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Hello :)

My Name is Exelion Heart. I am 20 years old and live in Germany.

My Hobbys are watching exiting normal and anime movies, writing stories and reading books and other stories on the Internet.

Favorite Animes are Fairy Tail, Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V, Detective Conan, Captain Tsubasa 2018, Magic Kaito and Sailor Moon Crystal, while my favorite TV-Shows are Dreamworks - Dragons Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk and Race to the Edge.

Favorite Movies are Fairy Tail-Dragon Cry, How to Train your Dragon 1, 2 and 3, Sword Art Online - Ordinal Scale and The Lion King 2019.

Favorite Stories are Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V An Alternate Universe, Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Dragons Wish, Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Reverse and Yu-gi-oh Arc V The Power of Four, and the book-story "City Spies"

My Inspiration for my own Story came from the writer HereIcome. After reading his Arc V Story, I got a lot of ideas. I gave him a few so he could try and use them, but it didnt really worked out like I hoped for so I decided to use my ideas to make my own very first story.

My Story is going to be called Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Evolution.

WARNING ! If you already know the Story Yu-gi-oh Arc V An Alternate Universe then there is a bit of spoiler warning for my Story but you shouldnt worry. I think I wrote enough changes into my Story so the fun will still be there. At least I hope so...hehehe ;)

1. I will use already existing cards, but it will happen that I change their effects a bit or maybe even completly give them new effects. I will also use cards I created on my own and I also changed a few things with the Pendulum Summon. Also, even if it is a written story, the cards I use in my story... look different then the ones from the anime. Mine look like the ones from the new Yu-gi-oh Anime - Yu-gi-oh Sevens. I dont like the anime that much, but I like how the monster cards are disigned. For my story, just imagine the changes. As for Ritual, Fusion, Synchro and Xyz cards, just imagine a change from the normal type of monster backround to the respective colors of the different types. As for Pendulum monsters, imagine only a small part of the bottom is colored green. Also, the bar where the effects of the monsters are written down is also split into two parts, and the so created bottom bar is used for the Pendulum effects and has the Pendulum number of the Scales on each side.

2. I will try to explain the appearances of the monsters as good as I can so that you get a good mind-picture of how they look. I will also only write down the appearances from time to time. For example, if I write the data and apperance of a monster in chapter 1 then the next appareance explination will come a few chapters later. Im sorry for this but it just takes to much time and space to write the appearances down ech time the monster appears.

3. The appearances of all the main characters you can always read again in my profile. I write it down there once they appear for the first time. If something important changes then I will give a little info away at the end of the newest chapter. Like this no one will miss anything.

4. I try to update every week. At first it will go that way but it could happen that the waiting will become longer. I have a private life as well, and since I also work part time I only have a few hours each day to write. So at this point please show some patience.

5. I will try o write chapters which have a good lenght. But since I already wrote some chapters it would happen that they are not so long yet. Writing on paper and writing on computer has quite a good space difference.

6. Everything that is writen inside a bracket are thoughts of the characters, or when they speak with (?).

7. Now to the Reviews. I really look forward to read your Reviews, no matter if they are good or bad. I will learn from everything. The only thing I will defently not do is using other characters then my own ! I already planned the whole story through with all needed characters. However, I gladly look forward to you if you might end up having ideas for cards. Im a bit stuck by the decks of a few main characters and the enemies so I really wont mind reading through ideas if any of you have. And this consists not only Monster cards but also Spell and Trap cards. I also wont mind ideas for Action Fields and Action Cards. So feel free to give away as much ideas as you want, but please dont forget the appareances by monsters and Action Fields. If I will use them I decide of how they fit in.

8. In my story, the monster type "Action-Buddy" is spelled in english in all languages ! The same goes for the name of the female Standard main characters Ace-monster. The name is "Fate" and it is spelled in english in all languages !

Main Charakters - Standard

Name : Morgan Reigns (15)

Voice : Emilia Schüle (Astrid from How to train your Dragon - The Hidden World )

Ace Monster : Fate The Lightning Pendulum Mage

Apperance : Morgan has long brown hair, bond into a ponytail with a blue ribbon and has a pink strand going through her hair on the right side, and blue eyes. During the first part of the Standard Arc she wears a long sleeved white top, a middle-lenght black jeans-jacket, a short orange skirt, a white belt with a deckholder on the right side and white sneakers. On her left arm is a orange Duel Disk and on her right wrist she has a silver bracelet which overlaps and has a small pink jewel in the centre. During the second part of the Standard Arc she wears a black tank top, a long sleeved orange jeans-jacket, a short orange skirt, long brown boots, a white belt, and she has her hair open with a white hairband.

During the rest of the Adventure she wears a dark pink tank top under a new long sleeved orange jeans-jacket, a short black skirt, long white knee socks and short brown boots. Her hair is bond into a ponytail by an orange ribbon and she also she wears a brown belt, short fingerless black gloves, her silver bracelet, her brothers silver and blue colored pendulum wrapped around her right wrist right next to her bracelet and Brodys silver dragon-shapped necklace.

Name : Brody Kamiya (15)

Voice : Philip Süß (Yuya-s second voice from the original Yu-gi-oh Arc-V Anime )

Ace Monster : Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Apperance : Brody has spiky red hair and dark blue eyes. During the first part of the Standard Arc he wears a red, short sleeved summer sweater, long grey pants, black sneakers, a silver dragon-shapped necklace and a red Duel Disk. During the rest of the adventure he wears long dark grey pants, black sneakers, a dark red summer sweater with a hood and sleeves that reach the middle of his arms. A yellow stripe is at the end of each sleeve and at the bottom end, and on the left sleeve is a yellow dragon pattern which looks just like his Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.


Name : Lynn Weston (15)

Voice : Lisa May-Mitsching ( Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online-Movie Ordinal Scale)

Ace Monster : Yin-Yang Windwitch Girl

Apperance : Lynn has shoulder-lenght orange hair which is bond into pigtails and has a green strand going through her hair on the right side and blue eyes. During the Standard Arc she wears a long sleeved light green jeans-jacket over a white shirt, blue jeans shorts and orange sneakers. On her left arm she wears a light green Duel Disk and on her right wrist she wears a silver bracelet which has a similar designe to a heart and has a small green jewel in the middle. During the rest of the adventure she wears a long sleeved white shirt under a short sleeved, light green jeans-jacket which goes just a bit over her chest, blue shorts and light green sneakers.

Name : Ryan Asahara (15)

Voice : Henning Nöhren ( Naruto-s second voice from the Anime Naruto Shippuden )

Ace Monster : Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

Apperance : Ryan has spiky silver hair and green eyes. He wears a light green headband, a white shirt, a grey jacket, long black pants, dark green sneakers and a black Duel Disk.


Name : Celina (15)

Voice : Jenny Maria Meyer ( Voice of Serena from the original Yu-gi-oh Arc V Anime )

Ace Monster : Shadow Alpha of the Lunalight Beasts

Apperance : Celina has hip-lenght blonde hair with a small part of it bond into a side-ponytail while the rest goes normally down and has a purple strand going through on the right side and red eyes. She wears a red jacket, a broad grey skirt, a black vest that is half unzipped over a white shirt, short red and black boots, a yellow Duel Disk and on her right wrist a silver bracelet in a designe of a moon with a small purple jewel.

Name : Ren (15)

Voice : Patrick Keller ( Kirito from the Anime Sword Art Online )

Ace Monster : Starving Venom Fusion Dragon

Apperance : Ren has spiky, yellow-blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a crimson red headband, a short sleeved hodded black sweater, long grey pants, black sneakers and a crimson red Duel Disk.


Name : Rei Suzuki (15)

Voice : Marieke Oeffinger (Erza from the Anime "Fairy Tail )

Ace Monster : En Celistial Spirit - Leo The Lion

Apperance : Rei has maron-brown hair that is bond into a ponytail and has a strand of hair hanging out off her ponytail on the right side of her face and blue eyes. A blue strand also runs through her hair on the right side. She wears a white tank top under a long sleeved blue jeans jacket, brown shorts and white sneakers. On her right arm she also wears a silver bracelet with a small blue jewel in the middle. She wears a white Duel Disk.

Name : Finn McAlistair (15)

Voice : Julius Jellinek ( Natsu from the Anime "Fairy Tail" )

Ace Monster : Ancient One Ritual Dragon

Apperance : Finn has dark spiky brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a blue headband, a light grey short sleeved sweater, dark blue jeans, black sneakers and a dark blue Duel Disk.

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