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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto, Code Lyoko, and One Piece.


Well, if you haven't read the name yet it's Decadent Decay (please note the double meaning. It makes it all the more fun). I'll probably be doing some writing but multi-chapter fics take me a while due to lack of time/writer's block. Damn writers block gets me every time...

Anywho, here's a (VERY) little bit about me!

Name: dude, just look at the pen name listed above. Siriusly... (heehee, I love that pun)

Age: 18

B-day: November 25th

I don't really know what else you'd want to know about me. Sarcasm is my sense of humor, I am currently enraptured by Sherlock Holmes, and I am so annoyingly busy with real life (school, homework, theatre, etc.) that it severely limits the time I have to write. Unfortunate, yes, but I make due with what I can. If there's anything you do want to know that I haven't told you, feel free to shoot me a message. And don't worry, I only bite if someone else bites me first =)


4/22/10- Umm... let's see. I'm still working on Red Blood, Black Rose, I haven't had a lot of time to work though... But I want to announce (because I just realized I could do this) that if you like my writing and you like Harry Potter, a friend and I are co-writing a story (a group really, one's in normal pov, one in my oc's, and the third story in her oc's pov). It is posted on her profile (her pen-name is writergirl18) and I wold love you peoples forever if you would read it and tell me what you think. They're entitled Go Figure.

7/13/10- THE FINAL CHAPTER OF RED BLOOD BLACK ROSE IS UP!!!!!!!!! Please read the author's note at the end, it has very important information regarding the epilogue and/or sequel!

8/20/10- I'm starting a new story! Its a One Piece fic about my oc entitled Four White Lilies. Please check it out and tell me what you think!

2/6/12- Ehehehe... yeah... Still busy as hell, but I'm trying to squeeze more writing in there. So, to focus my efforts, I posted a new poll at the top of my profile. This way, you can tell me what you want to see first (FIRST, not the only thing I'm ever going to update) so I can work on that.

3/14/12- Well, I updated Four White Lilies. Actually, in truth, I completely rewrote it. The new version is under the regular title. I kept the old version up in case someone still wanted to read it (I may or may not take it down at some point). The old version quite literally says, 'old version.' Twice in fact. Nonetheless, check it out and I hope you like it =)

6/11/12- I put up a new poll (yes, another one). It's not extremely important, but I am curious to see what your opinions are. Note, it's for Four White Lilies (which I have finally begun to make some progress on) and the meeting in question would most likely happen before the Alabasta Arc. Please check out the poll and tell me your thoughts!

7/24/12- Alright, the whole writing process for the next chapter of Four White Lilies is basically done. I'm just waiting for some feedback on it so that I can finish making edits. So fear not, it's coming! Also, if you haven't already, check out the poll above, cuz it's still there.

9/8/12- Well, school has started which, I regret to say, has impeded my writing some. I managed to get the rewritten version of The Masquerade Game up a little while ago. It's a vast improvement from the old version if you ask me, though I haven't taken that down as of yet. Now that I think of it, I have more done of the next chapter of Four White Lilies that I thought I did, but there's still a few issues that I'm grappling with in regards to that.

10/11/12- I'm not gonna lie; my life has been plagued by time consuming things. Some have been good, some have been completely exhausting. I'm not entirely sure when it's truly going to clear up, but I'm doing my best to make progress with my writing, even if it's slow. As it stands now, I have at least half of the next chapter of Four White Lilies completed. The second half has me a little stumped, but I shall do my best.

Jonakovamp64- Huh, where to start on Jona-chan... Lemme see, she's twilight obsessed (emmett's her fav), an awesome fic writer, and a totally cool friend. She's a music addict like me and one of the funniest people ever (if you are able to understand her all the time which few people can do...). Now that I think of it...I don't think she knows that I'm calling her jona-chan...this might not end well... Just kidding! We're partners in crime!


( I'll put these in gradually or if someone feels like borrowing them they can email me and ask)

Nikki Heart (Code Lyoko)

Appearance: Nikki wears an red, quarter length sweater that hangs off of one shoulder over a white tank top. She wears a jean skirt with black leggings or torn up jeans and red and black sneakers. Her hair is dirty blonde and hangs around her shoulders except for a few shorter strands that always hang in her face.

Lyoko Form: Nikki's Lyoko form consists of a black shirt that stops above her stomach, black skirt, and black shoes. Her stomach and legs are covered by bright green and white horizontal stripes. Her weapon is a bow and arrow that are strapped to her back when they're not in use. Her vehicle is a green and black overboard that is more srteamline and stable than Odd's. The only difference in Nikki's hair is that it's pulled into two loose pigtails.

Personality: In short, Nikki is a fun loving and caring person who loves a good laugh. (and Halloween) But her mischief can occasionaly get her into trouble. And on the rare occasion that she breaks away from her "Single and lovin it" attitude, she becomes a bit of a hopeless romantic.

History: At Nikki's old school, she was tormented by the other students and before she was sent to Kadic, their assults became physical. The teachers saw it and stopped it when they could but the principal refused to do anything because they had accused his own son of being a part of it. Now Nikki won't talk about it to anyone outside the group because she doesn't really like the pity it gets her.


Hanatomi Emi (One Piece)

Age: Unless mentioned otherwise, 17 (a few months younger than Luffy)

Birthday: October 31

Appearance: Emi is average height and somewhat scrawny. She has black hair that hangs halfway down her back in loose, tousled curls and large violet eyes. Her clothing style varies, but most of the time, she strays towards comfortable/casual. She has a tattoo of three small red and black stars on the inside of her left wrist and and a small spade at the nape of her neck.

Weapon: She uses a a retractable scythe that extends from a rod the length of her forearm (which she keeps strapped to her person whenever possible).

Personality: Emi is extremely energetic, adventurous, and curious, making her up for nearly everything and occasionally pretty reckless. She’s impatient and has a short attention span, so it’s unusual to see her sitting still unless she’s sleeping or drawing. Emi loves to be with people, party, and laugh (and is more than willing to do so at the expense of others through pranks or scaring them) and her sense of humor strays towards blunt and sarcastic. She isn’t easily intimidated, but gets defensive when her loved ones are threatened.

History: My story Four White Lillies is basically Emi's story, so go and read that. However, if you want the condensed version pm me or something.

Likes: Drawing, painting, animals, and gum (she's relatively addicted).

Dislikes: Marines/ most types of government and needles (she's deadly afraid of them)


Watanabe Jiro (One Piece)


Age: 35

Weapon: a pair of hook swords

Looks: Tall, athletic build; neat red hair and green eyes

Personality: when he’s in a good mood, relaxed and easy going; protective of his crewmates, always keeps their best interest/safety in mind.

Other: He ate a Devil’s Fruit that gives him premonitions of the future


Sato “Benji” Benjirou (One Piece)

1st Mate/Doctor

Age: 34

Weapon: None—he’ll improvise if needed

Looks: stocky build; close-cropped brown hair and hazel eyes

Personality: more of the strong silent type. He’s not cold, he simply isn’t talkative. On the other hand, he can give good advice.

Other: he’s a tattoo artist


Inoue Yoko (One Piece)


Age: 29

Weapon: Explosives

Looks: dark blue hair down to her shoulders, blue eyes; average height, curvy.

Personality: Generally straightforward and blunt. When she’s in a very good mood she can be light-hearted and joking, but she’s very easily pissed. She is quite the feminist.

Other: She loves explosives and is very adept at handling them


Yamasaki Hota and Katsu (One Piece)


Age: 18

Looks: identical twins; tall, slim, and lanky; fair hair and green eyes

Weapon: A jutte with a blade in the handle and throwing knives and wires, respectively

Personality: devious and mischievous; always looking for a good laugh, but don’t always realize when they’re crossing the line

Other: Hota and Katsu were born as Siamese twins. While they were still attached, they ate a Devil’s Fruit that allows them to make clones of themselves at will. They were surgically separated when they were still young, but they both retained the Devil’s Fruit power.


"They're dangerous on both ends and crafty in the middle. Why would I want anything with a mind of its own bobbing about between my legs?" Sherlock Holmes

"If something seems too good to be true, its best to shoot it just in case." Burn Notice

"There's something that doesn't make sense. Let's go poke it with a stick." Doctor Who

"Ah, Gravity. Thou art a heartless bitch." Big Bang Theory

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