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Name: Becca

Blood type: why do you even care?

Age: In high school

Gender: F

Race: Human

Ethnicity(ies) (sp?): Puerto Rican, American, Spanish, German, Black (not sure which type yet), yet to learn if it's Chinese or Japanese might be both, Indian, there may be more but point blank...i'm a mut.

Shows I like

House, Suzuka, Teen Titans, Code Lyoko, Law and Order: SVU and CI, CSI (Navy), and many more.

Things I am getting tired of:

Some kids in my drama class and lunch class.

Relationship issues, wether yours or my own it's getting old.

Naruto -it's a good show and all but now like way to many people won't be quiet about it and because of it being talked of so much I got tired of it you know? I mean it's a really good show but I'd rather find something new.

Favorite Things:

Reading, writing, listening to music, hanging with friends (sometimes i don't), science (chem, bio), journalism, long walks, being happy (no duh)

Things i hate

Being called makes no sense at all I'm so mixed there's no point in it!

People being BEYOND obsessed with a show or like culture/launguage like to the point that may be the only thing they may do.

Global Warming and the killing of helpless animals, posers, people who lie and say the get "raped", parents who abuse their children or another human, and...more stuff but why bother complaining anymore.

Having a crush on this guy I barely know nothing about, but he's hot. (it's so shallow I hate it)

Things I like to say at times:

If it's better to light a candle than to curse the dark, what do you do when there are no candles?

I'm not a angel nor I am a demon. I can be both yet niether. What I will be to you is for you to decide.

Oh the irony.

Personal Quote (as in i made it up)

Just because you bleach a dalmation doesn't make it spotless.

If i really wouldn't be EXPLAINING

Things I'd like to do:

Travel, help people who are depressed etc (i have alot of friends who had traumatic events happen it's horrible to see them in pain), go to college and get a deegre, get to Heaven.

Things I wonder:

Okay how can a person get first place when running track. It's a circle once you get infront you are behind the last person making you last!

How can a glass be half empty or half can it even be half if the other half is filled with air?

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