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Author has written 8 stories for Love Hina, Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Brothers, Pokémon, and Warcraft.

My name: Ashley

Gender: Male.

Age: 16. AND NOW IN LOVE =3

Hates- Clichés. To cheesy, lets break lose people. No more Marthx anything with a penis. And can we ebb of AkuDemy Akuroku and SoraRiku? I know Axel loves Roxas, and i know Sora love Riku. But can Fangirls stop spamming the same fics over and over again!!

My stories: Currenly Being done are:

Fresh Start. Dont expect updates regularly, its a one shot kinda thing

Forever in my heart, no longer in my blood: I like this fic, but i fell it may be a tad to strong at the start. Just read on and hopefully you will like it. I Really need to update that fic...

PBR...again: I actually made a self-inerted thing into Poketopia. Me and a bunch of mates go to Poketopia yeah yeah...Hope to have some lemons in it

In the Shadows of time- Collab with Regii and Celebaby20 herself. Im a chimchar who raves and gets drunk. DO YOU NEED ANYMORE?!

-Title to be decided- A kingdom heart Yaoi that will take my lemon Virginity forever...

For Celebaby20's secret santa thing:

To my lovely secret santa,

I love my romance and crack. Im not to keen on yaoi, but hetro and Yuri is cool. My fav couples are down there for the fics i read. But if you wanna suprise me with a crack pairing i would adore you and send you cyber cookies!!

If you find romance hard to do, i love angsty stuff as well, as dark as you want it, i dont mind =D

All the best of luck!

I love Love Hina, Negima, Pokemon, Zelda, Kingdom hearts, Final fantasy, Sonic, Metroid Prime and Super Smash Bros.

Fav characters and Fav pairings:

Love hina

Keitaro: What a loser! I am soo like him its depressing.

Naru: When she Cries its so cute!!

Tsuroko: Sexy and has a sword. Hello?

KeitaroXTsuroko: This couple needs some more love! She is like the only Woman he meets who she doesnt mash everytime he breaths


Ayaka: Shes good, but i feel she loooooooves annoying Asuna. Alot

Takane: When she fights negi and blushes, its soooo cute!!

Albiero: What a perv! I love his artifact!

EvaXNegi- Its like SUBMIT BIATCH!

SetsunaXAsuna- You know you wanna know about that!

Fav Pokemon

Starter Pokemon: Infernape, Turtwig, , MUDKIPZ, Cyndaquil, Chicorita (sp), Charmander

Other- Scizor, Tyrannitar, Absol, Togakiss and a bunch more

Note: I all the started and all there evolutions. Mudkipz are only there as they are made of win

Kingdom Hearts

Riku. He is NAKED EPIC!

Axel: HE PWNS U. Got it Memorized?

Xemnas: My fav XIII member. I love his hair. But my gf makes the best Xemnas ever!!

SoraXlarxene: Its like the only straight couple you wouldnt expect eh?

HaynerXZexion- In dedication To gigglesnortcosplay

LuxordXXemnas- Gigglesnort again, but this has more of a personal feel for me =3

Final fantasy


Zell: Is he retarded or something?

Rinoa: Ooooooh dat girl iz Fine!

No pairings as i never finished the game. It got too boaring for me


Tifa: What can i say. Shes hot.

Zack. I prefer him over Cloud. His life is less confusing and he wasnt a dumb enough ass to believe he was a "Sephiroth" Clone. Preffh, dumbass.

Aries/Arieth: Gotta love how she cares about people -and she is hawt!-

ZackXCisseni: That should have happened instead of him and Aries. They look better together I think.

Metroid Prime

Samus: Sex in a power suit!!

Dark Samus: Ok except they are trying to re-create Dark Link through her.

There are no pairings of the top of my head i can think of, maybe SamusXDarksamus? seems the only one i can think off >



Silver: I never played sonic next gen, but the ending with blaze touched me. Plus dude, psychic powers? AWSOME!

Amy: Cute in a strange "I will take sonics virginity if he likes it or not" kind of way

Blaze: How cool, sexy and cute can one cat be. Meow!

ShadowXAmy: I can imagine him shutting her up by kissing her...hehehe

SonicXRouge: She could teach him MANY things lol

Super smash bros:

Gannondorf: My best Character (TRFQ LOSERS! BRAWL ME IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME!)

Lucario: my second best (If people moan anout Mewtwo not being in brawl heres what you do. Play melee and shut up)

Olimar: 3rd Best. He is good, for some reason. I think the pikmin give him STEROIDS!

SamusXZelda- Yuri whatever. The hardened woman with the Gentle princess!

SonicXSamus- Come on, Samus owns and so does sonic. Lets hope that this pairing can Step it up! -im bad i know XD-

R.O.BxMr Game and watch- The first of there kind. Plus i wanna see how this works

Note, SonicXSamus and ROBx game and watch are both my own creation. It makes me feel good!

Things I hate: Being left alone.

I enjoy: Gaming, reading books and listen to music.

Authors I admire: Regii, for getting me into this, meaning my life now revolve around this site =D

Celebaby20, your stories are amazing and so are you! Its a shame we dont speak like we used to

Silver Volken Raven: You are nice, you gave me a good idea for Dark Link.

Apperance: Coffee coloured skin kind more like brown sugar, black curly hair, dark brown eyes. Im lanky to boot as well

What im like: I try to sort out everyones life, while mine goes down the drain...I will allways look out for people, am a good lisener, but a bad speller. If you read any of my fics you will understand why >

Clothing: Shirts (black) and blue jeans usually wearing a black coat as well.


Yusaki Urashima

Is in Love hina and is Keitaro's Cousin

He is rich and is good with his two swords

Hehehehe he fancies Motoko

Due to the fact that it was dead, the quest for Infamity has been removed. No-one really cared and it was my first fic ever.

Due to the facts I was running low on Ideas and it was a ile of crap, Corruted heros has been removed as well. A lucky break never had a sequel. IT NEVER DID! No more hearts is gone to. Come on did anyone actually like it?

I am replacing them with my new fics: Fresh start (SSB) and Forever in my heart, No longer on my blood (Zelda).

Although i said it would take prority, No longer in my blood it staking the back seat for a second. I lost most of my work so thats why most of my fics arent being updated as quickly as i would like them to be >

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Warcraft - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,008 - Published: 3/5/2010
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