find it so neat that she saw the Bible as one huge love letter written to God's children.

I have written all this because I hope that if you have read it that maybe you can understand God and that I can be a witness to you. I want to be a Warrior Princess for Christ and I hope that this touches you.

This is for all you people who are new writers and curious about how long your story should be. My English teacher told me this.

Your story needs to be like a girls' miniskirt...
Long enough to cover the subject...
But short enough to keep you interested...

Just a little humor there. :)

This is my favorite review of all time. It was left by My Forgotten Dream for ilovetk on her scary Halloween story. Quite a good scary story I might add as well.

I will not be able to sleep tonight. o.o Anyway, it was really good.

P.S. Amy's an idiot. “I think it’s real blood,” and yet I'mma keep walking around until someone pops out and tries to eat my boyfriend, because he's uber sexy. :D


~Crystal Pond~

Where tis the place my heart shall call

that I not answer?

I follow its lead,

And when it calls I go.

Shall I never forsake the place that calls out my name so clearly.

Shall I not be forbidden my true love.

And when my heart calls,

I go to the

Crystal Pond.

-By me.


Only, I pray, don't leave me lonely,

My heart crys out to you,

That you only understand,

For only if you could see,

How I would be lonely,

Only leave if you have to,

Because lonely,

Is the only,

Way I would die,

I cry out, my love,

Don't leave me lonely.

-By me.

~The Big Black Horse and The Cherry Tree~

Well my heart knows me better than myself,

So I'm gonna let it do all the talking.

I came across this place in the middle of nowhere

With a big black horse and a cherry tree.

I felt fear upon my back

He said "Don't look back, just keep on walkin,"

When the big black horse said "Hey Lady!"

Said, "Look this way, will you marry me?"

But I said no your not the one for me.

And my heart hit a problem, in the early hours,

So I stopped it dead for a beat or two.

But I cut some cord, and I shouldn't have done it,

And it wont forgive me after all these years.

So I sent to the place in the middle of nowhere

With the big black horse and the cherry tree.

Now it wont come back, cause its oh so happy,

And now I've got a hole for the whole world to see

And it said no your not the one for me.

Big black horse and a cherry tree...

I can't quite get there cause my heart's forsaken me.

-By Nylak


I HAVE no life but this,

To lead it here;

Nor any death, but lest,

Dispelled from there:

Nor tie to earths to come,

Nor action anew,

Except through this extent,

The realm of you.

-Emily Dickinson

Quotes and Verses:

When the Almighty put hoofs on the wind and a bridle on the lightning,

He called it a horse.


Horses have taught me a kind of medetation

that's possible when you're acting as one

and communicating instinctively without words.

-Robert Redford

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life

John 3:16

I guide you in the way of wisdom

and lead you along straight paths,

When you walk, your steps will

not be hampered;

when you run, you will not stumble.

Proverbs 4:11-12

Be still and know that I am God.

Psalms 46:10

When I am afraid I will trust in you.

Psalms 56:3

Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?

Then said I;

Here am I;

Send me.

Isaiah 6:8

Flaming enthusiasm, backed up

by horse sense and persistence,

is the quality that most frequently makes for success.

-Dale Carnegie

The horse is prepared

for the day of battle;

but victory belongs

to the Lord.

Proverbs 21:31

I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Psalms 139:14

Thats who I am. I find it is easier to express myself-my likes and dislikes that is-through words, sometimes, other than my own. I hope you all continue to read and enjoy my writing.


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