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Writing Studies

Although many students dislike writing papers and essays, it is important for liberal arts students to practice writing. People write for many different professional and personal reasons and being able to write well is a valued skill. Students planning to work in a variety of industries can benefit from having their writing critiqued and improved. As freshmen, students at liberal arts colleges often take a writing course or two in preparation for their remaining courses and for their careers. Such courses may allow students to select their own topics, so they can write about what interests them, even if they dislike writing in general.

Physical Education

Part of learning how to live healthy, productive lives involves being educated on how the body write essay for me works and how to stay fit. For this reason, many colleges require that students complete a certain number and type of physical education (PE) courses. Usually, students can select which PE courses they take. Colleges generally offer a wide variety. Students can often choose from courses that involve simple walking or jogging to more complex classes based on weight training and other forms of fitness. Team sports might also function to meet PE criteria at some schools.


It is common for colleges to require that students select a certain number of electives. This might include categories like art electives and social science electives. Within these categories, students might choose to take courses that supplement their majors. For example, a business major might take an introductory psychology course as an elective to learn more about marketing to people's desires and needs. Drawing, painting, pottery, music, cultural anthropology, political science, psychology, and sociology are all examples of common elective courses.

Major Coursework

Students at liberal arts colleges also have to complete courses in their majors. Most students spend their first couple of years of college fulfilling their general education requirements, as previously described. In their final two college years, they fulfill their major coursework requirements. For a business student, for example, it would be in the last two years of a four-year degree that courses like marketing, finance, economics, interpersonal relations, and accounting might be taken. The courses a student completes outside of general education requirements is determined by his or her major.

Deciding to attend a liberal arts college can be very beneficial. Although it is likely that a student at such a college will have to take a few courses that they are not interested in or skilled at learning, the experience is generally positive. Graduates of liberal arts colleges often report that they were adequately equipped for jobs within their fields. Further, it is common for such graduates to be able to utilize skills and knowledge they learned in the general education courses they were required to take.