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Hey Fanfiction fans! This is Arwen Kurama here!

Major news updates:

7/10/15- About a year & a half later & I'm finally updating my profile. I'm so sorry! Times have been tough & things have been crazy, but I'm slowly unpacking boxes of writing material (again!) & I will hopefully be updating my stories soon. I have made a title change to my Supernatural. Why, you ask? You'll find out later, Supernatural fans!

1/23/14- Holy crap! It's already 2014! Where does the time go?!

For 2014, I plan to spell check and correct mistakes in my two unfinished stories while trying to keep posting new chapters. Please forgive my past mistakes. I have been horrible at reviewing the chapters before I post them. I'm getting much better though. My other work in progress story, Memoria, is getting me pretty motivated to double and triple check my mistakes. I've already put up two new chapter of my Supernatural story. I may even get another one up tonight because it is just to frickin' cold to work on remodeling my new home.

8/27/13- Hey my fellow fan fictioners! I know I haven't posted updates for a while & I know I'm snail movement on my stories, but right now I'm a bit busy working full time, living on my own & writing a story I've been working on for nine years. The name of the story is Memoria (please do not use this name). It's a fictional story with action, romance, adventure, comedy & supernatural things & it's going to be awesome! It will be at least another couple of months before I will have it finished & work on the process of publishing, but I will keep y'all informed. If you're a fan of my stories here, trust me you'll love Memoria & want to get it as soon as possible when I DO get it published!

Thank you all for reading! If you wish to follow me outside of fan fiction, I have a Twitter & Tumblr. I go as Arwen Kurama on those too.

8/21/11- Finally finished chapter 14 on the King & Queen. Sorry it took so long.

4/22/11- I am so unbelievably sorry, my people! My computer crashed earlier this month and I couldn't get it fixed till now. Of course, like an idiot I didn't back up any of my work anywhere else! I'm so far behind!

1/17/11- For my third attempt to post! Right now I'm working on my King & Queen story. Sorry to my dear Supernatural fans. I've made a change on my King & Queen story to make it fit with the actual Yu Yu Hakusho story on Kurama's life. It's now based in Scotland in the 11th century. Not too much difference, you shouldn't have to go back and reread everything to follow it.

10/17/10- Sorry, I've done some work on Ch.53- Confessions on my Supernatural story. If you already read it, I swear you only have to reread the first haft. If you haven't read it, please do! Also please don't stop reviewing, or asking questions, or making suggestions. I love hearing from you readers and I still need some encouragement. Thank you all so much!

6/18/10- Well, I've finally deleted Fulfillment of Destiny. It just wasn't doing too well. I guess it was following two stories that need no sequel, at lest for now.

On another note, I'm so sorry to my King & Queen fans. The story is complex ans hard to translate from the journal I wrote it in three years ago to FF. I'm going to work on it though, I swear. I just have so little time to be sitting down and working on it.

Supernatural, on the other hand, is a story I'm writing purely as I go. I love to stick to the back bone of the real story line, but find whole chapters where I go off and do my own thing, like in my last chapter. But I really need help from the fans. I need advice and encouragement, desperately. I was using my mom as sound board/spell check for a while, but she does not like the violence nor the hot and heavy sense.

11/18/09- Changes to the King and Queen are the Amata girls birthdays.

Reina was born September 26th, 1864.

Arwen was born October 31st, 1872.

Ceala was born August 7th, 1876.

Here's the line up of my unfinished stories.

In first place! It's Supernatural! Even my mom loves this story and she's never seen the tv show. I'm currently working on the redoing old chapters (no story changes, just spell checking and such) and new chapters. Stay tuned to find out what happens next. Feel free to PM me or review about what you think. I love to chat with readers.

In second place is my signature story, The King And Queen. It is the tragic hidden romance between the great Yoko Kurama, the king of thieves, and my signature character, Arwen Kurama. Some changes will be made on the story, but it won't make much difference unless you're an astrologist, like me.

I'm done writing on New Destiny and New Destiny Beyond. I would like to thank KittynJenn and Legair for usage of their story characters. And I would greatly like to thank you readers that have enjoyed them both.

I would like to also remind you all that I have other side activities such as my Youtube account.

And as always please do not copy any of my stories or characters without my permission. And check out KittynJenn's and Legair's stories if you are an AvP fan. Thank you for reading.


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