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Hi guys. yes it's me! I'm back! (Sorry it has been so long since I've been on the site!) :( I just need to clear some things up! ;) I have been writing my LAST chapter of campfire stories!!!! :( I'm very sad to say. But it is almost completed. It has been my favorite story to write and thank you to all the wonderful friends I've met that no matter how long it takes me to update, you guys come in with kind reviews/ still read it! It just means the world to me! So truly, THANK YOU ALL!!!


Some people think that in my last chapter of Campfire Stories, I used some ideas from If Wishes Were Blue Skies' story Trust. But I can assure everyone that I did not! :) (If I did, I definitely would have credited the story in my chapter!!!!) I've just always seen that scene (haha) in my head as Diego being saved by Sid. Actually, I really do love that story, but I did not take any of my ideas from it I can assure everyone! Sid saving Diego is just how I always saw the movie! Just thought that I'd clear that up! :D :)

Update to Campfire Stories in the next three weeks or so! :) Sorry, cuz that's kind of long, but hey, atleast it's not as bad as four months was! Never... happening... again!

I'll be pretty sad after I finish Campfire Stories, because it's been my favorite story to write! But, I do have an idea for a story to write after Campfire Stories.. coming soon! :D

Wow... Ice Age creators TOTALLY stole my idea for the fourth movie. I SWEAR! I was thinking to myself that I should write a fanfic where the characters get frozen. And unfreeze in a museum in present day. I SWEAR that I wanted to do for a fanfic! EXACTLY! Same idea and everything. Wow! What do ya know! lol!

Well hello, I'm Kelli. :)

And I do love Ice Age, well, yeah every story I have is Ice Age. lol! I think soon, I'm gonna delete two of my stories: An Angel for the Summer, and Never Let Go, because I feel like I rushed through them, (especially An Angel for the Summer). Don't worry though, I'll post them back up, re-written, and better :)

I LOVE Diego! hehe he's my favorite character.

My one thing I love about the older stories are that they're better written than some of the newer ones, (NO OFFENSE TO THE NEWER WRITERS CUZ SOME OF THE NEW STORIES ARE VERY GOOD! BUT A LOT OF THEM NEED WORK) and they include ALL of the other characters. But I DO love the stories that focus on like one character in particular and how they have a specific trait... or something, like the story: A Spark By: Semine Midnight.

And I don't mind stories with one character as the main character, but I DO wish that everyone in the herd could be included in most of the stories. So please keep that in mind for stories. I also don't like alot of the stories that have SO MANY OCS that it out shines the other characters, making the story having NOTHING to do with Ice Age and our favorite characters. In a way, it makes me sad that some stories are ignoring the fact that Ice Age is strictly about 7of our favorite misfit characters living together despite their differences, and they're a great family. I LOVE it when stories include stuff like that. I think that it makes the story better, more original, and more enjoyable to read!

And what happened to Diego romance stories?? I love those! D=

I hope I don't seem like a jerk. But i just love original stories, and kind of wish that we had more. And I encourage new writers 100 but i still wish that the old writers could get back on the site! :)

Hah! That's all I want to say! Bye for now! =)

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