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WARNING!! You have entered the page of a highly insane fangirl O_O

Hey guys! Happy that you've made it here. I suppose you came here to find out some more information, so I guess I'll just keep talking. I'm just a rather awesome college student studying computer science. Computers, cars, gaming, and the arts are my passions.

Writing has always been a hobby of mine, as well as drawing and music. I like digital as well as traditional when it comes to art. I like to play electric guitar/bass :)

I'm a HUGE gamer, hit me up sometime and we can play a game together ;) No seriously, go ahead and add me, accounts listed below :D You can also check out my Tumblr

Upcoming releases I can't wait for:

Company of Heroes 2

Current Game(s) I'm Playing a Ton of: Dishonored, Company of Heroes, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Assassin's Creed 3

I absolutely love building, customizing, networking, and programming computers. There is very little that I don't enjoy about computers (save for unpacking them -_-). My current computer was built from scratch, and it is the love of my life (as sad as it is, specs below). I've programmed in C# and Java :)

Cars have always fascinated me. I'm working on customizing my current car and having so much fun with it!

Btw...I'm an Assassin in Loki's Army.

"Nothing is true, Everything is permitted."

Status: At this point, all stories are on wait. Work and college take up all my time, sorry guys.

Night on the Town: Chapter 2 up, 3 in progress (although on wait for now, though i promise it WILL be done for all you followers)

Life's Way: Chapters 1-6 up, 7 in progress

NOT: The Bad Company: Chapter 1-6 up, 7 in progress

Fav pairings I have had over the years...

DannyxSam - Danny Phantom (yes i've been addicted since i first saw the show, don't judge me T-T)

AltairxEzio - Assassin's Creed (can't wait for AC3!!!)

EzioxRosa - Assassin's Creed

Clark Kent/SupermanxLois Lane

UlquiorraxOrihime - Bleach (You may all shoot me for this, but I have never actually SEEN this show to this day yet. All I have seen are little parts that Ulquiorra and Orihime are in and pictures, never a full episode)

LokixDarcy/OC - Thor/The Avengers (Just love him!)

Things you will never care to ask about me:

I have been using the same gaming name (ŴöłҒΣỷéş) for over 6 years now. Yeah, I'm the gamer that sits up all night on the mic playing a game while surviving on hotpockets, chips, and vitamin water while playing music loud enough to wake the neighbors up. >.>

I can't draw with colored pencils to save my life.

I'm fluent in English, sarcasm, internet slang, Photoshop, Windows Move Maker (sadly), Sony Vegas, pretty much Windows in general, HTML, C#, and Java code.

CHOCOLATEEE!!!!!!! (You can't tell that I like it a little, can you?)

My computer gets tired of constantly running, and sometimes tells me I'm a moron (although most of the time i deserve it)

I luv building computers. I built my current computer from scratch and love it!

I work in IT, so any computer questions come to me!

My Gaming Rig:

Manufacturer: Me, Myself, and I

Processor: AMD Phenom II (x6) 3.2GHz

Memory: 8GB Corsair Vengence RAM @1866MHz

Hard Drive: 500 GB 50GB External Drive

Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB GDDR5 Video Memory

Monitor(s): Dual Dell 20 inch HD widescreen (ST2010B) Monitors (HDMI outputs)

Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio (integrated)

Speakers/Headphones: Yamaha HTR 5440 5.1 12" subwoofer Surround Sound (YAY BASS!!!!), Cyber Acoustics Headset/Mic

Keyboard: Logitech G110 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

Mouse: Logitech Performance MX Wireless Gaming Mouse 5600 dpi

Mouse Surface: MSU Mouse Pad

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255)

Motherboard: ASUS M5A97EVO AMD AM3 Socket

Computer Case: Raidmax Aeolus tower w/ Corsair 600watt power supply (w/blue LED lights)

Laptop: ASUS U31 Ultrabook 13.3" named JARVIS

Processor: Intel i3 2.4GHz. (dual core, i3/i5 is NOT a quad core for all you people out there ;) )

RAM: DDR3 1333MHz 8GB

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 610 1GB video memory (I play hardcore games on this thing!)

Sound Card: Integrated Realtek High Definition Audio

Battery Life: 8 hours (I've gotten it up to 10 hours) 8 cell battery

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255)

Current Car Setup:

Base Car: 2000 Honda Civic

Upgraded Stereo: Pioneer USB/Blutooth/CD/Tuner (illuminated), dual 10" Kicker Subwoofers w/1000 watt Pyramid Amplifier, Sony 6x9/6.5 speakers (2 each)

Tires: 17" low profile black alloy wheels

Sports body kit added, with custom white/blue LED headlights/yellow fog lights, custom tail lights

Various stickers (including a Loki's Army and Assassin's Creed sticker as well as a custom license plate)

I believe in horoscope signs. I am a COMPLETE Scorpio

Fav Music: Hard rock, metal, rock, some pop, orchestra

Fav Bands: Sabaton, Disturbed, RED, Five Finger Death Punch, All The Remains, Breaking Benjamin, Nickelback, Skillet, Lady Gaga, Crossfade, Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold, Red, In Flames, Muse, OneRepublic, All American Rejects, Epica, Michelle Branch, and tons more.

Fav Video Games: Assassin's Creed (all), Counter Strike:Source, Day of Defeat:Source, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Amnesia, Empire At War, Company of Heroes, Silent Hunter (3, 4, and 5), Tom clancy HAWX, F1 2010, Gran Turismo 3 (i want the 5th one bad, this game btw has the BEST soundtrack of any game ever), Battlefront, Rock Band (1, 2, and 3). Many others as well!

Add me on xfire! phantom105

Add me on Steam! wolfeyes1993

Add me on PSN! Stryker189


"Just relax, because NOTHING is under control" xfire friend's status >)


If anyone has ever heard of the Milgram Experiment, you will know that what Ulquiorra does, and how he acts is completely normal, and human, in fact. This study shows that completely normal human beings, under the circumstances of legitiment authority, will knowingly hurt another being simply because they were told to. The people that were tested were willing volunteers for what they thought was a learning test. They were completely normal, ranging in age from 20 to 40 years old, who were randomly taken off the streets. The volunteers were put into rooms at Yale University where they were explained the experiment. They were paired up with another volunteer (who really was an actor) and were given the job of teacher, or learner. The choosing was rigged, so the volunteer was always chosen as the teacher. The teacher was then shown the fake generator (which they did not know was fake) and were given a small shock to reenforce that it was real. They watched the "learner" be strapped into a chair in the other room. The teacher was then instructed to read off questions in which the "learner" would have to answer, and if they answered wrong, the teacher was intructed to deliver a shock to the "learner", which ranged from 15 volts to 450 volts, a fatal shock. Each time the learner got a question wrong, the shock was increased 15 volts, so it went from 15 to 30 to 45, and so on. These normal, lawbiding citizens did in fact finish the experiment, and "kill" the learner with the fatal shock, simply because they were told to do so. This shows that we are wired to respond to a legitiment authority, no matter how "normal" we seem to be. The Nazis hurt people not because they were evil, but because they were under this type of authority.

And so, im my opinion, Ulquiorra is not evil, he is simply doing as he is told. I can see slight rebellion in his character, which was also seen in this experiment. This is seen when he is told to "punish" Orihime as he sees fit, yet he doesn't do anything when she slaps him (which also adds to the UlquiHime pairing, but that's another argument). So yeah, this is what I see this whole thing as, whether i am just in denial and refuse to accept that he is evil or not, I can't help but see the similarities.


Wanna see it? Go here :D -->


Remember Everything - Five Finger Death Punch

Oh, dear mother, I love you
I'm sorry, I wasn't good enough
Dear father, forgive me
'Cause in your eyes, I just never added up
In my heart I know I failed you, but you left me here alone

If I could hold back the rain, would you numb the pain?
'Cause I remember everything.
If I could help you forget, would you take my regrets?
'Cause I remember everything.

Oh, dear brother, just don't hate me
For never standing by you or being by your side
Dear sister, please don't blame me
I only did what I thought was truly right
It's a long and lonely road, when you know you walk alone

If I could hold back the rain, would you numb the pain?
'Cause I remember everything.
If I could help you forget, would you take my regrets?
'Cause I remember everything.

I feel like running away
I'm still so far from home
You say that I'll never change
But what the fuck do you know?
I'll burn it all to the ground before I let you in
Please forgive me, I can't forgive you now.
I remember everything.

If I could hold back the rain, would you numb the pain?
'Cause I remember everything.
If I could help you forget, would you take my regrets?
'Cause I remember everything.

It all went by so fast;
I still can't change the past
I always will remember everything
If we could start again,
Would that have changed the end?
We remember everything, everything.

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