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Hi there! Welcome to my page. I'm just an ordinary girl who thought of being a journalist. But, I wasn't good enough to become one so I put aside that thought. Anyway, my sister influence me in writting a fanfiction. So, I just thought of trying it. And here I am. Ok, let's start with my profile.

Name: Um... Not planning to tell, sorry.

Pen Name: LostLaputa. Dont ask me why I choose it. I also have no idea. I saw the Laputa CD on my table and the pen name, LostGurl was taken. So I end up with this.

Interested in: Good musics, basketball, good story books, anime, manga, dancing (Hip-hop and R&B - Wade Robeson style!!).

Favourite anime: Hmm... This is quite hard to choose from... Cause I like most of the anime I watched... xD

Ok then, you dont mind I list down all the animes I watched right?? Hehe...

Blood Plus : I just finished this anime. Is kinda a sad ending. I like Solomon for some reason.

Yu Yu Hakusho: This is one of the fighting anime I enjoyed so far. I like Hiei, Kurama and Yusuke. Oh, I also like Koema too. He sometimes is so cute! Haha... Dont really like Kuwabara though.

Slam Dunk: I love this anime!! Why?? Take a look above. Duh. Love Rukawa, Mitsui and Fujima. Dam gaya.

Rave Master: I find this anime kinda funny. I like Plue. And I love the both opening theme from this anime.

Ranma 1/2: Don't really like this anime. 1st, because is endless. 2nd, some episodes are lame and pointless. Sorry to those who fancy it ya. No offences.

Ouran High School Host Club: Well, what can I say about this anime?? Is so funny it relaxes me when I'm having exam. Lolx. Favourtie character will be... Kyoya!!

Black Cat: Fav character: Train Heartnet!!

Death Note: Haven watch the anime but finished the manga. Fav character: L and Nate River!! Because those two gave me same feelings. xD

Detective Conan: Never watch the anime but read the manga. Love it when the main character (I read it in chinese, so not sure what's his name in english) crack the case.

Honey and Clover: Don't really get what's the show about. But still enjoy watching it.

The Law of Ueki: First time watched it, laugh like a maniac. Althought the episond I first watch was annoyed by Mori. Fav character: Kobasen, Wanko, Sano and Ueki. Fav pairing: Sano And Rinko!! Dont know why but they look cute!!

Gensomaden Saiyuki: One of the first anime I watched beside Slam Dunk. Love Hakkai. Somehow he resembles me a lot. :p Love the theme songs too.

Runouri Kenshin: Hmm... This anime I dont remember the details. But if I have to choose a fav character... It will be Kenshin.

Fushigi Yuugi: Oooooohhhhhh... I love Nuriko!! He/she is the best out of the Suzaku's group. Really active and lively. Cute too. Hehe...

Gakuan Alice: Natsume!! Natsume!!

Kyou Kara Maoh: Hmm... Dont really watched it. But kinda like Wolfram. Although he's kinda gay. Haha.

Ayashi, No! Ceres: The only part I remember in this anime was there were a sister and a brother and a guy. Haha. But is kinda sick though. Kinda reveal alot.

Salior Moon: I know this is kinda kiddy kiddy show... But I do watch it before... Hehe... When I was young. But I never get to watch the beginnig of the anime and the final part of the anime. Anyone can tell me what happen??

Fruit Basket: Well, basically this anime I just watch recently. Now I knoe why my sis keep bugging me to watch it in the first place. Haha... Is so funny and CUTE!! But the ending is kinda ending though... Oh well... Whatever... Like most of the characters... Hehe...

Dear Boys: This another basketball anime... Don't think you guys hear before... But I got to say... The graphic here looked more animated compare to Slam Dunk... Although Slam Dunk's storyline is much much better... Hehe... Kinda like Aikawa and Miura... =P

Hmm... I think that's about it. Watch too many anime already. Can't really recall. So I think I'll leave it from now then. Tata from now.


P.S. : If you are wandering who is Wade Robeson, he is a dancer. A really really REALLY good dancer.

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