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Ok, so it's been like 2 years since I've updated my profile. I'm not too concerned about it, but reviewing it I realized that my profile was horribly inaccurate for where I am in my life right now. So let's get started with the re-vamping of this, shall we?

Basic Information that you may, or may not, care to know: I am a female between the ages of 16 and 25. I have blonde hair, and blue-gray eyes that sometimes look green. I am tall and skinny. I love horses (talk about the understatement of the year). I love to write, though, it's hard to find time for any writing now-a-days. I've gotten into more serious writing, and I've a couple ideas for a novel that I'm fleshing out in my spare time. That, my dear readers, is the reason why I haven't been active on Fan-Fiction in forever, plus I can't ever seem to finish anything more than a one-shot. I get distracted or come up with a new, totally different idea that doesn't fit into the story I'm writing, so I go off to flesh that one out. Anyway, I'll move on now to what I write, shall I?

Also, I went to THE YOUNG WILD THINGS concert on November 2, 2007. Featuring Cute Is What We Aim For (SQUEE!), Plain White T's (epic), Gym Class Heroes (failtastic), and Fall Out Boy(the reason why I stayed after Plain White T's). That concert rocked sooo hard it wasnt funny. Shaant has some amazing hair ya'll. This must always remain up here as it was my first-ever concert and I don't wish to forget it.

Work(s) in Progress as of September 16, 2010:

A Love He Once Had- I decided that there's not enough out there about Voldemort/Tom Riddle. So, one day, whilst taking a shower (which is where I get all my ideas, for some reason the steam helps me think), I was thinking about A Very Potter Musical (if you haven't seen it, go on YouTube and watch it. It will change your life!) and the guy that plays Voldemort on there is pretty cute I must say, I digress. Anyway, he mentioned how "Back in the day" he "used to be pretty game with the [w]itches" (that's been cleverly censored). So I thought, "well that makes sense, he used to be super handsome, and, apparently, charming as well. What if he had had a crush on someone? Wouldn't that be funny?" And then I start my inner dialogue with the author side of my brain talking to me. "Yeah, a teenage Voldemort." The fan-fiction author (FFA) inside of me says. To which I (my non-author side) replies "Yeah! Even he had hormones. I mean, he's a guy right?" FFA says "Yes ma'am. You know, you should write a fan-fic about him having a crush/lover." To which I smirk evilly and say "Yeah, but being me and being me now it could get... dirty... really fast." FFA shrugs mentally (duh, its a mental thing and I know I'm weird for having conversations with myself in my brain) and goes "well, it's bound to. He is the Dark Lord after all. And you can make it funny and awkward for him." That sold me on the idea. So now it's in the works. :)

I've no idea how long it's going to be, or long it'll take to get it up here. I'd like to be able to post it every week on a Monday or something like that. I'll probably write the majority of it, and then just pick and choose what I'm going to post and divide it into chapters that way. Then you guys will have something cool to read every Monday! But be patient, it's hard to find time to write at this point in my life. I'll keep truckin' along though, and maybe I'll finish the first chapter soon and just go on and get that up so I can have some followers for it. We'll see.

Snowfall- a little fluffy gift I'm writing for my friend for Christmas. She really likes A Love He Once Had so I'm writing a Christmas Fluff for her with the pair from their days in Hogwarts. I've got some of it done. When it gets closer to Christmas I'll post it. V(TR)/OC

Amnesiac (sp?)- A Star Trek based work, something different for me, in which Jim, Spock, and Bones are sent on a first-contact mission to the planet Violetta. On the mysterious new purple planet they find a human girl. No contact has been made by any humans that Star Fleet knows of. So how did she get there? Jim plans to find out before they get back to Earth. The only problem is, the girl does not remember anything about her life, or even how to communicate beyond a pad of paper and pencil. Hilarity ensues as mystery abounds. Will her past ever be revealed? No pairings as of yet.

I'm not sure exactly who this story is about, either Jim or Roan (my OC). However, I do enjoy writing it! Star Trek is a new world for me to write in, so pardon any discrepancies, and feel free to point them out!

Fan-Fiction I enjoy writing:

Harry Potter

Star Trek


and some other random ones.

Favorite Pairings:

Harry Potter: HP/HG, RW/LL, DM/GW, TR/OC (Tom Riddle/Original Character)

That's all I'm going into for now.

Read the stories I've already posted, and um, yeah. Review, because the more reviews I get, the more willing I am to FIND time to write and update stories. Or favorites, or follows. I'm not picky. I just don't see the point of writing and putting all that effort into anything if it isn't appreciated.

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