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Name: Black Kat

Age: seventeen 17

hobbies: accidental cusses when cheering 4whatever reason, roshumbo unexpecting guys, MY FAVE WORD: DAMMIT, dead legs!, acting like an idiot, being friends with idiots, making friends with idiots /so if you're an idiot, i hope we can be BFF'S/, hoping to create an idiot club oneday, planning to conquer the world with my evil cyber cat minions, "LYING; CHEATING; AND STEALING", hoping to create a time machine that brings me to the time where Edward once lived, beating guys in their own games, reading old literature, watching jackass /the supreme idiots/, basketball

peeves: other teenagers who act like adults and tell me to shut up /that means you Rachelle..argh.. : P/, BANDS 2 HOT FOR OWN GOOD /mcfly/ private school making you wear ugly uniform, school, friends who talk too much and WON'T HANG UP o_0 , popular Youtube accounts that won't become my friend /I'm still waiting 2 Ian/, Pirates of the Carribean bashers, really bad Captain Jack Sparrow impersonators.../I want the real thing...DAMMIT/, teachers who won't let you sleep during class, getting no reviews for an over complicated; over detailed story...; dentist appointments

fave songs: (which consist of a guitar, bass, hot guy singer, and drums kinda scene)

Blink 182- I Miss You; All The Small Things; Anthem 2; First Date; Story of a Lonely Guy

Nine Inch Nails- In This Twilight

My Chemical Romance- Mama; Welcome to the Black Parade; Helena; Give em' Hell Kid; Blood; Desert Song; The Sharpest Lives; Teenagers; This is How I Disappear..other songs that I currently can't think of...

Angels and Airwaves- The Adventure

Mxpx (MixPix)- Play it Loud; Well Adjusted; Chick Magnet; Wrecking Hotel Rooms; Responsibility; Punk Rawk Show; Sweet Sweet Thing /really sweet song/

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Scar Tissue; Tell Me Baby; Dani California; Around the World

The Killers- Somebody Told Me; Mr. Brightside; I Got Soul But I'm Not a Soldier; Read My Mind; When You Were Young; Smile Like You Mean It

Mcfly- Please, Please; Transylvania; 5 Colours in Her Hair; Silence is a Scary Sound

characters I support with a bright big smiley face /of pain/:

Bella x Edward

Christine x Phantom of the Opera x Raoul

Satine x Christian

(lol) Freddy x Jason

Clark x Lois

Peter x Lois

Stan x Wendy

Captain Jack Sparrow x Jar of Dirt (this is an actual couple...I'm not making it up)

Eric x Donna


a D E A D L Y G R U D G E- meant 2 have 2 much twists and turns that it'll become 2 confusing...woo-hoo 4 headache!

A Spirit Longing- I just deleted it from one day of being published...because it was weird and no one knew a heck was going on...

coming soon!

Twilight: Just a Thought; I Wish For A Mrs. Rosalie Newton; Under the Moonlight /you gotta review this one...I've been working on it FOREVER/

Supernatural: Darkness Creeps in Silence

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