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Contact: E-mail me if you wanna discuss my stories or want me to read something, just state in your subject so I know that it isn't spam, and NO ATTACHMENTS. I will delete without hesitation (URL's are ok though)

My Stories:

Life After Death For Shinobi: How strange. As soon as I decide that I'm abandoning this fic for an unknown amount of time, inspiration hits me like a horde of elementary kids headed for the candy store. Odd indeed. Anyyyywaaaaaaaaay, chapter 6 is about 25 done, and I'm also changing a few of the older chapters. For example, I am locking Naruto's shikai. Why? 'Cuz its a pain in the to write about. Which means I'm still taking reccomendations for Sasuke and Naruto's shikais

If someone else wants to continue it or use ideas from Life after Death for Shinobi, go for it. Just leave a review stating that you are, so that others can follow. On a side note, I've found two excellent NarutoXBleach crossovers, which both can be found in my story reccomendations.

Jinchuuriki's Haze: This story is like one of those ridiculously large ice cream sundaes some old school ice cream parlors sell. It seemed like a grand idea at the time, but now that I've started on it... I'm afraid that doing anymore would be torture to both myself and the reader. (Shakugan no Shana II is also complete garbage, which has killed some- no, most- of my enthusiasm. Watch the first one!) I still love the concept though, so ifI can come up with a storyline of sorts, I'll pick it up again. If anyone has an idea, PLEASE let me know.

I've got a bunch of other stories on the backburner of my mind, and even a few started, but I'm not sure which ones I wish to write. Maybe I'll put a teaser here and let you guys decide... someday

Anti-flame Shield: Please note that the following is all in my opinion, and you are perfectly welcome to not agree with me, as variety is the spice of life, and I highly doubt that you all have similar tastes to myself. If you know any similar works of high quality, please e-mail the name and author so I can check them out.

Other Stories That You MUST Read (or at least the first couple of chapters):

Two Halves by Dame Wren

The best Naru/Hina fic that you will ever read. Naruto and Hinata are sent out on a 3year training mission under Sora (OC, not Kingdom Hearts). Even if you are not a fan of this pairing, you should still read it, as this material is definitely worth publishing, if it weren't for the fact that the owner of Naruto would have a fit. This story breaks the unfortunate trend of "one bright and sunny day, Hinata finally confessed to Naruto, and Naruto SUDDENLY realized that he doesn't care about Sakura, and that he loved Hinata." Although the story is complete, the author quit writing or something before he/she/whatever could complete the sequel. This story isn't on, but Google always proves to be resourceful. The sequel is Twice Shy, started by Dame Wren and continued by... erm... somebody on Just type in Dame Wren and it'll show up, but I don't believe she's updated recently... like in a year...

Remnants of A Forgotten Dream by FFPA

The best Naruto/Bleach fic that you will ever read. (Believe me, my story has nothing on this one. Remnants is superior in every way). Two authors, FastForward and Poisson d'avril (initials spelling FFPA), are teaming up for this one. Naruto dies and meets up with Hitsuguya, they go to Shinigami school, and together they face biased pretty-boy teachers, insane captains of questionable sexuality, and swarms of Hollows. Great spur-of-the-moment-in-your-face humour and seriousesness are perfectly balanced in this fic. I guess you could argue that this is shounen-ai (or whatever the heck they call it), but take my word on it, I don't like shounen-ai but this story still rocks.

Team 8 by S'TarKan

What if Naruto was on Team 8 with Shino and Hinata? S'Tarkan delves into this possibility with great detail. Another good aspect of this story is that shows each character's reasoning behind their actions, such as why Shino is emotionless, why Naruto wears orange, and why Hinata is so introverted. Be warned though, when I say great detail, I mean A LOT of words. It's slow starting out, so you might want to skip the first chap or so and then double back to figure out what happened. I think this author is headed for a Naruhina pairing, but nothing beyond close friendship (and unrequited love on Hinata's part) has been done thus far.

Art of the Deal by Case13

There is a reason why money makes the world go round. After his chakra coils are crippled for life, Naruto sets up a trade with the words of a merchant ringing in his ears. Case13 uses great detail to explain economics in the Shinobi World, and it makes since too. This is the first SuperNaruto fic I've read where Naruto can't do squat physically in comparison to real ninja. Or at least in the beginning. Who says money can't buy everything?

Break The World by Rihaku

AU to the max. Amongst the towering spires and syscrapers of the future, where a person's worth is deemed by the amount of energy they can produce in their lifetime, Naruto- the Demon of the Cauls, Sakura- the apprentice of Kakuzu, and Sasuke- the last of the Uchihas begin their journey.

All Fanfiction by LD 1449

The majority of his work should be set as an example as to what a crossover fanfiction should be. It was his story, Naruto of the Shikon, which inspired me to pick up the pen (err, keyboard). Between his 8 stories, HE HAS 19,084 REVIEWS (I know, reviews don't make the author, but shoot, that's alot). As far as I know, it is more than any other author on the site (please correct me if I'm wrong). What's even more impressive is that English is his second language. Personally I don't like his more recent updates, but the old stuff is gold. If you're a grammar Natze though, you might want to avoid this

Fic's that are Interesting and deserve a look

Hollow Promises by Black-Winged Tenmu

Another Naruto/ Bleach crossover. Brings up a good point though. Kyuubi is technically a spirit, so what happens when Kyuubi becomes a Hollow in a young Naruto? WARNING: this story is rated M for blood, gore, disturbing imagery, and just all-around angsty, dark, twisted, insanity

Cutting Strings by the magnificent it

Naruto lost his limbs at a young age, and Chiyo taught him how to puppeteer his own body. Witness the tale of Naruto from a much darker outlook.

Training For the Job by Desaix

You've probably heard of this. I'm afraid there is no summary to cover this, as the plot is constantly shifting. Just read it

Cold Blue Metal by zero0000

What if Itachi had been assigned to train Naruto into the greatest weapon the village had ever seen? What if the Uchiha massacre never happened? Read to find out.

Cursed Demon by Gadalla Rune

Naruto leaves Konoha at a young age for Sound. Great depth, and characters are believable, even if Naruto is a bit smart for his age

Various Story Ideas Which I Wish Someone Would Write

(someone msg me if they know of one). I prefer stories 20k or longer, but I'm certain there are good shorts out there

A good story focusing around one of the less used main characters (Kiba, Haku, Zabuza, Tenten, Shino, Lee, Ino, Chouji, Temari, Kankuro, Sai-I mean cmon, he has 3 long fics and 2 of them are yaoi)

A high quality, ADVENTURE story focusing on Sasuke and what happens after he leaves Konoha. Im so sick of typing in Sasuke and bringing up every yaoi, mpreg, smutty fanfiction under the sun. (sorry if you like that stuff, but seriously, I just want one about Sasuke and some adventures)

A time travel fic or a story set in the past that explains what went on when Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade were genin.

A time travel fic with Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura traveling back to shortly before the Kyuubi attacks.

A story which dumps Team 7 in our world (or some other first world civilization, doesn't really matter). I just think an author could have a lot of fun with ninjas-meet-Technology

A Naruto/ Familiar of Zero (aka Zero no Tsukaima) crossover. For those of you who have seen both series, just imagine where that could go. I would write it myself if it weren't for my complete disability to come up with anything resembling a plot in this fic

Things I Hate in Fanfiction

Self Insertion- This shows that the person is attempting to solidify his/her own fantasies, generally meaning that the story will revolve around them, and the main characters will behave drastically out of character for the sake of the author's convience (ex: Sasuke falling head over heels within minutes of meeting the inserted one). I'm sure there's a good one or two out there, but I don't feel like looking for it. If a person REALLY wants to be in the story, start a story line, then make an AU with a background of sourts as a major character.

Unmarked Yaoi- I understand that there will always be yaoi and mpreg and whatnot no matter what. However, it is excessively annoying to get halfway through a good story, find out it is a Yaoi, and then have to nitpick through the rest of the chapters in order to follow the plot but still skip the more disturbing (in my opinion) scenes. If you wanna write yaoi, go for it. Just put something in the summary.

Inhuman OOC- In a lot of mangas, there are many ways to interpret the true "character" of the character. However, sometimes these characters in fics behave entirely irrational. A very common example of this is Hinata working up the courage to say "I love you," and Naruto suddenly realizing that he never loved Sakura, but loves Hinata with all of his heart, all in the span of 32 seconds. (I'm not saying that NaruHina is impossible, I'm just saying that it's gonna take a lot more than a confession to change a thickheaded character like Naruto). Another example would be Naruto in my fic, which is another fact that makes me wish to discontinue the story.

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Team 8 by S'TarKan reviews
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The eve after Kyuubi's attack, Konoha is low on strength. The council agrees to turn Naruto into a living weapon. But years later, after Sarutobi's death, will Konoha's weapon continue to defend it? Or will he poise his blade to carve out their throats?
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 117 - Words: 586,123 - Reviews: 10976 - Favs: 5,965 - Follows: 3,646 - Updated: 6/8/2012 - Published: 3/8/2007 - Naruto U., Temari - Complete
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