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This is -ARandomPersonWhoLikesToWrite- :Waves around: Well, as you can tell I've started a new story. Well don't worry people who are anticipating the sequel to Fallen Rain I will write it, but it needs a little more work than I orignally thought. So if you like Fillmore then I've got a story on that. Just because I'm bored and I need stuff to fill up this space, so...

For those who were interested in MISSING I'm sorry but I need to do a little more work on it and so I had to take it off! But it won't be the last time that you see it it! once that I fixed it up a bit then I'll post it back up again!

Well as you know I had work and that cut despritly into my typing time so I'm soooooo sorry if I totally didn't write for RESIDING WATERS I need a little more time. Once I have a good 3,000 words then I'll post up the new story and then you can read it. For people who read the little tid bit that I posted on the end of FALLEN RAIN I switched it around a little, tried to add a little more detail and fiixed up the misspellings. So it should overall be better! I'd like to thank all the support I got on FALLEN RAIN. It made me smile a lot when I would come home from work tired and see that you left me a nice plump package of comments! So thank you for supporting me and please continue to do so when I make the sequil!


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