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I don't believe in miracles
I never did
Nothing ever happens here
So sick of it
I-I-I told you
I-I-I need to
Get-get myself into something new
I long for something
mystical, hysterical
Dark and tantric sexual ~

"Forever Or Never" - Cinema Bizarre

Hello. As Mystical-Hysterical, this account consists of two different people, known as Myst and Hysteria. The history of it is that it used to be just Myst (who is narrating this), and then we decided to delete Hysteria's profile and combine all of our stories into this one. Since we're real life best friends, we usually have the same fanfiction ideas and I never want to write them by myself, and so we both decided to write all of our future stories together and put them on this one account.


Deleted my old bio, uploading a new one when convenient.


Since I realized I haven't redone this little 'about me' thing in awhile, I took it upon myself to do it now while I'm sitting here bored like a bum. So hey there! My real name is Amanda, but feel free to refer to me as 'Hysteria' and for now, I'll be your guide through this little paragraph of awesomeness.

Anyway, so hm, a little about myself. My favorite pairing in the Hetalia fandom and my overall OTP is Gerita(otherwise known as the pairing between Germany and Italy from Hetalia). My least favorite pairing, on the other hand, is Germancest. I ship yaoi pairings only ... not kidding, and besides GerIta, some of my other favorite pairings at the minute include RusAme(Russia/America), FrUk(France/England), Spamano(Spain/Romano), and PruAus(Prussia/Austria).

So, at the moment, Myst and I are really trying to plan out a pretty awesome fic to write that's a supernatural AU, which is naturally Hetalia, although it isn't currently in progress. You might catch me, however, going about the website leaving little reviews here and there. Currently my favorite fanfictions are 'You and I Will Fall In Love' by Shatterdoll and 'Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart' by George deValier. So I'd check those out in your free time. :D I hope to catch you around!

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Complete crack. A parody of what really happened in Inkheart. OOCness, swearing, utter disregard of logic and reasoning. First few chapters were written years ago and may need revisions. Co-written with flickaXxOoXx.
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